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  1. Barry


    Yes, they can act like a thread stitching the whole think together, just gives a finishing touch I think
  2. Barry

    John Steadman

    Doctor says its muscular and she has to be patient. Not her strong point - Patience :-) It is hanging on and not showing much signs of going and she is using a stick now so it must be bad for her to do that. It's that wonderful aging process I think
  3. Barry


    Your willing to have them. I have had a set of textures so long I can't even recall where I got them from. Download HERE
  4. Barry

    July 2018 Newsletter

    Funny you should say that, because I have been thinking about that myself in the past week or so. One of the problems of starting anything within a few weeks is that we are planning a trip North soon. So, we will be at the mercy of the internet connections as we travel towards the tropical north. So, not a good idea to start just yet The other issue is how to do it, so that It's meaningful and interesting enough for people to submit, but not something so time consuming that it ties me down too much. I guess we would be talking about constructive comment rather than any first past the post ego trip? So, it would be a bit like last time when it was a honour bound thing with regard the rules. No point in submitting tried and tested images. I think most people know what I mean by that. Shout if you don't and i'll explain I see no need for names on images and it doesn't matter who the judge is either. I think that is the best way for unbiased and honest comment. However, I am open to suggestions, so any ideas how it could go will be received with thanks If a first past the post competition was wanted I don't mind that, but see little point in having constructive comments, but always willing to hear different view
  5. Barry

    July 2018 Newsletter

    We have to have something to fill our day ­čśÇ keep us from going stir crazy
  6. Barry

    John Steadman

    I should have got that from your first post, it happens to me quite a bit. Little cross hairs replaces the brush size when the cap lock is on. we are all good this end apart from Carol suffering with some back problem, but we are away on a trip soon. Up towards the tropical north via Roma taking the inland route, then back down the coast
  7. Barry

    John Steadman

    What is showing on screen when you select the brush? Check your caps lock isnÔÇÖt on
  8. Barry

    Mp4 Test

    I think this is becoming a bit clearer. Igor´╗┐ from wnsoft reminded me that the enc´╗┐oders use the source images when the Mp4 is created. So, two different sets of images will come out the same if they were saved at compression 6 or 12 What I had trouble with was smaller images coming out larger, but only a little bit. I think I can see the problem with my logic. I think that I have been conditioned over the years with regard to file sizes with exe´╗┐cutable files and I expected to see the same with a video, but of course if the video is being converted to 1920*1080. It doesn't matter what size the images started off at. In all my examples the starting images were always greater than 1920*1080 and that was the deciding factor. They will always come out pretty close . This all came about after I started thinking about the future and Mp4 videos. If the publish option from PTE is to be solely an MP4, there really is no need to resize images for the crea´╗┐´╗┐tion process as long as your own PC can cope what your creating. I think :-) ´╗┐
  9. Barry

    Mp4 Test

    I am not sure what you mean by playback size, they were all output from PTE identically at 60p, all HD videos, I didnÔÇÖt change anything apart from the 60p
  10. Barry

    Mp4 Test

    Came back to this test on a bright new morning and got the same results. You can see how a HD video of various Jpg compressions (image sizes the same) will be evened out during the video creation process, but why are those 6 images physically smaller 1.4MB larger when made into a video, that makes no sense to me and I need to think about this a bit more. Ideas a theories on a postcard to ..............................
  11. Barry

    John Steadman

    How are you trying to alter the size? With the bracket keys beside the P key ?
  12. Barry

    Mp4 Test

    I was thinking today that in the future, if Mp4 videos take over as the norm for AV and presentations, which they may well do. What is the implications between images of different sizes. So, I did a quick and dirty test. 6 * 3:2AR images 6000*4000pxs saved as Jpg Level 12 and made into a 60p Mp4 = 18.177MB 6 * 3:2AR images 6000*4000pxs saved as Jpg Level 6 and made into a 60p Mp4 = 18.177MB 6 * 3:2AR images 2560*1706pxs saved as Jpg Level 6 and made into a 60p Mp4 = 19.552MB I need to check this again tomorrow to make sure I didn't screw something up here, because why would the smaller images create a larger Mp4? Any ideas?
  13. Barry

    July 2018 Newsletter

    My July Newsletter and Video is HERE - New Photoshop for Photographers Videos
  14. Barry

    Camera Club Rules

    No advantage, unless the reason for competition is constructive comments and then it would be good on the back of a print. Anything that avoids having to guess, because most judges (IMHO) struggle to put their finger of the right cause when they are trying to point one out. I wonder sometimes whether we should abandon any thoughts of teaching in camera clubs. Let's all be honest and say its a straight first past the post competition and dispense entirely with any constructive comment. Anyone who wants to learn these days has an enormous amount of tutorials to choose from on line. By the way, our club abandoned prints ages ago because not enough people were doing them to create a competition worth having, so in all my comments, I wasn't really thinking much about them Well, if that is seen as something to avoid, then perhaps scrapping constructive comment is a stronger idea.