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  1. Flickr /Smugrug

    I had forgotten about that sale of Flickr, everything seems to be the same so far, but I suppose I had better refrain from referring people to my Flickr galleries. Smugrug is a weird name for image posting isn’t it? Then again, I suppose you could say the same about Flickr
  2. Wacom Intuos Photo Tablet problems

    Yes, good point, never thought of turning the whole program off.
  3. Wacom Intuos Photo Tablet problems

    Yes you would. I foolishly assumed that a move to W10 would be different, but I was surprised at all the settings in the Wacom Intuos Photo. The Wacom preferences pop up when I boot up as if I want to change them every time, there is probably a setting to turn that off too. Perhaps it’s my age now, but if an experienced user can get frustrated with kit they have used for nearly 25 years, what does that say. User error, o the kit getting over complex and filled with options most of us don’t need or want.
  4. To carry out some demonstrations of Lightroom and Photoshop at my camera club recently I installed a new Wacom Intuos Photo graphics tablet onto the clubs W10 laptop. I was a little embarrassed at the demo to discover I could not gain access to any drop down menus in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and the action of the standard sliders in ACR and Lightroom was far from smooth. On opening Photoshop I also found that I couldn't gain access to any of the tools grouped on the toolbar such as the dodge and burn tools, but the issue affected all the tools. It took me some time the next day to discover the issue. There is a need to turn off the option to Use Windows Ink, and once I discovered it, I recalled it was something I had to do previously in W7. Now though, you need to remove the tick from the Use Windows Ink box for Photoshop, then select Lightroom and do the same for that too. For good measure I selected all other too and removed the tick there also. It's a small point, but it completely ruins the use of the Wacom in Photoshop and Lightroom
  5. Photo Club scorer

    Tonion, I did have a look at this site, do you know anyone who is using this scoring system and how? is it to allow a multitude of people like members to rate images?
  6. April 2018 Newsletter

    Open HERE
  7. DPI image size

    I was unable to test large images against HD ones at the camera club this month, because when we got to our meeting rooms, the power had been cut off. Some issue involving the energy company, but it meant our meeting had to be cancelled. I may try next month if time permits
  8. Creative techniques in PTE9

    I am away from home right now Paul, but I think the missing numbers are those videos I offered free on YouTube. The file size started to get a bit big, but if you remind me when I get home in a few days I can give you a link to them if you want them all in one place With regard frames, I couldn’t care less what the judges say. Many of them are just repeating lines they heard others say, but it all depends what your doing and who the show is for. At the present time a frame can look pretty good on screen, but what the judge says depends on the images in the frames. Most judges have trouble with still images and treat AV exactly the same which it isn’t. I don’t think I have used frames for a competition, but with a couple of AV ones coming up, maybe I will
  9. Cartwright Pt - Australia - From a Drone

    My son flew his in wind I would have been wary of, which demonstrated that the Mavic Pro can cope with more than you think. Even when a strong wind warning came up in the screen, it was still pretty steady. My son took note of its position on take off and how much it drifted in strong wind after going straight up to 120 mtrs. It was no more than a foot or two. But, you have to build up your confidence gradually. Wait till your 400 mtrs off a headland over the sea
  10. Cartwright Pt - Australia - From a Drone

    That looks good and It adds a whole new aspect to photography doesn’t it? Have you taken the Mavic to its maximum height and range yet ?
  11. Cartwright Pt - Australia - From a Drone

    Yes, he is, perhaps he has my AV Genes
  12. Another Audio Visual Video made by Lee Beckham Play in YouTube HERE
  13. Below is a link to an Audio Visual Video that my son created on returning to the UK. Play on YouTube HERE
  14. March 2018 Newsletter

    Open the Pdf from HERE
  15. keeping the ball rolling

    Experimentation is good and at least we have an original to fall back on if a filter doesn’t work.