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  1. Barry

    Wacom Intuos Photo Tablet problems

    No problem we are glad you're with us
  2. Barry

    Sad News

    I am sad to announce that Doreen Barbers husband Colin died last Saturday. I am always at a loss to know what to say that would be any consolation to Doreen and her family at this time, but I know she enjoys our forum and our company, so all we can do at this time is to make sure that continues and offer Doreen our condolences. I know doreen particularly liked the recent competition we ran, she said that it took her mind off things and she hopes we will run another at some stage. I think we can do that when Doreen is ready to join in the forum again. All I can say now is that our thoughts are with you.
  3. Barry


    Lithman I found you too, but a group is a bit different to a personal space I think. As far as I know you can belong to a group and link pictures from your own Flickr site to the group. I had some connection with a group like that once
  4. Barry


    Why haven’t you got a Flickr account. Quick and easy way to present your images.
  5. Barry


    I think the rays in your last shot work pretty well. Are you going to place the image before a judge and see what comments are made? I can’t now recall if you’re a club member or not.
  6. Barry

    Wacom Intuos Photo Tablet problems

    Elines It is one of those small changes with a big effect. Back in the old days of Wacom when they were the only tablet there was never any issues with software. Now with all the tablet options in Windows and the touch screens, I guess we are seeing a few. I have been well used to them over the years, but still got tripped up for while when I started using W10. The option I always used to go to in W7 (windows Ink) was moved, but from my perspective, not knowing it had moved. I thought it had been removed completely. Now it appears in Wacom's setup If your pen is working right now, then it will continue to do so
  7. Barry

    Exposure & Contrast

    360/Morturn Thanks for the feedback, it was very welcome because I wasn't too sure about this video after I made it. I suppose a little self doubt isn't all bad
  8. Barry

    Painting - Spring Cleaning and New Art

    Never thought of that, but if any forum members want the artwork to have their own printed, they are welcome. Just let me know what you want
  9. Barry

    Painting - Spring Cleaning and New Art

    I got the canvas wrap image above back from the printers today and they did a great job. It comes back robustly framed and varnished and ready to hang. It's already up on the wall of the TV room. I left them with the image below to be be printed 74in * 21in on the front face. Meaning that with this image the 50mm wrap will be a neutral colour, not part of the image as you can see below. There are three walls this would go on nicely, but the dining room is the one I favour, but we will see when we get it back next week
  10. Barry


    I thought it was. Where there's a will, there's a way
  11. The September Newsletter is HERE
  12. Barry

    Painting - Spring Cleaning and New Art

    Spring, started here on the 1st September and already I have noticed a increase in temperature. Just heard the artwork is done, so I can pick that up tomorrow, or Friday.
  13. Just spent a week with the painters, painting the entire inside of the house! Wow, what a job. Moving furniture, spring cleaning and I am knackered and too old for this stuff. We had all of the holes in the walls where pictures previously hung filled and painted so we could start fresh. Now most of the walls are bare, so we have to decide what pictures we want to replace or change and yesterday I took this one in to have a 48 inch canvas wrap done. Cost $240. The image front will be just under 48 inches because 50mm per side is required to allow for the wrap.
  14. Barry

    Oil Paint filter

    I think you may be referring to an oil paint effect that was introduced into Photoshop. I’m afraid all my PCs are out of action while we have painters in the house, so I can’t check, but it was wasn’t located in the usual filter place. I did a quick search on google using my iPad and it looks like you might be able to find it. I found references to it and CS5. So, looking where the stylise option is first and see if it’s there, if not Google it and find the plugin