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  1. Morturn

    New website

    I find that the website editing software constantly changes without notice. I’m a WordPress user and every time I want to update a page its different
  2. Morturn

    Mp4 videos on the Internet

    If you look at some of the companies who sell sound tracks, there is a mix. Some do, and some don’t zip the MP3 files. Perhaps its harder or not practical to hide a virus in an mP3 file. So, if space is not an issue than don’t zip them.
  3. Morturn

    DNG Files

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I now think that there are arguments for both, with none of them highlighting any significant issues. I think that with good file management organisation and a robust file naming convention, it does not really matter if they are RAW or DNG, so will stick to RAW
  4. Morturn

    DNG Files

    I have been thinking of converting all my RAW files to DNG. I own a couple of Canon and Sony cameras and a drone, all with their own RAW format. I am aware that file formats can go out of fashion, but its not a serious concern, its more to do with consistency. I understand that there are options when converting to DNG, which I do not understand yet, so am wondering if anyone already converts to DNG format and what their thoughts or comments are.
  5. Morturn


    Good evening Manuel , welcome to the forum. I amsure the members here will be able to help you with any questions you have.
  6. Morturn

    Site Maps

    I think they are not much use either, modern websites new have quite good navigation
  7. Morturn

    Flickr Changes

    I’m just mulling it over. I do like flicker, but not sure if it brings me any real benefit
  8. Morturn

    Definition of a Slide Style

    Sounds good to me
  9. Morturn

    Voice overs

    You make a good point that what we say is very different to what we write. Our grammar rules really mess up a script for a talk.
  10. Morturn

    Voice overs

    Get rid of the script and just use bullet points or a mind map (if they work for you). Practice, practice and practice on a digital recorder. After all its only a few electrons you are inconveniencing. Talk through a few sentences that you are comfortable with, just to get you in the mood to record, then top and tail the bit off you don’t need. Get the mic as close to the source as possible, you can get away with not so good video of the sound track is good. Learn how to edit sound files, its quite surprising how well this works.
  11. Morturn

    Des. Res.

    Very nice gritty feel black and white out of context image. I like this, certainly an eye catcher. What’s the background behind it?
  12. Morturn

    October 2018 + Videos

    As always, an interesting and informative read. Thnk you.
  13. Morturn

    Sad News

    Sad news indeed. Thinking of you too Doreen
  14. Morturn


    I have found you, this is my photo feed here
  15. Morturn

    Exposure & Contrast

    Well fair play to you, I think it can sometimes induce a little self-doubt when you ti over conventional thinking; expose for the shadows etc. The thought process brings the idea and the work examples certainly bring the whole thing nicely into context.