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  1. Tinion 45

    Sad News

    Deepest sympathies from me to you, Doreen and your family at this sad time.
  2. Tinion 45

    Painting - Spring Cleaning and New Art

    Looks like you could do a nice line canvas wraps. Will we be seeing them for sale on the web site?
  3. Tinion 45


    Don't quite understand Lithman, if you used Luminar to create the rays, why not use the centre option in the luminar filter, to position them exactly where you want. I can understand if you are trying to create them using other methods in Photoshop.
  4. Tinion 45


    We are on the same page. Amazing that they can be generated by software and look realistic.
  5. Tinion 45


    Would you care to share how you achieved the sunburst, Lithman? I used the sunburst filter in Luminar 2018 which makes the effect easily achievable and adjustable.
  6. Tinion 45

    Upgrades Needed?

    USB C Superdrive [Updated Version] PATUOXUN External Drive CD/DVD with USB3.0 Doreen, I was forgetting that you may need to write discs for other people. The links above show two drives that are cheaper than the apple superdrive and look to be better to be able to connect to the new iMacs. You need to buy a cable that converts the apple superdrive to fit the new iMacs. You can even use them with Windows 10.
  7. Tinion 45

    Upgrades Needed?

    I have a MacBook and iMac from 2013 and have never needed a DVD drive to install software. What amazed me was that a lot of software providers were willing to give you the Mac version for free if you had purchased the PC version.
  8. Tinion 45

    Mavic 2 Pro - Just Launched

    Here is a good review of the new Mavic drones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN32C19_l2c
  9. Tinion 45

    Upgrades Needed?

    LOL... and wave goodbye to trouble free computing. Hatter : Can't understand why you have not been upgrading to the latest Mac OS each year. Especially as the upgrade is free and comes with free apps sometimes. Apple will even give you money for your old iMac if buying a new one. Try sending your PC back to Microsoft after a year and asking them to give you money for it. Stay on the dark side and see the light. ☺️
  10. Tinion 45

    Jurassic Park Theme

    Lovely playing, great tone, fantastic finger picking, thanks for sharing. Never come across the weissenborn guitar before but it looks different to a normal guitar with no frets, probably because it's a slide guitar and looks like it uses the fret area beneath as part of it's sound box. I like watching James Taylor on you tube teaching how he plays his songs with a camera inside the sound box.
  11. Tinion 45


    Nice Video Barry, it shows perfectly the lengths you have to go to, to get the personal WOW factor. One minor thing I noticed that you don't seem to mention in your videos when using the Gradient Tool. Using the shift key at the same time as drawing the gradient helps to keep it straight. It saves the small amount of fiddling at the end. It 's one of those things that becomes automatic when you know about it and you never forget to use, when needed.
  12. Tinion 45

    The walk to the beach

    I can see you two are on form... banter wise and photography wise. Great images.
  13. Tinion 45


    I would say that you have done a good job except for the starburst. Normally you would get multiple starbursts with a f16 f22 aperture according to the number of blades in the lens. They may not be so spread out over such a distance. If you were aiming for a Jacob ladder type effect because of the wheel then they would be spread wider when further from the sun. This type of image can be manipulated in many ways and I am sure lots of filters could be used to get many different effects. I would be tempted to try lots of different methods and filters to ponder and decide over several days which is best. Having the brighter foreground, maximising the colours in the sun area and using a vignette would also be my preferred route.
  14. Tinion 45

    Mavic 2 Pro - Just Launched

    https://www.lcegroup.co.uk/quadcopter/?Order=Featured&NewType=769 Hasselblad camera seems like a good price, though the zoom with 48MP should also be good enough.
  15. Tinion 45

    Three Wheels on my Wagon

    Did not notice on the forum picture but once opened large, can see you have done some colouration of the wagon. This I think lifts the image from being just another IR snap. The perfect application of the rule of thirds and having the balance of the tree on the right really helps lift the image. Although at first glance the subject looks a bit mundane, being drawn in by the colour application on the wagon would make a judge take a second look and start to see a story emerging from the picture. I don't think it would have the same impact being just a black and white image. The only negative comment I can make about the image is the lower branch on the right has a bright white patch in the leaves (possibly cloud) that could do with some adjustment by toning down or cloning out. The grass on the bottom of the wheel on the left could also benefit from toning down from bright white. I know IR tends to give every thing green that bright white look, the trees leaves for example are showing a nice light and tone. The bright white patches I talk about, draw the eyes when inspecting the image closely. Not teaching you how to suck eggs... hopefully you agree with me, or can give us reasons why not. 😉