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  1. Tinion 45

    Mp4 videos on the Internet

    A executable file has the ability of running software on a PC so that is how viruses can get installed on computers without the users knowledge. So it's no wonder that anti virus packages see an exe file and start to throw up warnings. Digital signatures on exe files from the big players, Microsoft etc. go some way to prevent that blocking, but the small software houses have to spend time and effort trying to get round those same issues, so it becomes frustrating for them just trying to keep up with the changes. Look how many updates Microsoft pump out for security issues alone and never really get on top of it. Malware could be put in an MP4 for example as subtitles, but viruses or security is more likely to be affected by using the player software which is more likely to have vulnerabilities.
  2. Tinion 45

    Mp4 videos on the Internet

    As a large worldwide corporate user, our remote IT department are big on cyber security. They don't like us sending jpg files as attachments to emails as they can hide viruses or malicious software. They do let us watch You Tube video and are always sending us corporate videos and training packages as MP4 files. This tells us that MP4 files are not as much a cyber security issue. Therefore I think you will be free to send MP4 files rather than zipped. You have been letting people download MP4 files from your mediafire or from your website, and I venture no one has had a problem with viruses from those sources, so I imagine you will be safe from any issues. If you zipped a file with an MP4 that had a virus in it, the user will unzip their end and still have the virus! 🙄
  3. Tinion 45

    Mp4 videos on the Internet

    Just as quick test I zipped 2 x Mp4 files File 1 was 1.57 minutes of video and 22.3MB size and when zipped it was 21.6MB size. File 2 was your Cloud Storage MP4 which was 17.26 minutes of video and 79.4MB and when zipped it was 73.2MB size. So sending a zip file instead of an MP4 is not going to save you a significant amount of time on uploading or downloading. The only exception I can see is if a customer has some software that prevents MP4 downloads (due to cyber security issues) then that will prevent them downloading.
  4. Tinion 45

    DNG Files

    Yes I thought at one stage Adobe were slow to update ACR when new cameras came out and suggesting users convert to DNG, in the hope it would take off. I think the latest software, I can't remember if it is Luminar or ON1 that can open any RAW file without developing specialist software with help from the camera manufacturer. This means you can read any RAW file from New, present or future cameras.
  5. Tinion 45

    Site Maps

    Some say that the purpose of a sitemap is a place to show you in one place all the layout and links direct to all pages. It can be useful for search engine optimisation as they can use this one location to get to all other parts of your site quicker, don't ask me how that's done. The savvy users who head direct to a sitemap use it for quickness to get direct to what they are looking. Those designing large websites would have a sitemap for their many developers so they can quickly locate pages to know where the code they are developing is going to fit. I don't think missing it off your site is going to hurt, as long as your site is user friendly and easy to navigate there should be no issues. Surely your guru can advise you about sitemaps.
  6. Tinion 45

    Site Maps

  7. Tinion 45

    Definition of a Slide Style

    You know what they say, a picture, or in this case a video, is worth a thousand words.
  8. Tinion 45

    Definition of a Slide Style

    Good to see you had to use three simple sentences, not just one. I think it warrants more sentences to accomplish what you are trying to achieve. I think your first sentence needs more revision as it implies a beginner can use slide styles to create something in seconds yet the experienced user is going to take an hour. Usually the experienced user would know what slide styles are and how to use them.
  9. Tinion 45

    Definition of a Slide Style

    The words in brackets can be removed or used to replace the word 'operations'. A Thesaurus can be invaluable for these kind of situations to get the more obvious choice of words.
  10. Tinion 45

    Definition of a Slide Style

    A Preset configuration of operations (processes, actions) that you may want to apply, to a slide or multiple slides, that can be user defined.
  11. Tinion 45

    Photoshop 2019

    Great appraisal of the new features in PSCC 2019. Thanks.
  12. Tinion 45

    Photoshop 2019 is now Available

    My Intuos Pen & Touch Small works OK setting the top pen button to Keystroke Undo (CMD+Z (on Mac)). However you have to choose the application in the pen setting at the top. If 'All Other' is selected when you configure, it will ignore the Photoshop 2019.app in the applications list. So select the Photoshop 2019.app in the Application list first, then configure the button. You can actually turn on the Legacy Undo from PSCC 2018 in edit>keyboard shortcuts to make PSCC 2019 behave like the old version. The old undo used to have the same shortcut keys CTRL Z configured because UNDO changed to REDO and vice versa, on each click.
  13. Tinion 45

    AV Music

    Hi All, Recently through work we had a time-lapse of a work project created and the creators sent me some links to music sites, that can be used for this type of project. I thought I would share these with Forum members in case they may be useful for their AV projects. http://www.premiumbeat.com/ http://www.smartsound.com/ http://www.audiomicro.com/ https://www.pond5.com/ Some may cost money to purchase, but feel free to browse when you need. Regards, Denis
  14. Tinion 45

    Uluru (Ayres Rock)

    Well put together collage Joan, with some great images. The centre image for me is particularly brilliant. The collage would make a great canvas wrap.
  15. Tinion 45

    The Rainforest

    I agree that most don't want to put the time in. If we wait long enough there is bound to be some AI software coming that can do the perfect cut out for us, with a couple of clicks of the mouse.