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  1. Wacom Intuos Photo Tablet problems

    I seem to remember we have discussed similar problems before with this tick box. You would think Wacom would have it turned off by default and let those that want to use it turn it on. Plus make it more visible on the setup.
  2. Photo Club scorer

    Used in Newton Abbot club according to the website. There is some demo software and user guides to download from the website given above. Google play app cost 1.99 for android devices. Apple devices app cost is probably similar.
  3. Photo Club scorer

    I don't know anyone who is using the system, but I would think the developers would know of a few. I think it was developed by club members and used in their club as a scoring system. It looks like it was developed for multiple judging so 3 judges could use the app to score and the results are sent to an excel spreadsheets automatically. It also sounds as if the whole club could judge, if they all had the app and a smartphone or tablet for example. We use pen and paper for the one night we do whole club judging and it's long winded to add up the results and give them out on the night. Similarly one judge could have the app and score the images. Might be interesting to hear commentary, but not the score and wait until the very end to find out the results. I am sure the web site had details of how it all worked for them. The PAGB e-news carried similar details. http://www.pagbnews.co.uk/newsletter-archive Download issue 204 from the link above for the photo club scorer write up.
  4. Photo Club scorer

    http://visiclef.net A few BB Forum members may be interested in the above link about a Photo Club Scoring system using mobile phone apps. It was drawn to my attention through the UK PAGB e news newsletter. Probably beats typing fingers scrolling through large spreadsheets, been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Looks like there maybe some AV' s to look through on the site as well.
  5. DPI image size

    Thanks for your considered replies everyonesanexpertonline.
  6. The Drones are Coming

    Great video Lee, I really enjoyed watching it. .
  7. DPI image size

    I think the thread title is referring to DPI as meaning Digital Projected Image, 360Texas. In our club it causes much confusion as we change this same acronym to PDI for Projected Digital Image in an attempt to get away from DPI also meaning dots per inch. In your comments above I suggest that you can also untick re-sample image and change the resolution to 72 but keep the file size at 800 pixels wide x 707 pixels high keeping your 1.62 mb file. Interestingly by unticking the re-sample image the option to show image size in pixels is greyed out. Thanks also daveg for throwing some light on what is actually going on. If it is the software doing the downsizing then can there also be differences in images depending on the particular software doing the downsize?
  8. DPI image size

    Fair point, I'll take some images and test out the higher resolution on the projector. They are probably storing the uploads on a server somewhere, if not then the Committee need to move into the present day.
  9. DPI image size

    Also our club is sending images to Lincoln, Nebraska and Australia this month to be judged by these two clubs. Each entrant can submit 4 images, multiply that by a likely possible 30 authors and there will be 120 images to transmit.
  10. DPI image size

    Definitely number 2. It is also partly due to the organiser keeping images on their laptop for projection and trying to keep file sizes down to a minimum to save hard drive space. Now we have an upload area for competitions so each entrant can upload their images individually, ensuring they keep within the 1400 height/ width limit. We also upload images for projection during print competitions so all can see, again these going on the organisers laptop. It also allows auto comparison of images from each entrant to ensure they have not submitted a significantly similar image in another heat. I would love to have a good explanation and evidence why we should not be keeping to the resolution of the projector 1400 x 1050.
  11. The Drones are Coming

    Is that you above having a drone lesson! Looks like it could be a good fish finder. Great slideshow Barry, you did a good job of processing those raw files. I think a few more of the overhead shots like above and a short video clip or two could make it even better.
  12. Mavic Pro Sample Raw Images

    With a bit of spare Sunday Afternoon time I have decided to have a tweak with Barry's Mavic Pro Raw files. I decided to have a play with Luminar 2018 software to see how it got on. It seems simple and intuitive to add a few filters and build up the image, but you can end up with something not quite as you imagined. Then I discovered there are some Aerial Presets built into the software inspired by DJI. I used the Aerial smart dehazer preset on all the raw files, one click and save as Luminar file or Export as a jpeg. I have included those files here for anyone interested. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/q33e0sikk250d/BBMavicPro-Luminar2018eg
  13. Mavic Pro Drone Pano

    It is a bit confusing to visualise the portrait format with a gimbal that normally would be left, right, up, down orientation. Unless the camera also rotates within the gimbal to give you portrait format. Even then I find it a bit difficult to know how this is done. Most camera sensors like video camcorder only give you landscape orientation. Portrait format would have to be achieved in software somehow. But if you say the camera rotates to give portrait format, then I am willing to stand corrected. I believe there are some screw on filters ND, polariser etc. that you can get to put on the camera lens to help with light issues.
  14. Mavic Pro Drone Pano

    Manually in portrait format? Won't the drone be flying on it's side in portrait format! Even the best pilots would struggle to fly tilted 90 degrees and consider moving to take a pano with several shots and ensure they are lined up enough!! If you could let the drone take in auto but control the degree movement to the right in each of the 21 shots then it should work, but also do a tilt up or down and take another 21 shots to cover your portrait mode and stitch together. Like the first pano, it would look nice on the wall. Don't buy a drone, by a hot air balloon and take your 5D with you.
  15. Canon 5D Fault

    I don't own a Canon 5D but I'm going to make a few suggestions anyway. Is it a a 5D or a 5D Mark I, a 5D Mark II or a 5D Mark III you are referring to? The reason being is that the sensor self clean operates differently in these cameras. The 5D is supposed to just raise the mirror to allow you to do a manual clean of the sensor yourself. The Mark II and III are supposed to vibrate the filter in front of the sensor and catch dust on the collector around the edge of the filter as well as lift the mirror. The Mark III is supposed to vibrate in waves to try and dislodge more dust than the previous methods. It also depends on the type of clean selected in the menu, auto at every switch on/off, manual for you to clean, or selective clean when you decide. The main thing about the clean, is that you need a fully charged battery when doing a manual clean so that the mirror does not go down during cleaning else damage could occur. So having your camera converted for IR could have also had an effect on the filter in front of the sensor and ultimately the self clean electronics, was it removed, replaced or done away with altogether. They may have done some changes to the cleaning circuit to do away with certain parts of the clean so you can only do manual cleaning for example. I would perhaps give them a call to check what they know about the error.