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  1. Tinion 45

    Camera Club Rules

    Regarding eligibility questioning of the judge, our club take judges from the NEMPF or Pagb lists. Of course over the last few years we have called back those local to us several times after building up a list of our own favourites, that we deem competent. Occasionally we try new judges, which for the most part have turned out more than competent, which is testament to the training sessions for judges. The odd one which does not meet the standard are not called back for other competitions. I know it is too late to remedy if such a judge is booked, but you learn by the mistakes. Some of the onus has to be with the club and judge selection methods. As mentioned previously judge feedback from the club can help to weedle out or rectify the bad ones. Sending images to the judge is always going to fall foul of the more than the usual scrutiny, zooming in, checking manipulation errors etc. Over the top altering image size though.
  2. Tinion 45

    Camera Club Rules

    The NEMPF (North & East Midlands Photographic Federation) affiliated to the PAGB do provide sessions for judges when recruiting and some guidance, though this would not necessarily be available to club members, unless they wanted to be a Judge. The NEMPF also ask clubs for feedback on Judges to gauge if the standard is good enough, or to intervene if the feedback is not up to the mark and the same or similar views from several clubs. I believe they also give guidance similar to how you suggest. The marking amount is usually down to the club specification, as one judge always mentions in his opening speech " You want me to mark out of 10 here", to which the members shout "No, out of 20". To which he replies, "OK I'll mark out of 10 as I won't be needing the upper 10".
  3. Tinion 45

    Camera Club Rules

    Hmmm... interesting how much simplified they are with only two sections. So no reward system like a league table, only judging your own image how it's score compares with others in that grade in that month. If a beginner enters three images into the open section and wants put them into a higher grade do they have to put all three in the higher grade? No rules about image size or amount of memory they take up. I think they all could work if the members abide by them.
  4. Tinion 45

    Camera Club Rules

    I did it for betterment, but if I was first past the post, I'd be chuffed to bits. Does it start to get boring if your first past the post every time? Or do you look for competitions where all entrants are at the same level. The grade A's if you will. If your in the Grade C' s and presumably you are agreeable to being in that grade then there has to be opportunity to get to the top of the Grade C pile. This should give you the chance of moving to grade B and up. If you are producing Grade A work when in Grade C then there should be some mechanism in place to shift grades. They do this now with school kids shifting levels if the work produced is above the level they are placed in. Some independent person has to justify the shift in grades. For our club we let the beginners play with Grade A but they have there own competition for points taking their highest score in each heat. That can bring it's own problems with newcomers coming to the club claiming to be beginner's when in reality they are probably at least intermediate level. We ask them to specify if they think they are a beginner but also give them a questionnaire to ask if they have been placed in any photographic competitions or have any photographic accreditations etc. So should there be some basic rules for competition and if so, which? Or what should the club charter consist of?
  5. Tinion 45

    Camera Club Rules

    There will always be the element of leading the horse to water, in a club environment. We have seperate focus groups meeting at different times to club nights but they too need the dedicated persons to run and organise and provide encouragement. It is hard work. Or offset by the apathy of another. Again it seems easy but is hard to come up with enticing set subjects. In our case we ended up broadening the subjects giving possible examples in the hope of enticing, but it may as well have been just called an open subject for what it was worth. So how do you feel about the competitions you have run on this forum. No rules and it seems to work, and all seem to enjoy them?
  6. Tinion 45

    Camera Club Rules

    Competitions in our club, which have been going since 1934 I believe, are there to improve amateur photography locally but also to provide images for external competitions, so the club gets recognition as well as the author. If you put 60 people in a room and ask them to enter an image into a competition you are bound to get those good at photography, camera craft, composition, image editing, creativity, probably rising to the top of the pile. Ask them to repeat the feat say 20 times with consistency then those persons are probably headed for an LRPS if they are that way inclined. If they can achieve that feat in front of different judges be it one or three then they probably deserve the plaudits they get. The down side is there are lot who don't get to the upper echelons but slowly improve with one or two successes from time to time. The competition for these people can have negative effect when their entries don't get rewarded. We have beginner sections for the new members but you don't stay a beginner too long. With judges marking these days (out of 20) from 12 to 20 the norm, usually used for fear of putting off the not so photographically gifted. I use the competition nights as a means of seeing what other members are capable of and admiring some of the skills used. Also to see if I agree with the judges comments of others work and to gauge if I would have edited the image a little differently than the author. We tried changing the competition format to include set subjects but most found that hard to achieve, mostly because of time constraints on busy lives to get enough entries. Even though the subjects are announced before the season start. Those that have a big library of images to cull from, benefit in this situation, so maybe that is one area where an age limit to an image is justified, to even the field and force you get out and take an image to suit.
  7. Tinion 45

    Camera Club Rules

    Here is one example which is not a club competition. https://www.take-a-view.co.uk/competition-rules/ Here they don't want old images because they are using the entries for their own ends as well as give a current view of the UK Landscape, presumably. Some pretty strict rules here as they don't want the same image used elsewhere.
  8. Tinion 45

    Camera Club Rules

    Surely you can apply the same artistic creativity to an image you took yesterday, as to one you took years ago. So I don't see how applying an age limit to an image impedes artistic creativity. Yes the the rule probably sneaks in under the guise of fairness, but the only way to be sure is to ask the organisers why the rule is included and it's purpose. My comments above may get you thinking that I approve of the rule. This is not the case as I also think it is an unneeded rule. I am just trying to understand why it was applied and I think the real reason can only be gleaned from the organisers. Frequently we get members at our club putting images into an Open competition for PDI as a colour image and getting top marks. The following year the same image will be converted to monochrome and entered into the Monochrome competition for PDI and getting top marks. Is this cheating? I would rather enter a newly manipulated image, never been entered before, than repeat past glories, but I can see why those that do the above, do so, to chase POY overall titles.
  9. Tinion 45

    Wacom Tablet

    I'm so glad my decision to move from Microsoft to using Apple is well justified.
  10. Tinion 45

    Camera Club Rules

    So what you are all saying is that applying an age limit on an image, is another silly rule that does not need to be there. If you ask yourself why is the rule there, then you might get to the reasoning behind creating it. How do you police against someone putting the same image into competitions year after year, be that as a colour image, or the monochrome version of the same? In our club we use software that detects significantly similar images entered previously and question the author, if in breach, before the entry to the competition closes. Bear in mind that club competition organisers can change each year so may not necessarily be aware of entries in previous years. If you don't have such checking software or access to previous years entries, what is the best way to prevent the entry of images used before. I suggest the age limit rule was perceived in an effort to prevent duplicate entries, each competition, but also promote new work, rather than the tried and tested Top Marks entries from years gone by. Of course the rule does not cater for new manipulation techniques on the images taken with your Box Brownie back in the day. The age limit rule allows the competition organisers to check the metadata and confirm it is a recent image quite easily and of course eliminate if it does not meet the criteria. If you don't like rules, don't enter the competition. It is likely you will find the rule disappears when they don't get the entries they hoped for.
  11. Tinion 45

    PSCC and mouse

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Contour+unimouse Tomo, read the reviews on Amazon. It looks as though it can be perfect for you as it can be adjusted for angle, thus allowing you to get a comfortable solution. At 2800 dpi the resolution should be good for photoshop.
  12. Tinion 45

    PSCC and mouse

    Here are some options... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kensington-64327EU-Orbit-Mouse-Compatible/dp/B000HEW0KW/ref=as_li_ss_tl?tag=skbruk-21&ascsubtag=125360147-151-1756375009.1529701774&SubscriptionId=AKIAJO7E5OLQ67NVPFZA http://www.sheknows.com/best-reviews/uk/computer-mouse-for-arthritis
  13. Tinion 45

    PSCC and mouse

    That is actually a difficult question to answer Tomo. Unless there are other members here with similar problems to you and have found a solution. I actually googled 'best mouse for use with Photoshop' and a lot of choices came up, with Logitech MX Master at the top of a lot of lists. It is actually difficult to try out a mouse before you buy, unless you go and spend some time in Curry' s PC World, testing those on display, it is unlikely PSCC will be on those PC's though.
  14. Tinion 45

    Storm Season

    Good effects on the moving cloud images at the start and good music choice.
  15. Tinion 45

    Before & After

    Nothing wrong with printing them out as is and giving them to the boy. I would be using that as an opportunity to get the horse and rider in a more favourable setting to practise Photography. A win win situation he gets pictures of his horse you get better posed photographs. Plus next Saints Day he will looking out for you.