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  1. joan mb

    July 2018 Newsletter

    I'm so sorry to hear that both you and your husband are dealing with life changing health issues Doreen. I gathered from your past posts that you had some health problems but so much worse for you if you both have these difficulties to deal with. Let's hope the treatment does deliver improved circumstances for you and in the meantime keep smiling and keep up the photography and your involvement in this forum. Best wishes, joan p.s. I thought in your earlier post that you had made a 'typo' and had meant to type 'hobbies' not 'hubbies'
  2. joan mb

    July 2018 Newsletter

    Enjoyed the newsletter thanks Barry, look forward to reading it each month. There's always something useful in it. But I am concerned about Doreen's 'health and hubbies'. Hope you've only one of the latter and that your health is improving Doreen. And that Carol's back is improving too Barry. joan
  3. joan mb

    Camera Club Rules

    Take your point re prints Dave but I would hope that if I enter a digital image in a comp and the judge suspects a bit of sloppy/inept editing that he/she scrutinizes it at 100% to maximize the chance that he/she identifies my editing short comings and makes me aware of them.
  4. joan mb

    Camera Club Rules

    Our club had a judging course earlier this year. A couple of accredited judges from the city came down and held what was a pretty good weekend I gather. Think participants got value out of it because it gave them some pointers on what judges look for when assessing the merit of their competition entries. I was surprised though to learn that the tutor stated that when judging digital entries the judge should not zoom in on the image but make a judgement on the image as it appears on the screen. In my view it is quite ligit. for a judge to zoom in on any suspected sloppy editing, even helpful if it brings editing problems to the authors attention. What do others expect?
  5. joan mb

    PTE-9 Modifiers

    Yep, I was one of those who had very little idea of what you were talking about. Thanks for the demo, looked good but a bit complicated and I'm not sure that I would have to much use for the effect.
  6. joan mb

    The White Elephant

    you were well advised Bob. The shot with just some adjustment of the levels has a lot of punch. Very nice & thanks for posting.
  7. joan mb

    Return to Infrared

    Nice one Doreen. Looks like a painting.
  8. joan mb

    One Minute AV

    Thanks for the link Barry. Must be very challenging coming up with a theme and with the limitations on time and on the number of images you could use. Good exercise and enjoyed your AV.
  9. joan mb

    Incompatible audio file

    Will take a look at it VitoB. Thanks for link. joan
  10. joan mb

    Incompatible audio file

    Thank you Barry, Doreen & Dave for responding to my plea for help. With it I eventually managed to convert the M4A files to MP3. Audacity didn't work for me, I think because I hadn't kept it up-dated! I then noticed a recommendation somewhere in the link you posted Dave for NCH and it looked familiar. I already had it on my desktop, right there in front of me every time I turned the laptop on. It was an embarrassingly easy process from there. Once again I have reason to be thankful for this forum Barry and the great members who participate in it.
  11. joan mb

    Incompatible audio file

    Just got your reply Barry so haven't tried it yet but sounds like it might be the solution. Thank you, joan
  12. joan mb

    Incompatible audio file

    Thanks Doreen but I had worked out that I could convert MP4's to MP3 within PTE and that had enabled the use of iTunes in recent AV's but it seems that iTunes are now using a format named M4A which the latest version of PTE doesn't recognize. Don't you just wish they wouldn't keep changing things!
  13. joan mb

    Incompatible audio file

    I have just spent a very frustrating day trying to access and transfer music files onto the timeline of the AV I am working on. Got so desperate I rang the support people at iTunes and they tell me that the current format for music files from them is M4A which it would appear is incompatible with PTE9. I checked and uploaded the latest version of PTE hoping that would be the solution but no joy. Has anyone encountered this problem or have a suggestion on how I might get around it.
  14. joan mb

    May 2018 Newsletter

    Great to see your name pop up on the forum again Doreen. Thanks for a very useful newsletter once again Barry.
  15. joan mb


    Just watched your video David. Forgot to turn the speaker on for the first couple of minutes and the absence of music bought home to me how crucial music is in AV's. Your choice in this respect was excellent and really augmented the movement of water and machinery in the video. Liked it very much, thanks for posting the link. I'm inclined to think drones will continue to have a place in modern photography. They bring such a different perspective and can take us to places our feet, or our motor cars can't. Hope clubs, especially yours Barry, continue to have a place in modern photography too.