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  1. keeping the ball rolling

    I think the filter worked very well on your evening shot Doreen. Must admit that on my small screen I can't notice the effect in the foreground but it adds interest to the sky. Very nice, and calming scene, thanks for posting.
  2. Image Quality

    Excellent explanation of 'exposing to the right', I've been persuaded to take a lot more notice of the histogram and to take very little of the image as shown on our camera.
  3. DPI image size

    I have always had trouble understanding 'native resolution' with respect to a projector and came to the conclusion that it was the maximum resolution that the projector could display at. Eg; a 1920x1080 native resolution meant that the projector itself did some downsizing of images with higher resolution. Is that another bit of nonsense?
  4. Rules Rules Rules

    Who has dreamed up these rules Barry? The Australian Photographic Soc? Is there a noticeable difference in quality if a Wav file is used and isn't that format considerably larger that the MP3/Mp4? Thanks for sharing the Drone slide show, I am about to download it. joan
  5. The Mavic pro at Dawn

    These panoramas are great Barry. Pity your son is probably going to insist on taking his drone home with him!
  6. Storm Chasing

    Amazing cloud formation Barry. What a buzz to witness it and to have such an array of photographic equipment to capture such great images.
  7. Mavic Pro Drone Pano

    Very impressive Barry. We'll all be wanting one of those drones!
  8. Polarising Filters

    Lovely image Doreen, no wonder you wanted to hang it on your wall. Agree with J's comment on 'what is cheating' in photography, you have used artistic discretion to create your image and I bet it is all the more appealing for it. Thank's J for posting the results of your experiments with filters. I'm off to Ebay to see how much a 10 stop ND would cost me. The picture of the guy on the rocks is great.
  9. Polarising Filters

    Hope you will share the results of your experiment with the polarizer & filters and thanks for introducing the subject. It's been an interesting one to follow.
  10. Polarising Filters

    The only filter I use is a polarizer these days and I keep this on the front of my landscape lens. I agree with Barry that fiddling around with filters when lighting and time are critical is a pain. I find the gradient filter in ACR very useful and very simple to use and the beauty of it is that you can go in and change it later if you decide you don't like it. I look at some of the filter effects on slides I took during film days and wish I could the same to them. I think though you have got a very nice image of your local beach using the combination of polarizer and ND filter and doubt you could have achieved the pleasing effects you have by any other method. Thanks for posting and raising the topic for discussion.
  11. Affinity Photo

    Thanks for the link, the program looks pretty good and very affordable joan
  12. Our House from a Drone

    Looking at your second image Barry our English forum friends could be forgiven for concluding that every Aussie house has a swimming pool. Given the prevalence of drones Barry I think you would be game to skinny dip even in your own backyard!
  13. Musings : Photoshop/Lightroom and the future

    Thank you from me too. I don't have lightroom and have not worried about it because I was pretty happy with the BridgeACR combination but your comments on LR's catalogue did make me realize that it was worth while considering. Keep us posted on the alternative software available, always nice to know you've got options.
  14. Really like your image Morturn. The lighting and the detail in the wooden planks, the composition and the leading lines, the compact camera has handled it all so well. (Well maybe the photographer deserves some credit too!) How much editing did you do on the original shot? joan
  15. Howgill Hills

    Lovely scene Jeff but agree with Tinion that it needs some leading lines to draw you in to it. Thanks for posting, great to see the work of others.