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  1. Doreen

    November 2018 Newsletter and Videos

    Finding it very hard, it doesn't help with dark rainy days and Christmas does it?
  2. Doreen

    November 2018 Newsletter and Videos

    Thank you Barry, very interesting😃
  3. Doreen

    DNG Files

    A few years ago I started to convert my raw files to dng files and also write them to cd disks. I got a little paranoid after I read the info from the Photography Institute, they suggested the safest way to store files now and for future use would be dng format, I don’t know why to this day also any printing to save as Tiff files. This became to time consuming. Now I keep all CRaw files on external drives. For printing I convert to jpg 300dpi.
  4. Doreen

    Definition of a Slide Style

    Thank you Joan. Photography does help, I had some beautiful bouquets sent to me over the last few weeks, I immediately thought macro. It's the first time I've used the Canon 5Dsr for macro shots. The last few months I had been trying to put a new web site together combing photography and crafts to sell. I put it on hold for now, when it looks okish I will post it on the forum, I would love some comments.
  5. Doreen

    Definition of a Slide Style

    I'm finding it very difficult Barry but trying hard to channel my mind and thoughts. You can steal some words as long as you leave my camera alone😅 I had taken some macro shots and was very pleased.
  6. Doreen

    Definition of a Slide Style

    Hi There I am thinking in simple terms at the moment. This may help Barry, as you know I use Photodex for slide shows. The info below has helped me understand slide styles, I'm sure it will mean the same for PTE and be useful for newer users. What exactly is a slide style? Slide styles are pre-built, ready-made effects that you can apply to any slide. When you apply a slide style; the style acts as a blueprint. Within that blueprint are all of the instructions ProShow needs in order to create the desired effect. The number of layers, the layers’ appearance, motion effects, adjustment effects, captions and even slide sounds – all of that information is stored within the slide style. Each time you make a new effect, you can save it as a slide style. As you create more and more effects, you’re effectively creating a complete toolbox of effects that you can quickly access and modify. You’ll find that shows will take you less and less time as you build up your library of your favorite or most often used effects. 🙂
  7. Doreen

    Photoshop 2019

    Thank you Joan and thank you for the heartfelt words to me in your private message. It's nice to be back.
  8. Doreen

    Uluru (Ayres Rock)

    A stunning collection of Images. They would make a superb slide show.
  9. Doreen

    Photoshop 2019

    Thank you Barry I haven't been able to look in depth of the differences or any bugs, I just appreciated that I could download CC19 on windows 10 successfully without paying the expense of another iMac at this moment anyway. Thank you for your expertise here to inform us of any issues we may come across.
  10. Doreen

    Photoshop 2019

    Hello everyone, trying hard to get back into things within this difficult time I have. Just wanted to let Paul know my problem. Because my Mac will not upgrade anymore as Apple explained it is now considered too old, because of this I can't download CC19. I had a warning that I need to upgrade my system, so I am doomed both ways here. The upside is I did manage to upgrade CC19 on my Windows 10, but I remember I had a pop up screen warning me of the specifications I need to run CC19. Maybe worth looking into. The icon above which Barry shows came up on my task bar automatically, then had a pop up to the right hand side prompting me to follow the upgrade to CC19. It took a long time, but worked. Hope any of this helps.
  11. Doreen

    Sad News

    Thank you Barry and all for your kind thoughts and lovely messages.
  12. Doreen

    What image is better?

    I like the top image for the darker silhouette of the boat, but have chosen the bottom one for the detail and definition.
  13. Doreen

    Mavic 2 Pro - Just Launched

    Just stunning, very moving love it and the Audio
  14. Doreen

    Upgrades Needed?

    Thank you Denis for the info. I like the idea of plug and play😄
  15. Doreen

    Upgrades Needed?

    Denis I use the DVD Drive to check my slideshows for family and friends on the Mac, Windows PC and TV and now write to USB, some don't use computers, some haven't got usb tv's... after saying all that... think I'm going to stop doing them now and consider what I want🙄