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  1. Doreen

    keeping the ball rolling

    Thank you Morturn, Barry I think the dreamy slow shutter speed shots that photographers like so much is that they show the creativity side of photography and we think we should create this when we see water, especially water falls. Its the matter of taste again, I think the image above is much better as an action shot. I remember a friend a few years ago commenting on some of my images of dreamy water falls "the creamy waters can only be created by professional photographers" I felt quite pleased with myself He wasn't a photographer himself Maybe this is why the general public are not so keen and are not able to create the motion I used Cavedweller11 from Topaz Impressions for the delicate texture, it also has a slight rusty tone, it is very effective if anyone has the filter. Trying it soon on an infrared image.
  2. Doreen

    keeping the ball rolling

    Same day a calming view of the evening Taken with the Canon 5drs
  3. Doreen

    keeping the ball rolling

    Taken last month, not much contrast but still keeping the ball rolling
  4. Doreen

    February Newsletter

    Thank you Barry for a very interesting newsletter. I loved The Drones are Coming Audio Visual, so tranquil and superb images, makes me was one Thank you for sharing and taking the time to show us Referring to the video clip, the video didn't play smoothly at all on my computer
  5. Doreen

    Storm Chasing

    Fantastic Images Barry.
  6. Doreen

    In Sydney Australia

    Bondi Beach Its the English men who're mad not the dogs who take their dogs out in the hottest heat, no wonder the dogs are mad.. never do that to mine. Its here too in the hottest weather... I cringe
  7. Doreen

    Canon 5D Fault

    Not had the fault Barry, if I do I'll ignore it if the camera still works ok. I found in some instances whether a camera fault or computer fault, the error messages don't make sense. My canon G5X came up with an error message of not inserting a genuine Canon battery, I knew it wasn't true after inserting it again it was fine. Yesterday on opening PSCC I had an error message that CC had a malfunction error with the filters and must get in touch with the manufacturer, panicking opening an image to investigate..all was working properly A good one is "You are not connected to the internet" I don't go down that dreadful road of changing settings and stuff when I didn't know any better. I know I'm on the internet because my modem says and my iPad says so. Just a click off then on again.. two seconds, cause I'm on the internet Just think its the mechanical brain and not as clever as us
  8. Doreen

    Polarising Filters

    Thank you J and Joan both for putting my mind at rest. I love the topaz effects sometimes more so than the actual photograph. The texture effect of the pano image had enhanced it tremendously and yes much more appealing especially printed on canvas, I particularly like the rainbow. I was hit below the belt when my brother in law accused me of adding the rainbow myself I never justify myself to these folk, but between us I’m not that clever to find the proper place or perspective to add one !!
  9. Doreen

    Polarising Filters

    Guess you can get away with blurring images in post as long as we know how to create it in camera, thats not cheating is it
  10. Doreen

    Polarising Filters

    Maybe I should have another go with LR/PS too. I am put off with the fear of cheating, When is a photograph not a photograph. Just had a pano image of mine using topaz impressions which I really love sent away to make a canvas print, I have it on the wall in my lounge. My daughter and family visited and commented on the image. "You haven't painted that mom", she looked at my signature. I explained it is a photograph I had taken with an added textured filter added. "OH thats cheating" Yes she's a fine artist.
  11. Doreen

    Polarising Filters

    Thank you J for taking the time to post your lovely images and for everyone's point of view on this subject. I have polarising filters and many graduated neutral density ND filters, even star filters, Cokin filters and holders for 2 size lenses. I acquired all this in the purchase of my canon Mark 11 camera. Quite a few years ago now, I experimented with all my goodies for a couple of weeks, slowing river water, seascapes, clouds, I managed and understood how to do it but unfortunately my down fall was inexperience of camera technique a little hit or miss. I am planning doing it all over again at some point with the knowledge I have now Barry made a tutorial on filters in his Camera Craft set of tutorials, at this point I wanted to get all my kit out and have another go, I will in time, then I'll know if its for me. I don't like the fiddling and carrying it all, but as Morturn commented in post mine just doesn't look right or realistic enough
  12. Doreen

    New Conversion

    Great image for a first attempt. Thanks for showing the images. Great to see another member converted to infrared
  13. Doreen

    Season's Greetings

    Guess so Cheers! Denis
  14. Doreen

    Season's Greetings

    We got more than our fair share here.. worse it's so cold. This image is in walking distance so I'm lucky.. and luckier still there's a lovely Pub a few yards away from the stream.
  15. Doreen

    Season's Greetings

    Merry Christmas and a Wonderful and Peaceful New Year to Barry, Carol and Members.