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  1. Doreen

    Sad News

    Thank you Barry and all for your kind thoughts and lovely messages.
  2. Doreen

    What image is better?

    I like the top image for the darker silhouette of the boat, but have chosen the bottom one for the detail and definition.
  3. Doreen

    Mavic 2 Pro - Just Launched

    Just stunning, very moving love it and the Audio
  4. Doreen

    Upgrades Needed?

    Thank you Denis for the info. I like the idea of plug and play😄
  5. Doreen

    Upgrades Needed?

    Denis I use the DVD Drive to check my slideshows for family and friends on the Mac, Windows PC and TV and now write to USB, some don't use computers, some haven't got usb tv's... after saying all that... think I'm going to stop doing them now and consider what I want🙄
  6. Doreen

    Upgrades Needed?

    I thought so Hatter. I do have other issues. My Mac is 24-inch, memory 4gb and graphics 256mb. I would want more memory and higher graphics to run PSCC fully, some filters don't respond. Looks like Apple have taken away the 24-inch, I wouldn't want a smaller 21-inch screen, so need to take in consideration of a 27-inch.. All this I need to consider.
  7. Doreen

    Upgrades Needed?

    I'm disappointed that my Mac is considered too old to upgrade. I have spoken to Apple, because my machine is early 2009 the upgrade from Capitan will not upgrade to Sierra and now I see there is a new upgrade to Mojave around September. My Mac is as powerful now as when new, although disappointed, I have never kept a windows PC for 9 years, I tell a lie I have struggled with slow and sluggish machines👿 I really don't know what to do yet, so I'm doing nothing. I do favour the Mac over my Windows 10. I liked the format of Windows 7 more so than Windows 10😥 If I do consider a new Mac it does become very expensive, I believe they omitted the disc drive so that would be more expense.
  8. Doreen

    August Competition – Closed

    I agree with Paul Why is it that as soon as I hear your comments I think 'Of course, why didn't I notice that before submitting'. Every suggestion you made about my photograph was something which I should have noticed myself, but didn't. I can put up with your comments, maybe not so much arrogant but being respected as a perfectionist.
  9. Doreen

    August Competition – Closed

    Many Thanks Barry for your hard work. I liked the idea of how you put it all together, lots to learn from your comments and all who entered to make it so, also thanks to the judges. As you know I'm going through a difficult time at home so you have cheered me up immensely and with my score have verified myself as a photographer😁 well for today anyway
  10. Doreen

    August Competition – Closed

    Thank you Barry Just entered one image😄
  11. Doreen


    I'm in favour for an open subject, detailed critique with marks as previously, maybe a 1st 2nd and 3rd winner would be more time consuming, if I remember rightly there were a few members with 10 points in the previous competition, this could be harder to judge a final winner. I would welcome the idea of the first 3 finalist names it would be a great boost to them and their photography.
  12. Doreen

    July 2018 Newsletter

    Thank you Joan, you are very kind and yes I will keep smiling and keep up the photography and involvement in the forum.. has become part of my life. It is a difficult time in our lives, but hope and pray things will improve soon. I wish my 'typo' did mean hobbies not hubbies.. I meant my Hubby's or I should say Husband's health there, but yes my Hobby's have taken a back seat too. Not sure how we spell these words, but rather think of my Hobby's/ Hobbies and getting back to it all😀 Best Wishes Doreen
  13. Doreen

    July 2018 Newsletter

    Thank you Joan Lots of things in our life had to change the last two years , our lovely tourer caravan and our bikes was the worst to bear to get rid of. My hubby Colin has lost breath though a collapse lung and fighting hard to get back to a normal sort of life. For myself, They say I have a good chance that my health can improve with the latest technology of halo treatment over the next year. I just pray for both of us. I have amazing neighbours, friends and family, my son especially, always there to help. It has been sole destroying mentally and physically to give up part of our lives in such a short time of two years. But I always smile😀„and come back to my photography, what would we do without it.. Barry there would be no time limit for a competition, it will be your choice to set. I thought the previous competition was first class, the judging was very fair, omitting names saves embarrassment at the lower end of points and in turn the higher points who need the ego trip. Whatever I'm all for it whenever it will be 🙄
  14. Doreen

    July 2018 Newsletter

    😓🙃😀 Meant to ask barry, is there another competition in the pipe line? could be a little bit of therapy from going stir crazy😫
  15. Doreen

    July 2018 Newsletter

    I loved the Storm Season Video Barry with animated clouds. The audio was so appropriate,, reminded me of the great animated film "The Lord of the Rings" I am trying hard to put together a slide show of the Eclipse with moving clouds.. at least I am making a start, my health and hubbies have taken a toll the last two years. Thank you for the newsletter it is an inspiration to get my slide show under way.