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  1. Barry Well done; I'm not usually keen on abstract art but I do like this one as it is so colourful. Paul
  2. Paul

    Creative techniques in PTE9

    Thanks Barry. I should have looked in the PDF file before asking you! All complete now. Paul
  3. Barry I bought your creative techniques videos a few days ago and have found them to be up to you usual quality but I am a bit puzzled as I have 10 videos numbered 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, and 13. Have I somehow lost 1, 2 and 11 or were they just omitted for some reason. I'm quite happy with what I've got but would hate to miss out on any of them. One thing strikes me about the frames though. I have in the past twice submitted AVs which had a very delicate thin line around the outside of each photograph and both attracted adverse comments from the judges who said that we were there to look at the photos and the outside line just distracted attention from these. I wonder what they are likely to say about an ornate frame around each picture. Have you had any problem with this? Paul
  4. Paul

    Select Subject

    Barry Just general at present. I haven't had the new version long enough to try anything seriously I was just a bit surprised to see that no-one had commented on it. I don't know when the new version was released, I saw it by accident last week and downloaded it. Also a new Bridge although I can't see any changes to this. I have one of your tutorials made soon after select and mask appeared where you selected the top of a tree line, almost perfectly, by moving the refine edge tool along the skyline and into some of the foliage holes. It never seems to do that for me, even before select subject, I always seem to get unwanted bits selected with the refine edge tool or it removes some that are correctly selected already. I wondered if there are settings which I need to alter although I've tried to stick to the same ones you used. At the moment I don't use select and mask very often, probably because I can't make this aspect of it work, but I think it could become a convenient starting point for selections now that we have select subject. after all, one click takes the place of several minutes work and can be adjusted easily and output in various ways. Paul
  5. Paul

    Select Subject

    Well, having got select subject what does everybody think. I was very impressed even if it is not yet perfect. The selection tool works well to correct any errors but I never seem to have much luck with the refine edge tool. Any advice would be appreciated. Paul
  6. Paul

    Swabian Sunset

    Jeff I agree that you need something in the foreground. I'm probably even less religious than Barry and never really thought about the cross as a symbol of faith - it just seemed to be part of the picture and had it not been there you'd have needed a tree or something similar. I still like the photo even if you did get cold. Paul
  7. Paul

    Swabian Sunset

    Jeff Very picturesque, certainly beats Whitley Bay. I think I would have removed the branches from the top right but otherwise I think it is excellent. Paul
  8. Paul

    Season's Greetings

    Merry Christmas everyone and all the best for 2018. Paul
  9. Paul

    New Photoshop Tool Coming Soon

    Let's be optimistic, after all most of their tools are very good. Paul
  10. Paul

    December 2017 Newsletter

    Barry I don't know if I should admit it after all your hard work producing them but I don't use the menus. In fact, almost all the tutorials which I have bought over the years and the newsletter ones are filed in a format looking very similar to the proposed layout that you show in the newsletter and just grouped as sub-folders under folders called 'Photoshop' 'P2E' 'Masterclass' etc. Keep them coming, no matter what the format is. Paul
  11. Paul

    Adobe new Updates.

    Barry Thank you for that info; I've re-updated and all is now OK. I never thought of hitting the keys twice - just filled in a different way. Must be getting old(er). Thanks Paul
  12. Paul

    Open Object

    I see we got at least one new member! Can anyone help with a shortcut button for Adobe Camera Raw. When I use my graphics tablet pen to click on the 'Open Object' button in ACR I often seem to get the timing wrong and the programme hangs up. To get it working again I use' CTRL ALT DELETE to open task manager when a click anywhere on the screen gets it working again. I assume I am doing a double click or something similar but don't seem to be able to avoid it. My usual solution is to use the mouse but I often forget and I thought it would be nice if I could use one of the function keys to open into Photoshop. I can't find anything in the preferences to suggest that I can do this but with all you experts out there I thought a solution might be possible. Paul
  13. Paul

    Help again please

    Thanks Barry, I've written it down this time. I have no idea how the writer managed to solve the problem initially - it's not exactly intuitive. Perhaps I could ask you another. The above problem arose because I wanted to select an Old English type of font for a slide show title. When it didn't work in Photoshop I tried to do it in Pictures to Exe 9. But when I tried to select the font from the drop down box in the Properties/Font name tab I just got a lot of quarter sized windows concertinering out and off the bottom of the screen. I cleared all these error messages but the program had locked and I had to close it in Task Manager and start again. This seems very coincidental, I daren't try it in Word in case I crash that too but do you know if these programs access a common area of Windows which could be causing the problem? Thanks again Paul
  14. Paul

    Help again please

    Some time ago I had a problem with text in Photoshop CC in that every time I tried to enter any text I got a message saying 'Selected font failed during last operation, if problem persists disable the font'. I posted a message on this forum and got a reply saying that I needed to clear some storage within Photoshop. This worked perfectly but the problem has happened again and I can't remember the solution or find my query on the forum. Could the helper please tell me again. This time I'll write the solution down and keep it but as I'd never had any trouble in about 6 years of Photoshop I did not expect it to recur. Thank you Paul
  15. Paul

    Photoshop + ACR Keyboard Short-cuts

    Barry While not exactly a shortcut, you often advise enabling the button immediately right of the 'Flow' setting so that the flow can be altered by pressing a number key. I use 'Shift' 'Number key' and it would be nice to use your method but when I enable the 'Air-brush build up effects' button it does just that and whenever I put the pen to the pad the brush gets progressively larger, destroying the soft edge and making the photograph boundary impossible to follow. Obviously, you have found a way to overcome this but I have tried settings for both the brush and the tablet and whatever I set on these this button over-rides them. Could you divulge your secret as a single handed means of adjustment would be very useful. As to your original question one shortcut which I find useful is 'Ctrl' 'Alt' 'Right button' which allows dragging the pen to alter brush size and hardness. I tend to use the square bracket keys for size but this is a very simple way to adjust the hardness. Incidentally, I agree with your remarks about using the pen tool. I have tried several times as others say how good it is but cannot get away with it and can't really see the point in trying harder when other methods are just as good. Finally, thank you for your latest Master Class 2017 series - really excellent. Paul