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Affinity Photo

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For lots of reasons, I have stopped taking so many photos. I found that paying for the Photoshop subscription was not economical due to the lack of quantity.

I found Affinity Photo. It is not as powerful as Photoshop, but it does more than I usually use, and it is $49 US with free updates until the next major change.

It has won awards most recently for the Ipad. I am using it on a windows 10 machine, and it works flawlessly. It takes some getting used to  find some of the things you want. All of my third party plugins work. There is a really extensive compatible list.   There are hundreds of videos to explain things that are free and well done by the company and others.

For those who are looking for a good photo program to use instead of Photoshop for a lot less money, there is a free trial.

I thought I would pass this along. I am in no way associated with the manufacturer.

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Are you able to point us towards a Flickr gallery, or some place we can see some images that you have produced with Affinity Photo. I know members like to be able to join the dots.

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