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Storm Chasing

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I was out in the Australian countryside around Kenilworth yesterday (11th Feb) with my Son and his DJI Mavic Pro drone. It was a very hot day reaching 38C with bright sun of course. I took a few Infra-Red images with a Canon 5D. However, on the return trip towards Melany the thunder clouds rolled in and we became storm chasers for a while. Using both still cameras and the DJI Mavic Pro Drone.

I hate to say it but my Son's drone seems to have produced better pictures than mine on the ground, because of the extra height you can get. With all storms, high wind is also present and at one point the wind came up quickly as he was bringing the drone back to land. It was only 20 feet up, but going full speed forward the wind was blowing it steadily back away from us.

The Drone has a sport mode that allows extra power and it's selected with a simple switch, so no worries, Turn on sport mode and he was able to fly the drone to his hand and pluck it from the air. This shot is from the DJI Mavic Pro. Shot Raw and manipulated in Adobe Camera Raw 


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I haven’t looked at what I got with my Canon yet. My son and his partner are on week 10 of an 11 week stay with us from the UK, so most of my attention is going on them and their stay. All the image editing I have done has been drone work for him, but it has been interesting.

Our club had a talk tonight by a local camera store on Drones, so we showed a slide show I made and a video presentation my son made while here. Both shows went down pretty well. I’ll probably link to at least one of them in my next newsletter.

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