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Image Quality

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I was recently asked why my images are always so sharp and it's not the first time I have been asked that. Given that I don't sharpen images at all, it's an interesting question to answer.

The reasons are many, but here is a vital one. I have another video on Image Quality, that could also be called Expose to the Right. It's back to what I have always said that we should squeeze as much light into the sensor as you can (without going overboard). It's always the best policy, but this video shows why pretty well.

In Black and White negative days this technique was called expose for the shadows and allow the highlights to take care of themselves. Nothing changes does it because we need to do the same now. These days we can have our cake and eat it because we can capture the maximum amount of the light, but we dont have to allow the highlights to take care of themselves, we can take of them too.

Download HD Video from HERE

Watch in HD on YouTube HERE

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