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  1. Is everyone hibernating 😴
  2. Barry

    Tasmania Trip

    Thanks Joan, I hope it gets better soon too. Just done three lots of washing and had a visit to the supermarket. The outside area is in need of a pressure wash and the cars filthy ☹️ We’ve also come home to a heatwave. It’s 30 today and sticky. Not the sort of day for manual work, but I’ll get there slowly. 😁 In between time I’ll try and finish the website that I started in December and get to look at my images and video 👍
  3. Barry

    Tasmania Trip

    Day Thirty Seven - and we are home. The trip from Nambucca Heads in NSW to Buderim Queensland was a little over 500k and we gained an hour In the journey. New South Wales makes use of summer time adjustments and Queensland doesn’t. At least Carol is now home and in her own environment and not having to cope with getting in and out of the car in excruciating pain. Well, we ended up coming home sooner then we expected. We had planned to drive the 1900k from Melbourne to home over about 10 days or more, but as you may have read we did it in three days. For those reading this in the UK and thinking that this is almost 1200 miles should be aware that the intensity of traffic in Australia is not comparable to the UK, except in some rare circumstances. All my images are now safely on the hard drive in my main PC and already backed up to an external Sata Drive. Tomorrow i’ll Back them up to a second drive for good measure. So, the Tasmania saga is over and I’ll Leave you with the scene I shot on the iPhone his morning while waiting for my big breakfast to be prepared at Ulmara, alongside the river. case closed as they say
  4. Barry

    Tasmania Trip

    Day Thirt Six - Nothing much to say today from a photographic point of view, because we were travelling for the most part of it. We ran into a huge storm towards the end of the journey, including hail, but small hail thankfully. 😀 We pulled over and let the worst pass. All I can report is Carols back is still a major problem, but we are now just one final step back home, where she can rest up and recover. We plan to call into my daughters place close to home to pick up a wheelie walker that she has. Carol is managing her mobility with one crutch, but really needs the increased stability of the wheelie walker. At least till the tissue damage decides to heal. As we arrived at our stay, the storm had knocked out the power, so we decided to find somewhere to eat and hope it was back on when we got back. Then a small slip of the fingers and Carols IPad Pro hit the side of a bowl on the table and broke the screen. That’s a $600 fix on the iPad Pro (the large screen) so, although the journey was fine. It’s not been one of our best days. Lovely place we are staying for the night, so we will record and save this for when we come back this way. On the drive here and knowing how nice Nambucca is, I did think about a drone flight or two, but the weather has put pay to that. Just got back to the house and power is on. The iPhone image is from the lounge window, taken when we first got here. Some garden eh? 2 acres in all.
  5. Barry

    Tasmania Trip

    Day Thirty Five and we have arrived at Campbelltown after our epic journey from Port Philip Bay Melbourne. The total mileage we did today was 889 kilometres, but as I said before it all sounds a lot worse than it actually was because the Hume Freeway is such a great road. It’s dual carriageway all the way from the North of Melbourne to Campbelltown with a speed limit of 110k. It took us about 10 hours, which was pretty good. Tomorrow we have a little over 500k to do to Nambucca, so our travelling leaves little time or energy for photography. Carol’s back problem, our reason for heading home a bit earlier than intended is no better. It’s not going to get magically better at home of course, but at least she will be in her own environment. No iPhone picture tonight, unless you want a picture of the pizza we have just ordered for delivery 😀 No, I guess not 😂
  6. Barry

    Tasmania Trip

    Day Thirty Four - Nothing to report having spent most of the day catching up with rellies in Melbourne. Tomorrow I have a long drive in our first leg home starting at 6am. Let’s hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew 😀 iPhone image attached of the view of the garden from our cottage. It’s a lovely place, pity we are leaving so soon.
  7. My only issue with coloured images like this is they tend to be a little like filter effects. See them once and they have some appeal. See them 30 times and that appeal rapidly declines. The image above doesn’t have any strong centre of interest. So, perhaps colour helps a little to seperate elements within the picture. Not sure that would be so with an image that did have a strong composition and subject matter. In a garden like this, there is not a lot that separates the various bushes and plants. Trees work better generally, because the trunks do record dark and help break up all that foliage
  8. Barry

    Tasmania Trip

    Day Thirty Three - It was a good crossing from Devonport Tasmania back to Melbourne, but we did get a bit tied up in a little traffic following the Melbourne F1 practice sessions. However, we are now in a very nice Cottage, tired and ready for sleep. We were up at 5am to get to and on board the ferry and it docked about 6:30pm, but because we booked a special spot by a lift, we were one of the last vehicles off. Carol would not have made any stairs. Sadly, she is no better and can hardly walk. We have seen two doctors who say it’s tissue damage and only time and painkillers will help, so we have made a decision to head for home on Monday Morning. We had already booked into the Cottage for two nights and tomorrow (Sunday) we are meeting with family, but early Monday morning we head back home quicker than we expected. I’m going to drive from Melbourne to Campbelltown, (just short of Sydney) which is well over 800k. (500 miles) Sounds a lot of mileage for one day, but we have driven this road before. It’s dual carriageway, not very busy at all and has a 110k speed limit. You can eat up a lot of Kilometres very quickly. So to get her home quicker I’ve chosen a big first leg. The iPhone pic attached was the grey day we started with as we boarded the ship in Devonport, but by the time we landed it was sunset and 24c in Melbourne. At least 14 degrees warmer than Devonport. What a difference 400k makes when your heading North. The second picture was taken after we had entered Port Philip Bay. Bright sunshine and blue skies.
  9. Barry

    Tasmania Trip

    Day Thirty Two and we have done nothing today. Just chilled out the entire day. The car hasn’t moved. First time since we left. Carols back has got worse, so driving down some of these off road tracks is becoming difficult for her. 6am tomorrow (sat) we board the Spirit of Tasmania for the cruise back to Melbourne. We don’t get to Melbourne till about 7pm and On Usnday we are catching up with family on the Mornington Peninsular. Downloaded all the images and videos today and backed hem up onto external drives. Isn’t it ironic. The one day we decide not to go out and the evening was a colourful one. 😡 Typical eh?
  10. I prepared most of the newsletter, before we left home on our trip.
  11. Barry

    Tasmania Trip

    Day Thirty One and I forget to grab an iPhone image to post 😪 so, let me show you one from a place we were some days ago Eaglehawk Neck Today we travelled across to Devonport and on the way I managed to get a few images shot, but Carol’s back is quite bad, so she stayed in the car. I did drag her out to Don Heads this evening, but the location didn’t inspire and a large hill was about to obscure the sun. Given the sky was clear and the sun very harsh, we quit and are now back at base. We have already spent 5 days here in Devonport, so tomorrow will be a challenge to find a location that we have not seen. Some of the countryside around this part of Tassie reminds me of Devon in the UK. In the UK I suspect it may be a little greener. We’ve had a prolonged period without much rain and the countryside is suffering a bit from that lack of rain. I understand that while we have been away, Queensland has had a bit of a heatwave for the time of year. Here it’s rather cool now, probably about 10C, but with a wind that makes it feel a bit colder.
  12. What filter strength do you have in your camera. I guess it allows some visible light to reach the sensor
  13. Barry

    Tasmania Trip

    Day Thirty - Went to George Town and Low Head on the North Coast of Tassie. Found a few spots to get the camera out, but this evening back in Bridport I went out about 5:30pm. I went just a few kilometres to the western foreshore of the town. Went down a gravel track and found the remnants of the old pier. The clouds broke at dusk and shone a little light on the coast so most of my photography was via the drone. Some of this coastline is not easy access, so as Morturn said a few days ago, the drone can go to places you can’t. Took some stills and a fair bit of video. Just hooked up the drone back at the house and viewed a few clips on the iPhone. When the drone is connected you can review what you have shot on the phone, but I tend not to do that while out taking images. This dusty track was almost deserted, but there was a group of 4 people 50 metres away, so I was far enough away from them to meet regulations, but when they saw what I was doing they were very interested and I had to land the drone so I could speak to them and not use up my batteries with the drone airbourne. Far from getting any hassle, they were full of questions and were fascinated by what it could do. Just a simple iPhone image attached from earlier in the day. With my iPhone connected to the Mavic Controller I couldn’t take any iPhone snaps tonight. Tomorrow we are off back to Devonport where we started our Tassie trip and it’s only a short journey. So, we’ll take our time and tour as we travel. We have just two nights in Devonport, which leaves us set for our ferry trip Saturday morning. Another 9 hour crossing back to Melbourne to look forward to. Let’s hope the Bass Strait is calm 🤢
  14. That sounds like the rules here already. You can’t fly within 5.5k of a major airport and the current UK ruling of 1k from the boundary seems to me to be far too close. It would almost invite the thick and stupid to have a go. The only disappointment in Australia where we all live around the coast, is some great photographic spots are off limits. The aircraft approach to our local airport Maroochydore is often right over Arkwright Point, a particularly photogenic spot. Those rules won’t impact the responsible drone user much.
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