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  1. HFnotts

    Photoshop CC Updates

    I have issues with Topaz not working in ther latest PS version. Topaz have been unable to help as all that they have suggested have failed to cure the issue.
  2. HFnotts

    Nuclear Cocktail

    Wouldn't want to drink that coloured liquid but its a most effective image.
  3. HFnotts

    Old Lighthouse

    Alternative would be to crop from the left to a square format, that works as well.
  4. HFnotts

    Old Lighthouse

    The mono conversion looks fine but the composition is rather unbalanced being loaded to the right. If truth doesn't really bother you then flipping horizontal gives a better balance. Western eyes read left to right so, I guess, that's why it looks a wee bit better with the weight on the left. I like the figures to add scale and you could, of course, move them to the left which would give some balance if you need tro keep the structure on the right.
  5. HFnotts

    Pictures to Exe 9

    Thanks Barry. I should have applied brain because I've now found a key for 9 in my notes so obviously have already upgraded. Now to get my head round it all again!
  6. HFnotts

    Pictures to Exe 9

    Having just returned to doing photography after a detached retina and consequences I am wondering if there is an update path to 9 from 8. I cannot see this flagged anywhere on the web site though.
  7. HFnotts

    New Pen and tablet

    Good luck with your decision. I cannot use the tablet, I've tried a couple of Wacoms over the years but with my hand issues ( 6 ops within 10 years) and residual nerve damage I cannot hold the pen steady enough to find it useful. Just need the bulk of a mouse. I appreciate that the tablets are very versatile but there are cases where they are just not usuable.
  8. HFnotts

    Topaz Studio

    Thank you will look at that and see if it solves the problem.
  9. HFnotts

    Sound Editing for PicturesToExe

    They are very helpful, thank you.
  10. HFnotts

    Topaz Studio

    After the latest PS CC upgrade my Topaz filters will not load into PS. I've tried all ways and failed miserably. Anyone had similar issues and if so how were they overcome? Appreciate any help.
  11. HFnotts

    Sand Soda and Limestone - Glass

    Thanks for this Barry. Saved for a wet day, its 32 degrees here today and rather hot in the garden. Just had to top up the garden pond and will need to water my veg plot this evening when it cools down a bit. I guess you'll laugh at 32 degrees and us feeling uncomfortably warm, given you summer heat. Its forecast to last for another week before we see rain but at temps below todays.
  12. HFnotts

    Portable Digital Recorder

    Thanks Morturn I've ordered the H4N-Pro and hope to have the same experience with it as you do. Barry I now have Audacity and LAME working OK on my W10 computer. The latest version of LAME came as a dll file which wouldn't load so I downloaded the previous version and it is fine.
  13. HFnotts

    Portable Digital Recorder

    Thanks for your comment Barry Its really for on-site sounds and occasional voices to provide some 'authenticity' to soundtracks from time to time. The H4 has been upgraded and has some of the features of the H5 at a slightly cheaper price so if that would do then ... I've just updated to PtoE 9 and the latest version of Audacity but the LAME converter won't open for me neither in its latest iteration or earlier ones and I've followed the install instructions but the zip file just won't open - perhaps its in the Windows 10 latest update from yesterday. Frustrating. Its good to be back working on the computer after several months unable to because of the detached retina.
  14. HFnotts

    Portable Digital Recorder

    Sorry I have been absent from the forum for so long but I've been battling with a detached retina and all that implies. My digital portable recorder has given up the ghost and needs to be replaced. Does anyone please have any suggestions regarding a replacement. I found a web site with a Zoom H5 which seems like a reasonable piece of kit but does anyone know of these machines. I know Edirol and Sony do machines that other A-Vers use. I really would appreciate any comments.