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  1. JEvans

    Polarising Filters

    Doreen, I think it would be difficult (impossible?) to produce decent images from RAW files without some form of editing. Ideally the LR/PS combination, but other software is available (see other forum posts). Remember photography is an art. Comments that you are cheating are way off the mark. The only thing I would class as cheating is if you produce an image which you state is one thing when it is in fact something different, e.g. an animal picture taken in captivity which you offer as taken in the wild. Just modifying (improving?) an image is not cheating. By the way I love your image. Pity the yacht was not more to the right but I would have this on my wall sny day.
  2. JEvans

    Polarising Filters

    Doreen, From my perspective, it is definately worth experimenting with nd filters to get long exposures. I also would not be against experimenting with grads: they do make a difference but you can easily get the same result in LR/PS. There seems to be quite a large number of professional photographers who swear by polarisers and who produce very good work. But I remain to be convinced. I am pleased that this topic generated so much comment. After all we learn from each other.
  3. JEvans

    Polarising Filters

    Well a set of very interesting views with some for and some against. I have now had the opportunity to go out and do some real world experiments with ND, grad ND and a polarising filter. Following these experiments (obviously not very scientific!), I have come to these conclusions regarding my photography. Grad ND Filters : Don't see much point in lugging these around as I can get just as good results in LR/PS with a minimum amount of fuss. ND filters : Yes you can simulate the effect of these filters by taking several images. But for long exposures, the number of images you need to take to achieve the same results is rather large. Although I do not take many long exposures, there are some conditions in which they give attractive results, at least to my eye. I include two images below. 18_Jan20-19 was taken without a filter(1/30th. F10) and "21_My Partner is here somewhere " with a 10 stop ND filter (30s, F10). . To my eye the filtered image is more attractive. So I will buy a 10 stop ND filter. Polarising filters : Here I find myself in a bit of a dilemma. For general landscape photography, I do not see much benefit. My test shots show increased detail in the sky and perhaps more saturated colours. Also if it is hazy, the polariser gives a clearer image. But I can achieve the same result in LR/PS quite easily. What I cannot achieve is to remove reflections and there are situations where this might be desirable. I attach two further images with and without a polariser. Yes the filtered image has the reflections removed and I can see into the water. But actually I prefer the un-filtered image. To my mind it is more realistic. So shall I buy a polarising filter? Well I might but not just yet. I will assess how many times in the next few months I think I might have used one and then decide.
  4. JEvans

    Polarising Filters

    Thanks very much for all your comments. Much appreciated. Tinion 45. Your comments echo my thinking but I am still not sure. Just watched a You Tube video from a respected professional saying that he stopped using polarisers a long time ago. So I have managed to borrow a Lee holder and 105mm polariser and am going out to do some experiments of my own.
  5. JEvans

    New Conversion

    Just received my Panasonic G3 back from Advanced Camera Services UK who converted it to IR usisng a 720nm filter. I chose the G3 to convert, mainly because I had a spare available, but also because it is such a small light body and thus I can take it with me in addition to my D7200. Files straight out of the camera, have a strong red cast. Converting to Black and White and with further editing in PS produces stunning mono images. My first attempt is attached together with a jpeg version of the original raw file.
  6. JEvans

    Polarising Filters

    I understand that Barry and everyone has their own favourite subjects and techniques. You can certainly do without grad ND filters but it is a little more difficult to simulate a 10 stop ND filter. But as I like long exposures under the right conditions, I have two ND filters, 6 stop and 10 stop. Not sure how often I would use a polariser though. Yes that is what I meant : try to get a better image in camera and reduce the time spent in front of the computer. Regarding the image I inserted, it has done quite well for me. The jpeg file was obtained by exporting the original print file from Lightroom so the colour profile is perhaps not very accurate. Maybe that explains the green tone. One of the reasons for posting this was that, although I have a polarising filter, it is a 68mm version for my Panasonic GX8 and is no good for my Nikon lenses. My grad and ND filters are Cokin 100mm and I have a holder. But you cannot use these with a polarising filter unless you use a Lee holder with adapter ring for a 105mm polarising filter which is expensive. So before taking the plunge, I thought I would test the water here on the forum and see what others are doing.
  7. JEvans

    Swabian Sunset

    Thanks for all your comments. I have removed the branches and dealt with the halo. But for me the cross adds to the drama. As for staying on until the sun finally set, I had been there one and a half hours already and it was -7 degrees : too cold for me.
  8. JEvans

    Polarising Filters

    I suspect that many of you may not be great fans of using filters in the field. I have a polarising filter for my Panasonic which I have used from time to time with variable results and several graduated neutral density ND filters which I hardly ever use. Instead of using grad ND filters, generally my technique has been to take multiple or bracketed exposures and then obtain a composite image using editing in Lightroom/Photoshop. For polarising filters, I do not think that there is a suitable way to simulate these in either LR or PS. I have recently been following a guy called Thomas Heaton on Youtube, who has an excellent reputation for his landscape photography. He is an ardent user of Lee filters, using a combination of 6 and 10 stop grad and neutral density filters in combination with a polarising filter mounted at the front of the Lee filter holder. Some of his images are really stunning. Whilst I am quite happy to edit in LR/PS, I quite like the idea of putting more effort into getting it right in the camera as far as possible. Below is an image of mine taken at my local beach using a 2 stop grad, a 6 stop ND filter and a polarising filter. I like the result but it is a bit of a fiddle using a filter holder and adding all the filters in. So my question is : Do many of you use grad, and standard ND filters and/or polarising filters and if so, why.
  9. JEvans

    Swabian Sunset

    Thanks Paul. Yes I think you are right about the branches.
  10. JEvans

    Swabian Sunset

    I have just returned from a visit to my family in Germany. They live in a small village in southern Germany near the Black Forest and have some very good sunsets. Going out one evening, I saw this cross on the top of a hill, with some farm buildings and an orchard in the background. By careful placingof the camera, I managed to get the cross on the thirds and between two outlined trees and then waitd for the sun to set. It was bitterly cold but I managed to stick it out. Unfortunately in that area, there are quite a lot of power lines and pylons and these had to be carefully cloned out. I also selected part of the cross so that I could highlight the figure.
  11. Doreen. Although currently, I consider the monthly subscription a small amount (particularly in relation to other items such as my broadband/tv/phone bill), I have some small concern about the long term price escallation. This is partly what prompted me to start this thread. But once you go down th PS CC route with PS/LR, particularly with Lightroom Catalogues which are not backwards compatible, it is difficult to change. I like the CC packages and the support available, and will continue as long as it is feasible. But I am keeping an eye on alternatives and may try a few trial versions.
  12. JEvans

    Drone at Dawn

    I could definately fancy a drone. But the regs here are probably set to become more stringent due to several near misses with aircraft and you might have to get a licence. I have not investigated much, but some of the cheaper ones seem to have a very short flight time on one battery. Nice image ZBarry but maybe a bit too much blank space on the right.
  13. Well guys, I think we should put this to bed now. The topic has had a good airing and I am glad I raised it. Not sure I am much wiser though but glad of all your comments.
  14. As I started this thread, perhaps I should make one final comment. I like the current subscription arrangement of Lightroom/Photoshop and will not change unless forced to or other circumstances dictate that I must move to something else. But it is obvious that there is a lot of alternative options out there and some professional photographers are using alternatives and are justifying the change. So I will just keep an eye on the options, and maybe try one or two if they have trial versions. Regarding quality of images straight from ACR, there are several Youtube videos which investigate how the various RAW convertors compare (just Google "compare RAW convertors"). One of the most comprehensive is here : http://www.nomadlens.com/raw-converters-comparison/2 and seems to show that there are more differences than you would imagine. Whether you are able to get the same final quality after using the adjustments is another matter and perhaps differences straight from the basic convertor are not very significant if the subsequent adjustment ability can arrive at a comparable result.
  15. JEvans

    Our House from a Drone

    Looks very smart. You might at least have waved. Here in the UK you sre not supposed to use a drone this near to houses.