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  1. John Steadman

    December 2018 Newsletter & Videos

    Merry Christmas to Barry and Carol, and to all forum member's.
  2. John Steadman

    DNG Files

    A few years ago I did think about saving my nef processed raw files to DNG, but after some thought I did not. It was a format that never seemed to be very popular, I now save all processed files as a TIFF format and for print.
  3. John Steadman

    Sad News

    Dear Doreen sad to here of your loss we send our condolences.
  4. John Steadman

    Upgrades Needed?

    I am very pleased with the new pc and windows 10, the machine is much more powerful and it handles some of the files witch are over one GB well. It was built for me by a local dealer well established shop.
  5. John Steadman

    August Competition – Closed

    Barry, many thanks for your comments and putting it all together. Thanks to for the judges, it was all very interesting.
  6. John Steadman

    August 2018 Newsletter + Videos

    Excellent news letter, and have watched the challenge of creativity. Some very good information in the video.
  7. John Steadman

    August Competition – Closed

    I sent an image in last week. John.
  8. John Steadman

    Beckham CD'S

    Barry. For some reason I always seem to get on better when I purchase your Disks rather than the download version, don't ask me why because I don't know. I've watched a few on Lightroom and Photoshop and I must say they are superb, and highly recommended. I have had some of your cds over the years but these are the best yet. Regards to Carol hope she is feeling a bit better. John
  9. John Steadman

    Beckham CD'S

    Carol & Barry. Photoshop for Photographers CD's arrived today, I shall look forward to watching the contents. Best Wishes. John.
  10. John Steadman

    Back Button Focus

    I went over to back button focus last year, it took a bit of getting custom to using at first. But now I would not go back to using the shutter for focusing, I can recommend you try it, I came across the set up with a wild life photographer in the USA. I use it on my D810 and find that the resulting image has improved.
  11. John Steadman

    John Steadman

    Sorry to here about Carol hope it is nothing to serious, I now what it like to see the Wife suffering. My wife has osteoporosis and some vertebrae collapsed in her spine, but she does manage to get out a bit. Have a good trip towards the tropical north. John.
  12. John Steadman

    John Steadman

    Thank you Barry just checked the caps lock and it was on. All working ok now, I think I must be going dullaly in old age. What would we do with out your expert knowledge. Best Wishes to you and Carol.
  13. John Steadman

    John Steadman

    Barry and David. Yes I am trying to alter the size of brush with the bracket keys next to letter P. Settings on the top strip are, Mode setting to normal, Type to content aware, create texture, Proximity match, Sample all layers. John.
  14. John Steadman

    John Steadman

    Photoshop CC. I have just tried to use the Healing Brush, the Spot Healing Brush, and the Clone stamp tool in Photoshop on an image as a trial. I cannot adjust the size of the brush on any of them, and I get a semi transparent section of the image where I click to use the tool. I am working on a new blank layer and windows 10. I would appreciate any help or advice from you experts, I have never had this happen before. Best Wishes. John.
  15. John Steadman


    Hello David. A day out would be nice, open to suggestions all being well we are hopping to go to the BCM. 1940's weekend this month. The Birmingham City canal's, SVR. Purton Hulks. Best Wishes. John.