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  1. Morturn

    Tasmania Trip

    Try it when you get some decent Wi-Fi to download it, it’s free to photoshop subscribers. It works just like camera RAW, and you can get an app that lets you take pictures on the iPhone in RAW.
  2. Morturn

    Tasmania Trip

    Have you looked at Lightroom for the iPhone yet?
  3. Morturn

    Tasmania Trip

    I like my drone because you can send it to look at things inacessible.
  4. Morturn

    Tasmania Trip

    Great. Send the laptop to me when you get back
  5. Morturn

    Tasmania Trip

    It works fine here, nice sharp footage
  6. Morturn

    Tasmania Trip

    Nice holiday snap
  7. Morturn

    Tasmania Trip

    set the shutter speed to twice the frame rate, I used 1/50th, then use aperture and ISO to expose
  8. Morturn

    Tasmania Trip

    Are you set to full manual operation? If shooting video, you shold be.
  9. I enjoyed the newsletter, thank you. My interest was drawn to the section on Buzz filters and the simplifier you recently used. I do like the subtle dream like look, it reminds me of the Orton effect. I believe that this was developed in the 80’s by taking two slide images, one correctly exposed and the other slightly over exposed and out of focus. These two images were then combined and printed. Done well the print had a very subtle dream like quality with a warm glow on the highlights. I do quite like a surreal image and the opportunity to experiment. Of course, this can now be done in photoshop using layers and filters and blending modes.
  10. Well I think there is a general lack of development support for W7 now
  11. Thats what was appening to mine
  12. Well I am not a chrome user, so not help here. Have you tryed any of the utility programmes like Glary Unilitys or Using Cleaner. They are good at tidying up probpems fromaccumilated crud. Most certaly my laptop is amazing now.
  13. Put an SSD in them, it’s quite remarkable how much of an improvement they make. I was about to chuck my W7 laptop out as it was getting embarrassing when doing talks, taking ages. It’s a quick and easy fix, so shame I’m in the UK coz I would do it.
  14. Morturn


    I did mamage to get my drone stuck in a head wind over the river severn recenlty. I swiched it to sports mode and enabled it to fly against the wind and back home
  15. Morturn


    I am told that Mavic have has good low light capperbility, so try a low light run.
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