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  1. Morturn

    Website down

    Isnt it a pain, to make an unserstatement
  2. Morturn

    sync for hard drives.

    I use a Network Attached Server (NAS) device to do this automatically. It holds two hard drives that are set to be mirrored with each other (RAID 1). These NAS devices are not all that expensive compared with he cost of cloud storage and reasonably easy to set up.
  3. Morturn

    MS Office 365

    I too am an office 365 user, its quite a good package
  4. Morturn

    Does PicturesToExe need a name change

    What do the sales figures of PTE look like? If it is trending down, and if so, why? If there is risk aversion to the product then it maybe well worth addressing it. However, I would not do a name change on a product that is known by its functional name unless malware aversion was having an adverse effect on sales.
  5. Morturn


    Focus Stacking? I know of it and have tried it on a macro shot out of curiosity on a fern. My wife is very much into ferns. You seem to have the knack and captured that fifty pence piece really well.
  6. Morturn

    Test topic-Resolved hopefully

    Video unavalible?
  7. Morturn

    The Problem with Audio Visual

    That worked for me, quite quirky and different. I can easily imagine it not working if it was any longer, so cutting it down was most certainly the right thing to do. I don’t like the picture frame, I found it distracting. Unfortunately, I can offer no alterative suggestion other than I would like to see it completely without and see how that looks. I take your point and agree with you regarding audio visual creators themselves can be the problem and have seen this on several occasions. However, who are we intending to please, or to what end? It’s all amateur work done by people who love audio visual stuff and want to be a bit creative. Maybe fishing for some complement. For most, its not a way of earning a living, it just a hobby that gets published to a wide audience.
  8. Morturn

    Drone Mania

    Sounds excelent. I did take my drone to Whitby, but wind was too strong most days
  9. Morturn

    Drone Mania

    no stopping you now 😀
  10. Morturn

    Drone Mania

    Nice photo
  11. Morturn

    Drone Mania

    Always a good idea to have a co-poilot if possible. They can watch the drone while you watch the sereen. Its easy to get distracted
  12. Morturn

    A familiar character?

    Again! lol
  13. Morturn

    A familiar character?

    Funny you should say that, this one has not touched the chairs, but wants to eat everything else. Linda's shoes, underware, my glasses and the cat. lol
  14. Morturn

    Drone Mania

    Not seen the tethered balloon, ill take a look in the morning. I too use the USB on the controller, as I like the larger screen
  15. Morturn

    Drone Mania

    send me an email and ills end you the link, as this is one of the better tutorials i have seen