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  1. wideangle

    Tasmania Trip

    Kangaroo Valley............short hops are what we need at our age. Sorry Barry, it just needed to be pointed out! Regards wideangle
  2. wideangle

    Executable or Mp4 Video?

    Barry So there’s no point in somebody stopping you in the street and asking for clarification, but at least you can take comfort from the fact that you can direct them to a video!! Regards wideangle
  3. wideangle

    Executable or Mp4 Video?

    Tinion 45 Thanks very much for that - it was really helpful, especially the video. The next time anybody stops me in the street to ask about containers, codecs and mp4s, I’ll now be able to sound like an expert! Thank you. Regards wideangle
  4. wideangle

    Executable or Mp4 Video?

  5. wideangle

    Executable or Mp4 Video?

    It’s just that I couldn’t understand whether mp4 was actually a constant standard or whether it varied, depending on what codec was used within it, as I don’t really know enough about it either! I’ve just noticed a new thread on the PTE website where someone is saying that an mp4 with an h.265 codec won’t work with PTE. Regards wideangle
  6. wideangle

    Executable or Mp4 Video?

    I’ve never really understood all this about something being a codec, or just a container for holding a codec, so maybe someone can help clarify. Am I right in assuming that mp4 is a container with the mp4 codec? I think I have read that it can be used with the H.264 codec and more recently with the H.265 codec which are supposedly far more efficient in terms of compression than previously. So does mp4 vary depending on what codec is used with it, or am I just not understanding things? Regards wideangle
  7. wideangle

    Laptops for Sale

    Like Morturn I use Glary utils and CCleaner regularly on both my laptop and Desktop, and they do a good job at keeping them up to speed. A couple of years ago I switched both of them to SSD, and that made a huge difference. Regards wideangle
  8. wideangle


    Just to open the discussion a bit more, instead of asking the question "Why do people join a photographic club?", turn the question around. What would be your answers to the question "What should a photographic club be offering and providing for new members?" Regards wideangle
  9. wideangle

    Canon 5D Mk4

  10. wideangle

    Canon 5D Mk4

    Have you secretly been on a course to learn all about this technical stuff, or have you quietly been perfecting it over a long period of time? Take care not to let that temperature fall too low, because it will be more difficult to take those good photos with a glass stuck to your fingers. Regards wideangle
  11. wideangle

    Canon 5D Mk4

    Barry This is now just getting plain silly. Whoever heard of going to the extreme of buying a new camera just to create an excuse to get a beer? Regards wideangle PS Looking forward to seeing some good shots from you!
  12. wideangle


    Yes, they are the sort of things I was thinking. Regards wideangle
  13. wideangle


    Something like use of blurs and vignettes? Regards wideangle
  14. wideangle

    The Problem with Audio Visual

    I think you’re on to a good idea there with the banning. It would solve all our NHS problems as well! As for the bridge incident, just bring the drone down and make the guy stay up there - some cold weather is due soon. Regards wideangle
  15. wideangle

    The Problem with Audio Visual

    Apologies Barry - not intentional from a personal point of view. I must say however, that when you hear many people talk about drones, they see them in the same light as caravans, the scourge of the roads and countryside, which is unfortunate. The trouble is, mud sticks - once labelled, always labelled. A latest incident here was that the Severn Bridge (I think it was) was recently closed for a time because somebody had climbed up one of the towers to fly a drone. Regards wideangle