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  1. Robert

    Voice overs

    Being an ex-teacher I fully understand how difficult it is to read "naturally". I think the advice about bullet points should work, I am surely going to try it myself.
  2. Robert

    Variable Speed Modifiers

    As always, a very good tutorial of something that I think is probably the most under utilized facility of PTE. Thanks Barry.
  3. Robert

    Dirge in the woods

    I am a little confused now and I think I have confused myself. Where and how do I upload an AV for viewing and commentary?
  4. Robert

    Dirge in the woods

    Oh my. Sorry. I will look into it.
  5. Robert

    Dirge in the woods

    An AV I prepared for the 321 International Salon and afterwards made some minor tweaks. I found the destruction caused by a bush fire disturbing and just had to capture it. Dirge_in_the_woods_2.exe
  6. Robert

    Hermanus Old Harbour

    Thanks Doreen. Like I said in an earlier post, I was merely checking the You Tube upload facility. Next one will be longer.
  7. Robert

    Hermanus Old Harbour

    Hermanus used to be a small fishing village off the southwest coast of South Africa, about 170 km from Cape Town. It has however grown into a holiday town where the more affluent holidaymakers go.
  8. Robert

    Hermanus Old Harbour

    Thanks Barry. Yes I agree with all your suggestions, thanks. I was actually just checking the You Tube option to post on this forum. Do you recommend more text to indicate where it is? Tinion 45, I shall surely go back there one day and take some more shots. These were merely taken while driving through one day.
  9. Robert

    Hermanus Old Harbour

  10. Robert

    To Pause or not to Pause

    I agree with the view that it all depends on what the author wants to achieve. Mostly the author has something in mind. He therefore aims at the end product and that is the whole slide show. That is what he wants to show the viewer, not the individual slides. If however he wants to show some photography skills, then fine, let it be stopped.
  11. Robert

    Slide show - Sound with no visuals

    Sorry, never experienced this problem
  12. Robert

    A One Minute Sequence

    Very cleverly done and well thought out. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Robert

    PicturesToExe - with sample project

    This is exciting and very well timed news. Thanks guys.
  14. Robert

    2015 July Newsletter

    This was just awesome reading. Very informative. Cannot wait for the new PTE