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  1. George

    Specific Properties & Animation Tutorial

    I will certainly use this Style again in other projects, whether for Video or still Images. 4:3? That is the Aspect Ratio I normally select and most regular playback, on my Desktop Monitor, is perfect. Did treat myself to a projector last summer so unlikely to ever want to show on a tv. But that is not to say it is ruled out. This week has been a massive learning curve and so look forward to it continuing next week. George
  2. George

    Specific Properties & Animation Tutorial

    Dave, Just thought I would give you some feedback. Project is a family holiday a few years back. I just wanted to bring those memories together. Individual movies nothing exceptional in their own right, hence the idea of a video wall. As one used to hear from footballers, 'I'm over the moon'. Superb George
  3. George

    Specific Properties & Animation Tutorial

    That is brilliant and really helpful. Thankyou again. Just to explain an earlier comment. I had manually placed my videos onto the object without any real understanding as to what parameters they should be. I just knew that they were not level. Thankyou George
  4. George

    Specific Properties & Animation Tutorial

    Dave Just a post script. I actually did not realise what the actual size of the default resolution in P2E was. Deciding to create a 4:3 a/v, I had re-checked my understanding of the different aspect ratios before starting and so in the last few days had co-incidentally started to create all my stills at the 1440 x 1080 size. So again, thankyou, for that CUSTOM resolution suggestion, something else I did not know. Certainly been a good week this week for my old grey cells. George
  5. George

    Specific Properties & Animation Tutorial

    Thankyou again for the advice. George
  6. George

    Specific Properties & Animation Tutorial

    Dave, It has taken some while, sorry, but now, changing it to pixels and re-reading your earlier comments, I think I have finally got my head round your 'PS' advice. Thankyou. George
  7. George

    Specific Properties & Animation Tutorial

    Just changed to pixels, but sorry, still cannot decipher what the information is telling me. At this stage I was just trying to get my head around the Properties Animation tab and so I have not yet converted the videos within P2E so don't know if that makes a difference to size, but at the moment each clip is 1920 x 1080. Yes they are 16:9 and I am working on a 4:3 P2E project. However I had calculated, rightly or wrongly, that I could get nine video clips in my Wall.
  8. George

    Specific Properties & Animation Tutorial

    Yes was looking at the ps, but also trying to match it up with my attempt. (Screenshot attached) - only got the first row of movies prepared at this stage. Not sure though what the information is telling me but looking at my screen shot, assume that the Y parameter for A, B, and C movies should all be the same so I need to adjust C, and can only assume that for the X parameter, A & C should be the same. But then is the gap between A& B different or same as that between B & C. And that is just the first row.
  9. George

    Specific Properties & Animation Tutorial

    At this stage, I was not really worrying or concerned about a border, more that each video (top/bottom and Sides) were on the straight line with each on either side. So, for example, all three movie clips on the top row were the same specific distance away from the top of the screen. Like the 'noughts and crosses' parameters, all in a straight line.
  10. Sure I have seen it and have been trying to find one of Barry’s tutorials that explains the ‘Properties/Animation tab in detail. What I am thinking of doing is to add nine edited video clips to one slide via O&A to make a Video Wall. Because of differences in aspect ratio there will be a margin and so was aiming to calculate exact positions (X & Y) of the nine clips first before importing. Any ideas as to what the tutorial is please?
  11. George

    Simulated old Typewriter text/sound

    Thankyou Barry. A potential great idea for opening a project. Obviously the key is matching up the typewriter sound to letters appearing on screen, but thinking about the technique, a question about the appearance of the letters. Did you use just the one background image of the plane and then 16 individual letter png's and then the O&A screen in P2E to sort out timing and appearance, or, produce loads of the background images in Photoshop with each one having another letter appear? George
  12. Thankyou for this update. Couldn't reply earlier as it seems the latest Windows update, Creator, created problems on my Desktop and reported 'Critical Error' every time I went to use the 'Start' icon. Had to call in professional help and finally got the computer back today. I actually do have 'Irfanview' and use that as my main access for viewing photos so will definitely look into the FAQ more to see how best to proceed. Many Thanks George
  13. Brill. This worked so appears there may be a block on the original posting somehow. George
  14. I have been having numerous problems and the '403 - Forbidden' error code in trying to post a reply to my original posting from a couple of weeks back. A new week and I have tried again today and still see the '403' it is Forbidden Error Code. A 'Test Posting last week' has seen that it is not me that is 'forbidden' and so, sorry Barry, I have, fingers crossed, created a new Topic in which to post my thoughts on the help/suggestions received in the original posting. I don't have Photoshop, just Elements although do have another Editing Program. Actually it is something (ie printing out the names or info one puts under a photo/image) I had never even thought of whether it was possible or tried to do it, until now. Over recent months I have been adding images of London from years back and was toying with the idea of a Family History Audio Visual project that incorporates a London our Ancestors would have seen, together with ancillary information on what life was like. As a result I then looked to print out the information I had added under each image to aid actual selection of images to use. As a result I had googled my query but still cannot find a potential program that will actually do as hoped. Have had an initial look at ‘alternativeto’ but am reluctant to download such programs on an ad hoc basis as one has no knowledge of what else (unwanted) may be included in the download. George
  15. George

    Test Posting

    I can see this worked, so will go back to the original question. Guess clear the initial response and retype. George