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  1. Tinion 45

    Does PicturesToExe need a name change

    Perhaps the other 86% don't want to clog up their hard drives with downloaded files. They can always go back to Slide Show Club and re-view if needed. Well it will have to have name change when they create the Mac version, as you can't play an exe on a Mac, unless you are running it as a pseudo PC. PicturesToDMG or PicturesToAPP PicturesToAV is probably the best option.
  2. Tinion 45


    Actually that is very good for heath robinson. I use a similar setup with a light tent but use a couple of angle poise lamps with daylight bulbs from the Range. The rail looks good, but the camera is really good. Thanks for sharing. Barry could teach you a few things about glass photography.
  3. Tinion 45


    This is the sort of light box the jeweller was using. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Light-Tec-Professional-Shadow-Smartphones-Cameras/dp/B072JXMGS9
  4. Tinion 45


    Can we see a wide view of the setup you have daveg, including lights and perspex and the rail you are using?
  5. Tinion 45


    I once tried to advise a jeweller about taking shots for a website, thinking that it would be quite straightforward. They had a light box which I think was lit from the bottom, sides and rear made from white perspex. The top had about 16 led lights which provided the sparkle on the jewellery. They had small clear plastic holders which supported the rings in the box. Shooting with a 105mm macro was difficult because you had to be the minimum focussing distance away and then you could not get all the ring in focus. So focus stacking in this situation with lots of images for the website is tediuous. I think using a wideangle lens would be better in this situation to get all the subject in focus, allow the lens to be closer to the subject, and get all the subject in focus. It would not matter about the extremities as these can be cropped out and the light box was pure white light anyway. Looking at websites or catalogues with lots of jewellery show that most are virtually all in focus, so I just wonder what setup they use for these.
  6. Tinion 45


    Yes I have tried most of the free software, combineZP, Zerene, Hugin and of course Photoshop. You need lots of time and patience with stacking and probably the most important things are lens choice, how you change focus and lighting. One of the hardest things is making sure you capture all the layers by ensuring your movement between frames is consistent. Looks like a good first attempt you have there.
  7. Tinion 45


    What about borders and frames, like your ornate variety. Ok it is not something you would use everyday or have multiple examples in an AV, but for individual images it could be useful. Even ornate lines single or double, outside of the image edges like those art deco matting types.
  8. Tinion 45

    Test topic-Resolved hopefully

    They might be gifted enough to know how to design and setup a website, but testing seems to be an afterthought, when they should be incorporating it into the design stage. Customer service is also low in their priorities.
  9. Tinion 45

    Test topic-Resolved hopefully

    The link above worked ok for me, to see the another age AV. Thanks.
  10. Tinion 45

    Test topic-Resolved hopefully

    This one worked so it must have been your copied address link not being correct. The link to your 'another age' you tube video is now not working, as it states that the video has been removed.
  11. Tinion 45

    Test topic-Resolved hopefully

    and the video is still unavailable.
  12. Tinion 45

    Test topic-Resolved hopefully

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvHctGS3P3g&t=33s I copied and pasted and clicked the chain link above.
  13. Tinion 45

    Drone Mania

    Well jealous... Have a good New Year flight.
  14. Tinion 45

    Drone Mania

    It would have to be the Mavic Pro 2 that I go for. I do quite fancy building a Tri-copter though, which are supposedly more manouvreable.