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  1. mickp2127

    Short trip

    Nice pics on Google Maps. Not sure I'd spend a lot of time there though Mickp
  2. mickp2127

    Getting up to date

    Excellent "Rubbish"
  3. mickp2127

    Windows 10 Emails

    Hi Barry. sorry for the delay, missed first time round. Yes you need m/soft account and no problems downloading and installing. Outlook has crashed a couple of times but re-installed without a problem. Mickp
  4. mickp2127

    Windows 10 Emails

    Yes it is. The deal I have got allows it to install on three machines but I am sure you can get other deals. It cost me about £7.99 a month but comes with lots of other programs - Excel, Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, most of the others I do not use. which I do not use! Mickp.
  5. mickp2127

    Windows 10 Emails

    Microsoft Outlook Mickp
  6. mickp2127

    May 2018 Newsletter

    Just a quick point on Spot Healing Brush - I have W.10 and the toolbar is the same as you show for W.7, both seem to be the latest version so I don't l know why the difference.
  7. mickp2127

    DPI image size

    Re item 2, as my club is VERY fussing about the image size matching the projector size, I rather assumed if the image size was larger it would not fit on the projector screen and only part of the image would show. I now assume I am wrong but can you confirm. Mickp
  8. mickp2127

    New Photoshop Tool Coming Soon

    Wow, what an advance assuming it works like that in practice. Mickp
  9. mickp2127

    Flickr Videos

    Hi Barry, I watched your Civil War A/V on Flickr but it cut off at 2.59mins. I wonder if this is the max time allocated to A/V's or if it is to do with I only have the standard account. Mickp
  10. mickp2127

    Hard Drive Capacities

    Should have mentioned that I have tried the obvious things, Scan for faults, optimise, de-frag, hidden files etc. May try transferring to a new hard drive to see if I get a different reading and then format the old drive. Thanks for the tip. Or maybe Google
  11. mickp2127

    Hard Drive Capacities

    Computer Buffs please help. Why does my external Hard Drive I use for my data and to work from tell me I have used 320GB of the 1TB space but when I check each individual folder and files this only adds up to 102GB. I back up this drive and the C drive every week and the size of the Backup is over 500GB which means I have to delete the last Backup before the new one can go on.
  12. mickp2127

    Hair Cut-out / Slide Show.

    Hi Gerry, I too enjoyed the shots and thought they were very good. The cut-outs or Selections were also first class and I would guess the original shots were taken against a plain background. I have never had any luck selecting fly-away hair against a complicated background. Do you have any tips? Mickp
  13. mickp2127

    Scotney Castle

    Hi Barry and Paul, Thanks for you detailed critiques, which I have found very useful. Music changed so that music starts at the start of the music and finishes at the end of the music and in the middle it is cut and spliced at a suitable point with the voiceover covering the join. Been shooting 3x2 format since the year dot and difficult to get away from it especially as when I take photographs I am thinking of a resultant possible print as well as an A/V., 16x9 does not work very often for prints, to my mind. Also, although my TV is 16x9, my monitor is 16x10 and the photo-club projector is 4X3 and I don't think they are going to change it anytime soon. Anyway have re-sized to 16x9 and it works for most slides except the early ones with the tall tree and after a bit more tweeking I will put it on Slideshowclub. Clicked the sync check box without fully understanding why. I use a Zoom H2N for recording. It is about a £100 but it is very good and has loads of features - most of which you will not use! I try to speak 6 to 8 inches from the mic with my face slightly pointing away just to the side and use the autogain feature rather than trying to set the levels myself. I then put it through Audacity and use 'normalise' to get the levels just right and the 'noise reduction' feature. Thanks again
  14. mickp2127

    Scotney Castle

    Hi Barry, I've just dropped you an A/V entitled Scotney Castle, a Short History. It was going to be a longer history but the newer house associated with the castle had little appeal, interest wise and photographically, so this will have to do. As always, constructive criticism is welcome. Link to SlideShow HERE
  15. mickp2127

    Estepona & Infra-Red in Mono

    Two very good show and I watched them both several times, seeing something new each time. It’s always a good sign when you feel the need to watch a show more than once. ESTEPONA. I thought the choice of music was very good and the transitions blended very well with the tempo. The photography was very good although there were a couple of shots where I thought the white buildings looked blown out (village through the tree) but the compositions were first class. The inset frame animations worked well in most cases, although some seemed to be a bit jerky. I liked the folding image one but thought one gimmicky one would be enough. With quality work, gimmicks are not required. A very enjoyable show. INFRA-RED MONO. Superb photography throughout and excellent infra-red rendering. I’m not the greatest lover of I/R (probably because I do not do any) but it does give a very different view of landscape photography although if ones sees too much of it the effect wears off. Ditto, slow shutter speed water shots. The insets were all very good except “The Duchess” falling from the sky but the tryptic was very clever and effective. The music was okay but someone suggested to me not to use too well known melodies as it can distract the attention from the main body of the work, viewers will hum along to it and not concentrate on the visual. Right or wrong, I don’t know. The stand out shot to my mind was the boat in the loch. Excellent show.