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  1. Ray132

    Photoshop pause action.

    Thank you both for your replies. Now that you mention the clicking on the icon I can vaguely remember Barry mentioning this in one of his very early PTE tutorial discs. Since creating a action is so easy I would do a separate one for each batch of images and deleting the older one making sure images are save in the correct folder. Not saving individual layers, flattening images when required and saving as JPEG.
  2. Ray132

    Photoshop pause action.

    Please move above to Image Editing section. Thank you, Ray.
  3. Ray132

    Photoshop pause action.

    I want to create an action in Photoshop CC that will save an image into a specified folder on my computer. In the middle of the action the image name will be applied, a different name for each image. At this stage the action needs to be paused to input a name before progressing to save in a nominated folder. I'm familiar with creating actions but is it possible to pause midway through, input a name and proceed? Any help or advice would be welcome. Ray.
  4. Ray132

    Land fit for a Queen

    I don't normally look at most AV sequences more than twice, some I hit the ESC key half way through. This one I have already viewed at least six times and notice something different every time that I've previously missed. Very pleasing to the eye with good music. It would have been OK in colour, very good in black and white but a real transformation in infra red, very atmospheric with subtle colour introduced here and there. A most enjoyable sequence and definitely one to keep. Not sure about the title but that's only a personal choice.
  5. Ray132

    DXO software Film Pack5 Elite

    Toke 45 Sorry that your original question has gone off topic. Dave Thank you for the link to hide the W10 notification on startup. It took me all of 20 seconds to hide this notification and it now no longer appears. Barry You know the problems when upgrading from W7 to W10, I certainly don't wish do, and have been afraid that in error I will press the update button in the W10 notification. So the 20 seconds spent hiding it was time well spent compared with time in reverting back to W7.
  6. Ray132

    Travel Camera - Sony RX10?

    Needing a small(pocketable)camera I finally bit the bullet and bought the Sony RX100IV after reading many reviews online. Not a cheap camera but one which has an excellent specification for a camera of its size. The following is my review of the camera having had it just over a month. Smaller and lighter than my Canon G10 and easily carried in my trousers or coat pocket. Very slightly larger and heavier than my Canon Powershot S100 and will not fit comfortably in a shirt pocket. Being a small camera the control buttons and function rings are proportionally smaller but after using for some time they soon became comfortable in use, similarly the pop up electronic viewfinder is small and takes a bit of time to master especially reading all the information available which can be turned off if required. Initially the menu system on the camera looked over complicated but I found a great book on Amazon and downloaded the Kindle edition for less than £5 which was great value. Photographers Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100IV by Alexander White. As you would expect from a camera at this price it has a great number of controls to satisfy the most demanding of photographers and has 4K video capability and high frame rate video for slow motion replays. At the moment I’ve just scratched the surface of what’s available and look forward to learning more about this great little camera. The f1,8- 2,8 lens allows good low light shooting and some may find the 24-70mm (equivalent) zoom a little on the short side. The photo below was taken with this camera. 5472px X 3684px 19.2 MB f1.8 at 1/30sec at 500 ISO. Saved as a JPEG for the web at just under 1MB. Should I have done it differently for the forum? Ray.
  7. Ray132

    Travel Camera - Sony RX10?

    Thanks for your reply, I have been a Canon man from the old AE1 to A1 before going digital. Besides my 7D and lens's I have had the G10 for many years and the Canon S100 compact which has now had its day and to expensive to repair. The S100 was an ideal camera being very pocket-able and my wife always loved carrying it in her handbag, the only down side being it had no viewfinder. The Sony RX100iv is the same size (with viewfinder) a 1" sensor 20MP and 4K video capabilities and of course shoots Raw as most cameras do these days. Will let forum members know how I get on with this camera when(if) I decide to buy. The main reason for my post was perhaps more a feeling of guilt, I have been lurking on the forum for a number of years and felt I did not have much to contribute always taking the good advice on offer. I think Barry deserves a lot more support for the forum and will try and be more active in future. Perhaps others lurkers like me may feel the same way. Ray.
  8. Ray132

    Travel Camera - Sony RX10?

    I'm also looking for a good compact camera, one that easily fits into a coat or shirt pocket. I use my Canon 7D and lenses for most of my photography so a large zoom on a small compact is not important. I have been looking at the Canon 9X but it lacks a viewfinder, the Canon G5X is similar in spec' but is a lot bulkier. My preference at the moment is the Sony RX100iv which has good reviews, not a cheap compact but a good specification. Have handled one in store and happy with it's small size. Anyone with experience of this compact or can suggest an alternative. Ray.