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  1. Scots_quine

    Variable Speed Modifiers

    Thank you.
  2. Scots_quine

    To Size or not to Size - Part 1

    In a strange sort of semi-masochistic way, I like the discipline of resizing my images as it gives me the opportunity to really look at them and crop (I normally resize by crop) out the bits I don't like/need.
  3. Scots_quine

    Variable Speed Modifiers

    You mentioned this only once in the video but could you confirm that the speed modifier goes on to the keyframe at the start of the movement?? And not the keyframe at the end of the movement? Thank you.
  4. Scots_quine

    Voice overs

    I have done that before but this time I wanted to do it myself!
  5. Scots_quine

    Objects & animations

    Seems the more I learn, the more I forget!!
  6. Scots_quine

    Objects & animations

    Thank you Barry. I never noticed that before and I have been doing it the long way for ever! Because it wasn't on the 'right click' list I thought you couldn't do it!!
  7. Scots_quine

    Voice overs

    Thanks all. Guess the trick is to practise, practise, practise!
  8. Scots_quine

    Synchronising Images to Music on the Fly

    Don't know how I managed to miss this. It makes things a lot easier! Thank you.
  9. Scots_quine

    Voice overs

    Barry, have you any tips on doing voice-overs. I always sound as though I am reading from a script (which I am!) but it always sounds stilted. I really want to sound as though I am just having a conversation...….……..
  10. Scots_quine

    Objects & animations

    I wish it was possible in the Objects and Animations bit to be able to replace a slide instead of having to remove it, add another and then have to remember where the keyframes were and what they did! Of course I know I can add another slide before I remove the previous one but it would be so much easier to just replace it.
  11. Scots_quine

    Using borders in O&A

    Gosh, that is so clever! I did not know how the framing bit worked. I can understand the maths ok and have adjusted it for a 4:3 ratio. Thank you so much!
  12. Scots_quine

    Using borders in O&A

    On some of my slides, as I want to have the border remain stationary while I zoom the image, I have created frames in photoshop to give the white border. But I could not line them up exactly so when one slide changed to another which has the pic-2-exe border on it, there was a fraction of a difference in the frame sizes. Have now resolved this by putting the stroke outline in PS on the inside rather than the outside of my selected middle! A few pixels have made all the difference! I was trying to display my images at 85% (with a pic-2-exe border) against the same image (blurred) at 100% . I animated some of the images but wanted the border to stay stationary so for these I created the background blurred image in PS with a cut out centre of 85% and then put a border round the cutout centre. My mistake was putting the stroke outline on the outside when O selected the cutout section rather than putting the stroke outline on the inside of the cutout section. They all line up exactly now from image to image.........
  13. Scots_quine

    Using borders in O&A

    Just realised what a stupid question this is. It must go on the inside must’nt it?
  14. Scots_quine

    Using borders in O&A

    If I zoom an image to 85% within the objects and animation bit, then put a border round it, is the border within the 85% or on the outside? I am having difficulty lining up boders as above and 'frame' borders I have created in photoshop. There is only a fraction in it but it is annoying!!
  15. Scots_quine

    Locking slides

    Thanks Barry. I will try this tomorrow but will it work with just the one music track? I want to 'pin' various slides to specific parts of the track and then fill in the gaps with other slides.