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  1. Much better, but as Barry said - those vapour trails hahahaha
  2. Thank you for the kind words, it was a pleasure to have you stay with us. Hope the move goes without any hitches.
  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes Doreen, had a really good day. Happy Christmas to you and your family
  4. Carol

    Birthday Girl

    Thanks Dave, I did have a good day.
  5. Carol

    Birthday Girl

    Thank you Andy, I had a great day.
  6. Thank you for the Birthday wishes.
  7. Carol

    UK Trip

    Hi Denis The first all day AV presentation is at Trowbridge on Saturday 27th September and the other one which is half a day on Photoshop and half a day on PTE is at Wallsend (in between Newcastle upon Tyne and Tynemouth on Wednesday 22nd October. If anyone is interested in attending any of these presentations please let me know and I will pass on the details to you. Other dates are: PTE at Wokingham Surrey Friday 3rd October 10am to 12.30 Smethwick Friday 17th October evening Newark Monday 20th October evening Queens Park, Glasgow Thursday 30th October evening Dagenham, Essex Thursday 6th November evening
  8. Carol

    Slide Show

    Well Done Gerry. I'm sure Forever Floating was used in my Balloon AV. Lovely bit of music.
  9. Hi Gerry Cost us a pork pie? Damn, and we were so looking forward to a decent pork pie, they can't make them here like in the UK. I am sure there will be plenty of people there to buy us one Sorry that you won't be able to attend the Digital Day, you could always pop across for a couple of hours?
  10. Carol

    Slide Show

    Gerry, or do what Barry has already said and take a throwaway BBQ with you and something to boil a kettle on. When we was there for a sunrise shoot, while Barry was up in the balloon I was firing up the BBQ and getting the kettle on. By the time we had our sausage and bacon rolls all washed down with a cup of rosie lea, the traffic had all gone.
  11. Gerry The Bristol/Trowbridge day will be Saturday 27th September, already confirmed, just not had the venue confirmed yet.
  12. Carol

    Slide Show

    I remember when we first went to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta and it was totally open to anyone, then went one year and it was all fenced off. Well I wasn't having any of that and after memorising a pilot name with one of the balloons I went up to the gate with camera and tripod over the shoulder with Barry close behind me. The guy at the gate asked for our passes and I said "Oh sorry, we have left them at the hotel a few miles away and will miss the take off if we go back, but we are with John Smith of Pizza Balloons" and he said OK on you go...... hahahahaha only managed that one year and managed to get passes after that as Barry got his through the Photographic Magazines he wrote for. And......... when our Daughter and Son in Law turned up I went to the office and blagged my way to getting them passes saying they had not been received in the post before we left. My philosophy is If you don't ask you don't get, and they can always say no anyway but if you don't ask in the first place.........
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