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  1. JohnM

    P2E on an old windows XP pc

    Think I've answer to my own question, just googled my request and came up with a page of all the old downloads on Wnsoft's own site, didn't find on my original search Page is here https://www.wnsoft.com/en/picturestoexe/old-versions/
  2. I want to get back to using P2E again after years of other things. I originally bought V5 and used on an XP pc, I upgraded (free I think) to V7. My XP pc is a bit flaky now so considering a re-instal. I still have the original V5 disc but not sure about the V7 set up files. If I re install XP any one know how I could get the V7 set up files. Or is there any other option. I cannot buy V9 (not a money problem) as I understand it does not run on XP. Any other ideas appreciated JohnM