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  1. joan mb

    Drone Mania

    Have you been before Barry? It can stand a re-visit anyway, lot to see in Tassie and not the huge distances between as in most of the other states. Don't miss the Mona. Take the ferry up the Derwent River and approach it from the water.The art is pretty outrageous but the building is an amazing structure. When I was there a couple of years ago they actually let you take photographs and I kicked myself for not taking my camera in with me. Hope you and Carol have a wonderful trip, look forward to seeing some of your pics.
  2. joan mb


    Thanks Dave for posting this. I have actually purchased a very cheap rail from the internet of course with the intention of trying some focus stacking but I'm afraid it's still on the 'gunna do" list. Looks like stacking could be a good option for getting more depth of field out of macro shots. Well done on your first attempt.
  3. joan mb

    The Problem with Audio Visual

    Really enjoyed your remake of 'Another Age' Barry though I didn't see the original as far as I can remember. The music was ideal, the length just right, the montages appealing and, unlike Morturn, I didn't find the frame distracting. Seemed to fit with the subject . Thanks for the you tube link. Bit late with this but I wish all forum members a happy and healthy new year (think I may be giving away my age there and revealing my changing priorities). regards, joan
  4. joan mb

    Slow Forum

    Instant response now Barry. Good luck with the other issues you're having with Apple.
  5. joan mb

    Simulated old Typewriter text/sound

    Great demo Barry but you certainly don't need the volume up to loud.
  6. joan mb

    Definition of a Slide Style

    Gorgeous colour Doreen and a lovely image. I'm pleased to see you are back to a bit of photography. Hope it helps. joan
  7. joan mb

    Infra red

    Some great effects Lithman, works well on the palm trees.
  8. joan mb

    Uluru (Ayres Rock)

    Thank you Tinion.
  9. joan mb

    Uluru (Ayres Rock)

    I like that one Dave.
  10. joan mb

    Uluru (Ayres Rock)

    Interesting perspective Dave. The centre image on the top row of my collage is actually of people making their way up the rock. Bit hard to make them out in such small pic of course. There is an appeal from the indigenous owners not to climb the rock these days but busloads of them walk past the signs and attempt it . It seems 35 people have died doing so and I believe that it will no longer be an option from the end of this month.
  11. joan mb

    Uluru (Ayres Rock)

    My husband and I visited Uluru in August of this year and I have put together this collage of some of the photos I took in the couple of days we were there. Uluru is such an Australian icon and we are used to seeing many images of it in the tourist promotions. I thought I would be disappointed when I actually got to see it but I was not. It is a very impressive chunk of red rock that stands out in the flat desert landscape. But it's greatest appeal is when you get close and can see the effects of time and the elements. The other amazing aspect of this visit was the numbers of tourists of all nationalities who were there. I hadn't realized the part that digital photography and social media are playing in the growth of the tourist industry. It seems that the object of most peoples travel's is to take, or have taken, a photo of themselves posed in front of well recognized tourist attractions and no doubt to post them on various social media. It was a revelation!
  12. joan mb

    Photoshop 2019

    Lovely to see you on the Forum again Doreen. It has prompted me to a little more active participation and I plan to post a collage of 9 images from a trip to Central Aust. earlier this year as soon as I've finished this message. All the best, joan
  13. joan mb


    I like the sound of your photo group Lithman. No need for a committee, competitions etc. and I bet you don't have too many rules either!
  14. joan mb

    What image is better?

    Did the clouds obscure the sun abit between taking the first and second shot Barry? The second shot is better in many respects but apart from the distraction of the burnt out area of sky I think I prefer the first.
  15. joan mb

    August Competition – Closed

    Liked the way you organized this exercise Barry, it was interesting to look at the scores of the judges but it was your commentary that offered some real assistance. Value your feedback, happy that you seem to be planning to take on that role in future competitions. joan