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  1. joan mb

    Tasmania Trip

    Have enjoyed following you on your trip Barry. Sorry Carol didn't get more enjoyment out of it and hope her back begins recovery now.
  2. joan mb

    Tasmania Trip

    hope it was a good crossing Barry and that Carol's back is a bit better.
  3. Thanks barry for making the time to put out a newsletter. Impressed with the job your phone does.
  4. joan mb

    Tasmania Trip

    Sorry Barry if I've poured doubt on your UK status as intrepid explorer! Hope Carol's woes are improving and that she has been able to get some great shots from the car window. Happy travels, joan
  5. joan mb

    Tasmania Trip

    Good to see you back on the Forum Doreen. It is good sharing Barry's trip with him, especially for me since I've been to all these places he's talking about. joan
  6. joan mb

    Tasmania Trip

    If your travels to the west take you past a tourist attraction called 'The Wall' Barry take time to check it out. It is an amazing exhibition of wood carving. However if you are sticking to the coast I don't think you go past it but you will see some very attractive countryside around Wynyard and there are some beautiful little coastal towns. The Nut at Stanley is worth a visit and will remind you of England. We had a similar experience on one of their minor forestry roads, definitely best left to the log trucks. joan
  7. joan mb

    Tasmania Trip

    Fancy having sunny weather in Tassie! Most people would say you are lucky!
  8. Lovely selection of infra-red images Dave C, quite evocative, though I agree with Carol that the sky shots are a bit dark.
  9. joan mb

    Tasmania Trip

    Gee those iPhone's are clever! you too Barry, lovely clear recording of the Bell birds.
  10. Another interesting newsletter Barry and watching one of the videos on You Tube I noticed another of your videos on Editing Audio in PTE. Very helpful. Thankyou. I can add nothing enlightening to the matter of scoring in competitions!
  11. joan mb


    Thanks for posting your stacked images Dave. I bought one of those rails last year at little expense off the internet with the intention of having a go at stacking some macro images. Your results are quite inspiring but confess the thought of coping with 70-100 images is a bit off putting! Impressed though with the results you are getting.
  12. Thanks Barry, interesting newsletter as usual. With all your travel this year and new equipment we will have further interesting articles to look forward too.
  13. Have you been before Barry? It can stand a re-visit anyway, lot to see in Tassie and not the huge distances between as in most of the other states. Don't miss the Mona. Take the ferry up the Derwent River and approach it from the water.The art is pretty outrageous but the building is an amazing structure. When I was there a couple of years ago they actually let you take photographs and I kicked myself for not taking my camera in with me. Hope you and Carol have a wonderful trip, look forward to seeing some of your pics.
  14. joan mb


    Thanks Dave for posting this. I have actually purchased a very cheap rail from the internet of course with the intention of trying some focus stacking but I'm afraid it's still on the 'gunna do" list. Looks like stacking could be a good option for getting more depth of field out of macro shots. Well done on your first attempt.
  15. Really enjoyed your remake of 'Another Age' Barry though I didn't see the original as far as I can remember. The music was ideal, the length just right, the montages appealing and, unlike Morturn, I didn't find the frame distracting. Seemed to fit with the subject . Thanks for the you tube link. Bit late with this but I wish all forum members a happy and healthy new year (think I may be giving away my age there and revealing my changing priorities). regards, joan
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