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  1. Thanks, Barry. That scoring system is interesting. At our club we mark out of 10 - although judges rarely give less than a six. (To be fair, we rarely get "bad" images entered.) I'd take 6-10 as being Below Average, Average, Good, Very Good and Excellent. If I had to translate that into the system you described I think I'd be reserving "Entry" for any that get less than 6, "Acceptance" as being 6 or 7, "Merit" as being 8 or 9 and "Honour being 10. Having 80% of images get the same rating is clearly pointless! The club asking you to judge on that basis should have explained their requirements beforehand - it must have been frustrating to have it explained that "Entry" is never used after you'd done the work.
  2. Hatter

    Sad News

    Very sad news. Thinking of you, Doreen.
  3. Your Mac is about the same age as mine then, Doreen. I was replacing Windows PCs every three years though, so 9 years for the Mac is pretty good. You're right - the newer models don't have a DVD drive. On the plus side, it makes them a lot thinner and I rarely use DVDs or CDs nowadays. It does mean you probably need an external DVD drive though.
  4. I have. My MacBook Pro is running High Sierra. The problem is that my (9 year old) desktop computer won't support anything newer than El Capitan. That's the one I do my photo editing with as it has a big screen - even though the resolution on the Macbook's retina screen is better.
  5. Looks like I'll need to replace my (9 year old) iMac before the next Photoshop upgrade! http://blogs.adobe.com/crawlspace/2018/08/upcoming-changes-to-photoshop-and-lightroom-os-support-for-windows-and-macos.html
  6. Thanks very much for doing all that, Barry. I thought your comments on my entry were spot-on and very helpful.
  7. In that case, I think that's still the best way to transfer the slideshow to a Mac.
  8. Depending on the level of interest, members can: - take new photos for the assignment - put in something old that 'fits the theme' - we're not policing the age of the images - don't put anything in, but go along & take part in the discussions - don't put anything in, but go along & just listen - stay at home and watch the telly.
  9. Yes. On a Mac the .app file appears as a single executable file. If you view the same file on a Windows machine it will appear as a folder. Igor may have improved it now, but when he first started getting PTE to produce Mac slideshows, it was easy to corrupt the file by copying it on a PC because Windows treated it as a folder. That's why the "zip" option was introduced. Is that still there?
  10. Why am I getting the feeling this has turned into an argument when I thought I was basically agreeing? 😊 Our club "assignment" nights are popular - they are well-attended and well-supported in terms of member participation. They offer members the opportunity to show their images to the other members and have them discussed in a non-competitive environment. It allows members to participate in the evening rather than just turn up & listen to a lecturer. We set themes that may encourage members to try something different. We suggest - not demand - that they take new images specifically for the evening as we think they will get more out of the evening that way. Members are invited to take part - if they don't want to, that's up to them - no-one is making anyone do anything. I've just had a look through the images for our last one of these evenings: based on the "created date", out of 58 images, 20 were taken before 2018 and the remaining 38 were shot in the 6 weeks prior to the assignment night, after the subject was announced.
  11. You and I are enthusiasts, Barry. Not all camera club members have the same level of commitment to the hobby. As Dave said, "We" is the committee that decide what activities happen at the club. You said earlier that the majority of entries for competitions with set subjects were taken from members' archives rather than specifically shot for the competition - all we're doing is asking that photos for our "assignments" are taken for the assignment. If you want to win the trophy that says you're the best photographer in the club, you need to demonstrate your proficiency in various different genres of photography. If you don't want to win the trophy you can just enter the competitions that appeal to you. No-one is making anyone do anything.
  12. Okay. We're talking about different things then. All our judges visit the club on the night without seeing the entries first. I think our definitions of "set subjects" are different. Our competitions are Open, Landscape, People & Portraits, Natural History & Triptych. Making someone who specialises in flowers & natural history go out & take photographs of people does take them out of their comfort zone. I agree that if you set a subject like "trees" then most people will scan their archives for something they already have that fits the theme. We have separate non-competitive evenings (called "Assignments") for that sort of thing where we encourage members to take new photos.
  13. Oh no! Please send my best wishes to Carol for a speedy recovery, Barry.
  14. An interesting thread... My views (as a camera club competition secretary): You do need to have some rules. Ours are mainly: - the photo being entered must be entirely your own work - normal common-sense standards of taste & decency apply - the photo must fit the theme of the competition (i.e. no cute kittens in the Landscape competition.) - the photo cannot have been entered in any previous club competition I see no sense in time-limiting an image. We don't want to keep seeing the same shots over & over again, but if we haven't seen it before, it doesn't matter whether it was taken last week or last century. I was a bit puzzled by the comments about judges looking at the exif data and zooming in. I assume you must be allowing the judges prior access to the images to view at home so they can give them more thought? We project them on the night - the judge doesn't see them beforehand and only gets to see what's on screen. Set subjects - from my point of view these are to encourage members to diversify in the type of photography they do and from a competitions point of view it assesses who is the best all-round photographer. You might have someone who is an amazing natural history photographer but no good with landscapes or people. If all competitions were 'open' that person might still win every time. Gareth
  15. Standalone Player for Mac - the equivalent of the .exe that PTE produces. Unfortunately this is Mac only - I realise PTE does both Windows and Mac. Video - 720p, 1080p, 4k (2160p) Custom video for iPhone / iPad / AppleTV Automatic upload to YouTube / Vimeo DVD image to burn to disc with another application. Gareth
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