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  1. Paul

    PTE Slide duration

    Barry I don't know how others feel about this but I think that the biggest improvement that could be made to PTE would be the ability to adjust the slide duration within the Objects and Animation screen. Is there any chance of this in version 10? Paul
  2. Paul


    I thought this AV was very good particularly the intro and sound. At the moment the temperature in the highlands is about -12 deg (and not much less in northern England) so it was a very appropriate sequence as well. Well done. Paul
  3. Paul

    MS Office 365

    I bought (hired?) 365 a couple of months ago, mainly because I used Windows Mail for e-mails; this hadn't been supported for several years and Outlook seemed a good replacement. My Word and Excel versions were about 10 years old and beginning to cause some difficulties so replacements seemed in order. The new package seems fine but it does mean learning several new programs at the same time - I'm still struggling with Outlook. Well worth doing I think. Paul
  4. Paul

    Photoshop 2019

    Barry I've been trying daily for about a week with no luck. It seems that I need to download the latest version of the Adobe creative cloud desktop app but I can't find anywhere that tells me how to do so. The help facility seems completely useless because as soon as I select any option such as 'downloading problems' the 'Contact us, we're here to help' option disappears. Do you know an e-mail address for Adobe? I probably need Adobe UK but Adobe Australia would at least give me a starting point. Paul
  5. Paul

    Photoshop 2019

    I'm trying to download Photoshop 2019 but I get about 5% of it then the 'Update' changes to 'Retry'. Re-trying just produces the same thing. I have waded through a lot of pages under my account details but can't find anything to help - there doesn't seem to be anywhere to simply send an e-mail to Adobe - except the possibility that the 'Creative Cloud' app itself might need updating but I thought that happened automatically;. certainly I can't find an update tab for it. Can anyone help, I have not had problems with updates previously and Adobe are still taking my money each month so it can't be that. Paul
  6. Paul

    Painting - Spring Cleaning and New Art

    Barry I know how you feel. We have an easier solution though - we give the decorator a key and go on holiday for a week. On return there is a strong smell of paint but everything is finished. The only snag is that decorators here prefer to do inside work in winter so we've had to holiday in January a few times. Funny to talk about Spring cleaning - I switched the central heating on last weekend! Paul
  7. Paul

    August Competition – Closed

    Barry I can only agree with everyone else, thank you very much, the comments were valuable and I think that this is a very good way to learn photography. Why is it that as soon as I hear your comments I think 'Of course, why didn't I notice that before submitting'. Every suggestion you made about my photograph was something which I should have noticed myself, but didn't. I really appreciate all the effort you put into the competitions. Please can we have more. Paul
  8. Paul

    August 2018 Newsletter + Videos

    Barry Firstly, thank you for comparing TV and You tube. I didn’t realise that the latter did anything like you suggested and have spent several hours since listening to talks and lectures from the leading particle physicists from places like CERN and Fermilab describing their experiments and results. I haven’t got a TV so can’t say it’s better but You tube is excellent. Perhaps nuclear physics isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but do look for subjects which interest you; you’ll be as amazed as I was. I watched ‘The Challenge’ a couple of times with ‘Directors cut’ before and after. I enjoyed both videos and feel that what I saw in ‘Challenge’ improved my appreciation of the second viewing of ‘DC’. I’m not sure that this is what you were trying to achieve but I often feel more interested in the nuts and bolts than in the finished article – I blame an art free engineering background. I did think that ‘Challenge’ explained your thinking well and I have at last come to understand the Third Image concept although I only really liked the one with the trees and foamy water; as you said it could have been a standalone image. I would have liked to hear some of the sound associated with the slide changes when you were talking about this aspect as it is very difficult to remember everything said previously when watching the show. Probably getting off the subject a bit (again!) but I think it would be valuable to have this sort of commentary on any AV. It must always be helpful to know what the author was trying to achieve and is a painless way of learning new techniques etc. There were a couple of points which occurred to me which someone might be able to help with. What on earth is a Podcast? Or do I not want to know. I like to animate the title and also have one or two exciting slides preceding it in an attempt to grab the audience’s attention. Often my title, in a simple font and colour, rises from behind a building or similar. Is this considered passé these days? You mention Batch Processing of the images before making the show. This would be fine if the original shots were all perfect but I usually need to do a lot of work in Photoshop and final cut to size is easily done. Perhaps I just need to be a better photographer. Finally, sorry for all the verbiage but it was a long video, I would like to see more videos like Challenge but I’m not sure that it will be an improvement on you usual tutorials – why not try one and see Paul
  9. Paul

    August Competition – Closed

    I thank you as well, Barry. Just one image. Paul
  10. Paul

    PTE Animation Modifiers

    Barry Yes, I think I was using the wrong terminology. I've just been looking at a new query in this section where Ave mentions 'ramps' which are really what I was looking for. I've had another look at your PTE9 tutorials and have managed to solve my problem for this AV at least. Thank you Paul
  11. Paul

    PTE Animation Modifiers

    Dave Yes, now you mention it I do remember safe executable files in one of Barry's tutorials - I think old age is creeping up, or I've just got too many tutorials to remember everything. However, I've got my finale working to my satisfaction so thank you again. Barry I did look at the 'What's new in PTE 9' but I must have missed it so I'll have another look. The older versions of PTE had a custom modifier that I found very useful - where one split the modifier at each key frame and adjusted the speeds - and I don't think the present one is an improvement. Perhaps if I persevere! Thank you Paul
  12. Paul

    PTE Animation Modifiers

    Dave Thank you. I had tried something similar by moving the shadow of the aircraft linearly along the runway but your graph makes it much clearer. At least I now have the plane taking off realistically - it is the closing scene of the show so I do have a bit of licence. I don't know how to open your other file, the .ptshow - is it part of PTE? Paul
  13. Paul


    I prefer the way you did it previously; an open subject with critique and marks. Paul
  14. Paul

    PTE Animation Modifiers

    Can anybody explain how the custom animation speed modifier works in PTE9. I'm trying to animate an aircraft taking off and no matter what I do it always ends up jerky. The 4 fields in the panel don't seem to do what I expect; for example I would expect to set acceleration to 100%, deceleration to zero, start speed to zero and final speed to a higher figure adjusted to the correct acceleration of the aircraft but it doesn't work. My intention, having got the first stage correct, was to add some additional key frames so that I could lift the tail and eventually get the aircraft to leave the ground by increasing the 'Y' value. This sort of works but the flight becomes even more jumpy. In order to look realistic the background runway is scrolling as well which could complicate matters but even with it stationary the slide does not look realistic. Paul
  15. Barry Well done; I'm not usually keen on abstract art but I do like this one as it is so colourful. Paul