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Found 3 results

  1. Tinion 45

    AV Music

    Hi All, Recently through work we had a time-lapse of a work project created and the creators sent me some links to music sites, that can be used for this type of project. I thought I would share these with Forum members in case they may be useful for their AV projects. http://www.premiumbeat.com/ http://www.smartsound.com/ http://www.audiomicro.com/ https://www.pond5.com/ Some may cost money to purchase, but feel free to browse when you need. Regards, Denis
  2. Hiya Some of you might remember me as a long time friend of Barry Beckham ( barry beckham!!! who`s he anyway, I`ve been an amateur photographer for around 40 years, basically if it can be done then I have had a crack at it and in general have managed to produce reasonable results. So, 70 years old now, I`ve more or less shot everything that moves or doesn`t move and as you do you can lose interest and become un-inspired. No shame in that but as photographers we are always looking around and recognise a decent scene when we see it. So! what to do, i don`t want to carry loads of heavy gear around anymore but if I`m gonna take a shot then it has to be of decent quality or I wouldn`t bother. So, some time ago I tried my hand at a bit of video to try and relight those old coals again. The 5d2/5d3 took really good videos but the gear was heavy and you needed to carry a few lenses and to be quite honest there were some things missing in those cameras that were still cameras first and then video thrown in. don`t get me wrong, I`ve shot some decent footage with them but they do lack the full compliment of menus to make shooting video a simple task. I`ve seen some great footage shot by pros that have the equipment to compliment what is really FF stills cameras. When I do realise that I need a bit of exercise I often charge up my electric bike and provided there is either no wind or a tail wind, temperatures must be up in the 70`s and there must be a decent pub on route and so I purchased an SJ4000 small video cam ( copy of the famous GO-PRO) strapped it to my chest and go some really good motion images and it was fun. Of course those of you who are familiar with that camera will know that it has almost a fish eye lens and can produce some really good footage when either mounted on a tripod or used in conjunction with a FeiyuTech G4 gimbal which is a superb hand held stabilizer for the GO-PRO. Great fun but having the one WA lens made it very limiting but they are superb at what they are designed to do. That wet my whistle for something with a few more features and I took advantage of a Panasonic FZ 200 bridge camera that were being reduced in price and to be honest it ain`t half bad when you take into consideration the small sensor. It did however shoot at 100 and 200 frames per second which was great for slow motion playback. In general video and still images were quite good with the Leica zoom( 24-600mm equivalent in 35 mm terms) and f2.8 right the way through but when you got down to the real nitty gritty it was a consumer camera ( a very good one for the money) but any decent photographer would be able to leave home with just that camera just in case the image of a lifetime appeared before you and you were offered £500 for the copyright (Yeh! right So, only having it for a few days and having purchased it from a reputable local dealer I returned it and of course whilst in the massive show room got nudged over towards what has turned out to be the answer to a maidens prayer. I am now the proud owner of the superb Panasonic FZ 1000 combine still/video camera. (haven`t got any money left but i do have a smile on my face.( about £575 after cashback + a 5 year warranty) so not that bad really and more like the cost of a lens for a dslr. What makes this camera a cut above the rest then? it shoots 4K video, it has a 1" sensor of 20 million pixels. it is still a bridge camera with a fixed Leica zoom from 25-400mm f2.8-f4. The 4K video quality is very very good indeed and you can extract still images in camera or in PS that are 8million pixels and open up at around 24Mb. Needless to say I was very worried that the extracted stills would be on par with the excellent video quality and they are. There are so many features on the camera that I couldn`t go through them on here but just google it and a vast array of you tube videos appear. It shoots 100fps (in the UK) and 120fps for the US model and the slow motion quality from those frames are superb. when in 4K mode the zoom changes to a 35-600 as it uses more of the centre of the sensor but maintains the 25-400 in normal HD video. I don`t shoot stills, I just shoot 4K and extract the stills i want from the footage in PS. the first three images here were done pretty quick for this article but do need a touch of post process really http://www.pbase.com/davechilvers/latest_images remember they were grabbed quickly and need some work, maybe saturation etc. I`ve compared the stills to my stills of the same location taken with my fuji xpro1 +23mm f1.4 lens( a superb combination btw) and obviously the fuji images are larger but IMHO the quality is about on par. The fz 1000 has a superb EVF viewfinder and a superb pull out and swivel LCD.( did I mention 12 fps stills in jpeg and raw) There are so many menu features to get to grips with but it comes along as you use the camera. I`m certainly not going to say that it is on par with my once owned Canon 5d3 FF camera with the Contax lenses I used to use with it (not much was to be honest) or my fuji x camera bodies with those superb small and Leica like lenses but it aint far behind and of course 4K video at a consumer price with 5 axis image stabilising. It`s the first time in my 40 years of photography since taking it up when I was 30 years old that I have found an all in one solution to worn knees and painful hips. Size is about in between a normal bridge camera and an average dslr. When you first start to use the camera you can turn on info which is a line of text that runs across the top of the lcd explaining the features of what you have highlighted in the menu. I`ve left it turned on for now. Good battery life. They suggest a high grade sd card (SDXC U3) but i have been using just a SDHC card and everything works just fine. So! maybe not for everyone but certainly a one camera body that ticks all of the boxes (ask Barry how fussy I am about IQ) I`ll be happy to answer any questions if i can. Dave
  3. Barry

    Command and Control

    The Command and Control category covers those techniques where we want to make a slide show that is different to the normal fully synchronised AV Such as using PicturesToExe for a live talk, or even a combination of a live talk with fully automatic sections. In addition we use PicturesToExe as a menu system with buttons to link to other slide shows, web pages almost anything. Protecting our slide show is also covered with watermarks and time limited useage We have a detailed contents PDF HERE The disk version is HERE The Download Version HERE