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To Size or not to Size - Part 1

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I wonder if we have reached the point where we no longer have to consider downsizing images to make a slideshow? One of the issues we have always had is how to squeeze 3:2 aspect ratio images from our cameras into a 16:9 aspect ratio slide show. If we crop the images, that has to be done manually, if we batch resize them (see part 2) we cannot crop to change AR at the same time.

If the output we require for our slideshow suits the Mp4 video medium, then as long as our own computer copes with creating the video, we can output it to Mp4 and it will very likely play pretty well, especially if we export it at 60fps (60p) THis is my current experience.

For example: If I make a 30 image slideshow (1920*1080) with images directly from a 20MP camera and output that to a 60p Mp4 the file size is 104MB

If I resize all the images down to less than half the size of my first example and make the same show at 60p the file size is 101MB

I feel a bit daft looking back at this issue, because not long ago I was a bit confused why this should be the case. Now I have seen the light and realise, of course they will be much the same. The deciding factor is the file size of the slideshow (1920*1080), not the images we start with, so why bother resizing them.


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A case can be made not to crop, because it allows flexibility when putting the slide show together. Although that depends if the PC making the show can handle it.

Assuming it can, then not cropping allows us to hide the part of the image we don’t want viewed. If we crop we can’t then go back, change our mind and decide we want to reveal that part of the image. If it’s cropped it’s gone. Then it’s back to the original.

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