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Variable Speed Modifiers

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I agree and it's a shame really because it makes so much difference to the animation. I hope in time it can be improved so variable speed options can be applied to multiple KeyFrames or even set as a personal default. 

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I have often thought about the default for speed. I think the default should be set, not at Linear, but smooth. Linear is fine if an animation was created full screen from the very start of the slide time to the very end. Then speed doesn’t matter, but even if you had smooth set, it wouldn’t do any harm anyway.

If the animation starts after the fade on or stops before the fade off, then smooth is better than linear. Then of course, when you select the first keyframe, where the speed needs to go, you can’t always tell if any animation is set on the second keyframe.

One idea I had was to make a slide style that added 3 keyframes to the one already created and applied smooth speed to keyframes number 1 and 3 for pan, zoom and rotate. So, the speed option is always set at smooth for the two starting keyframes. If they are not used for animation, no harm done


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