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Short trip

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It’s very quiet on the forum, I feel I should be whispering 😀

We have taken a few days away to Agnes Water and also a place with a great name. Seventeen Seventy. 

Seventeen Seventy, also written as 1770, is a town and locality in Gladstone Region, Queensland, Australia,[2][3] built on the site of the second landing in Australia by James Cook and the crew of HM Bark Endeavour in May 1770 (Cook's first landing in what is now the state of Queensland). Originally known as Round Hill – after the creek it sits on. 

So far I haven’t really been inspired to break out the cameras. Nice place, nice weather, but photography needs more than that. I did have intentions of getting up at dawn, but haven’t plucked up the courage to set the alarm yet. Getting too soft on my old age. 

I was going to post an iPhone shot taken on a walk today, but for some reason it does not wish to be posted

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Well, as you can see I managed to post the image I wanted to post with my entry a few days ago. I had to upload it to my PC and it looked terrible. Iphone images don't look so good when you look at them in PS do they. It needed a few tweaks, mainly colour.  


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