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News about PTE-10

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The message below was posted by wnsoft.com a few days ago

We plan to introduce PTE 10 Beta 1 this winter.

PTE 10 for Mac is planned for 2019. Right now we're working on the final stage to assembly Mac version of PTE 10. Mac version of PTE 10 will be only 64-bit. Honestly it's a very hard work, because we had to rewrite all code of PTE.

Here are some major features of PTE 10:

- New fast video decoders with hardware acceleration for smooth playback of video clips. We tried to provide smooth playback of 60p video clips in real time. [DONE]

- New video encoders with hardware acceleration (works faster in 3-5 times). [DONE]

- Dark mode of the graphical interface (classical Light theme is also available). [ALMOST DONE]

- Hardware accelerated graphical interface of PTE [ALMOST DONE]
Slide list, Timeline and File list should work faster and more smooth on screens with high resolution. We created this technology to make a cross-platform code for PTE 10.

- Themes of slide styles. A theme is a group of several slide styles which can be applied to many slides (according rules set by an author) [ALMOST DONE]

- We plan to add Text effects (animations). This work is not performed yet.

Of course, it's not final list of all improvements of PTE 10. We already added many new features and improvements which will be announced with first public Beta version.

PTE 10 for Windows will be 32-bit. We plan 64-bit version later after release of 64-bit Mac version. However even 32-bit version of PTE 10 will able use 4 GB of memory instead of 2 GB in PTE 9.


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