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The Aussie BBQ Routine

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01. Woman buys food
02. Woman makes salad
03. Women collects utensils and takes food to man
04. Man put food on BBQ
05. Woman goes inside to organise plates, cutlery etc
06. Woman tells man the meat is burning
07. Man deals with burning meat while having another beer
08. Man takes meat off BBQ and gives it to the Woman
09. Women serves food, then clears away. washes up and puts away
10. Everyone praises man on great BBQ and thank HIM
11. Man comments on how he gave Women the night off cooking
12. Man is confused by Woman's look of frustration on her face

If you also want a laugh, download this slide show called Creation made by a friend of mine, who sadly is no longer with us. It's a zipped ProShow Gold slide show that some may have seen before, but it's well worth seeing again. If you haven't seen it then I recommend it.

Creation by Bob Godfrey

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