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Odd Thing

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I am judging a competition this month and downloaded one members images from a MediaFire account. Two Jpg images showed in the MediaFire data as being about 500kb, which is what you would expect for a 1920*1080 image.

Once downloaded, Explorer says they are Jpg at 1920*1080 and about 500k

Photoshop’s Bridge also says the same.

Yet, when opened into Photoshop, first they wanted to open in Adobe Camera Raw and I used the shift key to avoid that. They appeared in Photoshop 6000px on the long side at 16bit and were115MB in size.

I can’t think why this should be?

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I am using the latest Photoshop and all the other images that I got at the same time are fine. The author is a Mac user and not that experienced using Infinnity. The lady sent me another image and that was fine. So, I'm fairly confident it was something she did at her end, but how they came to me so large when all the data said different is a mystery.

I got them via a Mediafire download, something I'm very well used to. I'll have to chalk it up to Internet Gremlins

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