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Upgrade to Windows 10

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Yesterday I upgraded the wife’s computer to W10 from W7 and I expected trouble. I backed up all her emails in case they were needed. Just in case we had to go for a format and fresh install. When I opened the software box I was surprised to find I had a usb stick and not the disk I was expecting. No problem with that, just old habits I suppose.

I placed it into the drive and hit setup and I have to say it went like a dream. It took a while as you would expect, but not a massive amount of time. The SSD  probably helped there.

Pleasantly surprised and pleased, so far all is well. 

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I think you’ll find that you can get a freebie if your Windows 7 is owned by you, but if your Windows 7 is an OEM, meaning it’s attached to that computer then you need to get your wallet out.

I’m Sure you know this, but if yours is OEM is will show in control panel along side the product key. We got our copies cheaper than most places and I wonder of that’s because the software is on a USB.

The only issue with w10 on a USB is that if you wanted to do a clean install, not overwrite w7, you would have to go into the bios and tell the PC to boot from the USB

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