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I received this via email, but thought I would answer it here as well as via an email

I'm a forum member but I cannot write a message directly to you from the forum.
I like the intro of your "new" audiovisual "Winter" very much.
Especially the howling wind , with the overlapping music coming in, is very well done !
I also like the distorsion of the trees and the title (Winter) coming through it.
I wonder how you made this ... using a filter in Photoshop ?
Is it possible to give me some more hints ?
The introduction to Winter probably looks more complex than it actually is. The first image is a vertical blurred image of the trees done in Photoshop, but the transition of that image onto the screen is over a black background. It uses the gates transition from the outside to the centre with a strong smoothing line applied to that transition.
The title was created in PTE and it starts off compressed (zoomed via the width only) and then pulls out so it can be read, but The text has a fair degree of opacity. Then a sharp image of the trees appears with a standard fade while the text fades away. What helps is the music and sound effects of the wind setting the scene.

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I thought this AV was very good particularly the intro and sound. At the moment the temperature in the highlands is about -12 deg (and not much less in northern England) so it was a very appropriate sequence as well.


Well done.



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That show is quite old, because all the images were shot before we left for Australia so at least 10 years I think.

Glad you liked it. 

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