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Gooday Barry, after such a long trip I think you are loosing it <_< I know you don't give a Castlemaine xxxx :o but my name is Gerry Gill from Bristol U.K. not Brisbane au.

Maybe a few more tinnie's with a little T.L.C. from Carol will sort you out :rolleyes:

Thank's for the brilliant MediaFire tutorial, I have sorted my folders and now have a working File Drop. Thank you. :D  




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I wondered if you would spot it. I saw my mistake when I watched it myself and thought, why did I use my fried Gerry from Brisbane, but I was busy with the PTE promo, so I let it slide.

Well, I am nearly 68, what do you expect. It's great when you can pass off all the dopey things you do to your age :D

Bristol - Brisbane, easy to get confused, they are only 6 inches apart on my map

But that aside, thanks for the idea 

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