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Tyne Bridges

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Having started on looking through Barry's mono tutorials, I seem to have got the bit between my teeth and gone all mono.  Here is another mon image editoed using many of Barry;s techniques.  It is taken from the famous Tyne Swing Bridge looking through the High Level bridge to the King Edward railway bridge.  I used Nik Silver Fx to give some final impact.  Comments welcome.

The original image was much wider and took in the quayside to the right of the left hand bridge pillar.  Although there was some quite interesting stuff there, i decided to crop the image up the the bridge pillar to concentrate the viewer's eye up the river.



Tyne Bridges.jpg

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I recommend you use the adaptive wide angle filter in PS to straighten the bridge supports, unless they were designed leaning. It looks to be leaning more on the left one than the right but that may be to do with your position and lens used. Maybe experiment more to see if the foreground needs removing (to the black water line) and makes a better framing for the bridge in the rear.

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