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    You can’t remember who sang Surfin USA 😁 You’ll get drummed out of the music appreciation society 😁 It’s the Beach Boys and don’t worry about copyright law. If it was a major problem, I would be in Gaol now 🙁 Can you remake it from the project file to a 60p Mp4, that will work perfectly on YouTube
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    joan mb


    Think you'ld have plenty of company in Gaol Barry, I suspect that You Tube has plenty of music that the user doesn't have copyright for. Looking forward to seeing your AV on You Tube Doreen.
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    Have been away for a few days. My son and I had taken some of Colin's ashes to Ilfracombe, Devon. This led me to take my cameras, I took a few with the Canon mark11 infrared camera. I will post if presentable. My Barry you've taken me back with the 2 AV's I remember them well. Think you have started the ball rolling of all my AV's on disk. I made a great one of our dog surfing and called it Surfing Poppy Dog UK. The music was Surfing USA, I would love to retrieve it and put it on youtube, I just have one set back with the music, would I be liable for copyright law? can't remember off hand who sang it.
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