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  1. Barry

    Forum Issues

    Nice to see you, even for a brief time.
  2. Ah, well that's a great response. How can I argue with that 😁
  3. Barry

    Forum Issues

    Not enough hair to get a hold of 😪
  4. There’s another issue that is in the back of my mind for why clicking and playing is popular. I’m assuming others would share this view, but perhaps they are far too polite to say it out loud. You an instantly stop a show too. 😁 This is the route I’m taking. Not only will all my shows be Mp4’s but I won’t bother posting a file for download at all. Tinion. You can delete files you know 😂
  5. When I view a YouTube video through my own web page it only plays 720 on the iPad, the same video plays at 1080 on YouTube. They have an option that says. Not seeing all quality options? When you click it, it tells you some browsers don’t support the quality, but then lists the one browser (safari) I’m using as good.
  6. No, your right, you don’t need to go to YouTube. I was viewing my own show on my iPad and it would only select 720p, but I think that is more to do with the browser your in. I assumed if you went to YouTube, I would get the full Monty. later... I notice that on my iPad Pro I can only get my slide shows to play at 720p, if I open them in YouTube I can get the 1080p. At the hospital right now, so away from the PC.
  7. I suspect most people feel the same and if only 14 out of a 100 people download a slide show from an enthusiasts site, that should say all we need to know. In the WP website I’m playing around with, I have embedded 10 of my YouTube slideshows on one page. I suspect I could add more, but 10 to a page is a reasonable amount. They look good on the page from a presentation point of view and as you say, they can be played right there in the page, or if viewing on a pc, jump to YouTube for the full 60p Mp4 It also saves a heap of time with thumbnails and links. My thoughts are, why supply the Mp4 as a download when few people will bother and that number is likely to decrease rather than increase. However, I would like to know if others feel the same. I adopt your approach and it works fine.
  8. If you found yourself on a webpage under the topic of audio visual and you saw a slideshow that attracted your attention. You can either watch it directly in that page or within YouTube with a single click, or you could download it as an Mp4 and play it on your PC. What would you choose
  9. It’s not s though anyone would be locked into a HD Mp4. If you have the project file and high res images used originally. You can still make a copy and downsize the images if you had a need for an exe file. Seems to me like we can have the cake and eat it 🤩
  10. Barry

    Forum Issues

    It seems the issue may have been caused by me adding a second domain to the web space www.beckhamdigital.photo. I did check with the web people before I did it and explained exactly what I wanted to do and they said it was OK, but these things happen I suppose I must give praise where it’s due Hostpapa are great at responding via an on line chat and fixing the problem live so you you can check it your end. All good now and I’ll not be messing with it again
  11. Here's something I recorded just recently on the subject
  12. This is my thoughts on this subject for the future. It seams to me that as good as the executable files have been over the years, they have been overtaken by high resolution Mp4 videos created at 60fps. The quality of these videos is no different to the exe and they tend to run better on average. The Mp4 now seems as universal on the internet and elsewhere as jpgs. So, here is my thoughts and the logic behind them, but it assumes the computer being used is reasonably powerful and up to the job of creating the show. Create your slide show with jpgs that come straight from your camera. Meaning no cropping or downsizing at all. Make sure you retain the project files, perhaps in a backup in zip. Create your slide show for current use at 1920*1080 HD size and produce it as a 60p Mp4.m Show you need a 4K version later, your images (within your Backup to zip) are already of a size to cope with that. In the near future PTE10 will handle videos much better, both those we introduce into our shows and the output too. The 60p Mp4 can be played on PC, Mac, Laptops and modern TV’s via a USB drive. They can be uploaded and played easily on YouTube and other social media and from there streamed to mobile devices. On my new web site, (coming soon) I don’t have any exe slide shows at all. Just MP4’s and Links to uploaded shows to YouTube When an Mp4 slide show is created from high res images. The deciding factor of final file size is the show size, not the image size as it is with an executable file
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