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  1. I’ve always had a interest in this type of work, even before the digital age. I used to hand colour mono prints and scare the life out of judges who didn’t know what to say about them. 😀
  2. The Art of Cornwall and The Art of Photography have been re-created using PicturesToExe 10 beta version and posted on the page below called Miscellaneous Older AV. Impressions is also done, but will be posted later https://beckhamdigital.photo/misc-av/
  3. Claudio Unfortunately, you cannot recreate a slide show from an originally made executable file. To do that you must have the project files and related images and music. I’ll have Impressions stored somewhere. Regarding filters, time taken will reduce as you become more familiar with them. Try applying them to reduced sized images, sometimes you get a better result that way and it’s faster, especially if your not working on a state of the art PC
  4. I’ve had a bit of time today and I’ve found the project files of 2 of the old slide shows that Claudio refers to. They were The Art of Cornwall and The Art of Photography. I had to make a few changes, mainly to the end credits with the new web address and a change to Mp4 60p video. However, what I found is that although I made these sequences a while ago, I enjoyed revisiting them. I think that if you can watch one of your own slide shows some years later and you still find it OK, you must have done something right. Generally our skills improve and old work can quickly become dated I also appreciate that self praise is no praise at all 😀 I’ve recreated them using the beta version of PTE 10 and so far I’ve not seen any issues at all. I’ll post them as soon as possible. Not found the sequence called Impressions yet, but I must have it somewhere.
  5. I may be able to publish them in time, but not sure when. They are old shows and I would need to find the original files to make an Mp4. I’m not sure when I can get to that at the moment
  6. That is massively better
  7. I agree with Tinion above. Those filters have all changed and my view of what is on offer is probably a little out of date. As time permits I will try and do some videos on these subjects,, but right now I’m rather sidetracked. One thing to remember, all the good filter effects take a little effort, but it’s worth it. It’s rare to get great results straight out of the box, so to speak.
  8. Filter effects like the ones you mentioned I what I often call digital doodling, because in some respects the filter technique is very much like doodling. I mean that when you start, you may not have a crystal clear idea where you'll end up. Most of my filter effects are a combination of a specific filter effect, but some ducking and diving depending on what I see in the image. Hence the doodling reference. I can't be specific about those effects you mention because they were done a while ago now, but the techniques I use don't change much Take a look the this set of videos for a video called Filter Fun This may help explain the sort of things you need to do with filters There are two videos zipped together here on the same subject There's an even older filter video here I hope they help
  9. Claudio Bear with me for a day or so and I’ll try to give you an explanation. I’m away from the PC right now, but don't recall receiving anything via wet transfer. I have all these slide shows
  10. Does that bridge naturally take our attention across it to an area of the image that is not the strongest ? The three windows to the left are stronger, but we are led away from them. Nice quality image
  11. The Newsletter can be found on THIS PAGE of our web site. Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter and if your a club member, please make sure your members are aware of the resource I have on line.
  12. Nice quality images. I agree with Morturn that a small trim is needed. I’ve never been good at this as I always feel awkward.
  13. Barry

    Nerve Centre

    The beer mat is there, it was the first thing on the table. How long will the room remain tidy ???? Not long 😂
  14. Barry

    Nerve Centre

    I've been moving all my recording equipment to a new room to make space for visiting relatives later this year. It all looks remarkably tidy at the moment
  15. Barry


    Wipe out is a different track, but I remember it well. You could find it on YouTube and use Audacity to record it. Might be quicker than finding the CD 😊
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