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  1. Barry


    Audacity is a great program, but it is now easier and more convenient to sound edit within PicturesToExe. I use Audacity for recording sound off the PC and for converting my Camtasia sound only recordings to MP3 from m4a. In the past the Lame file that allowed export of MP3 was sometimes hard to find. Not anymore now it’s all built in.
  2. Barry


    This free sound editing software used to be a perfect partner to PicturesToExe before we could do sound editing within PTE. However, I still find some uses for it and today I realised I hadn’t installed it since upgrading to W10. The latest version of Audacity, now includes the Lame file to to allow the output of Mp3’s. It used to be an add on and took some searching for at times. Those who use Audacity and haven’t yet discovered the update, The export of MP3s is now included.
  3. You can download the video from THIS PAGE
  4. When you first fly the drone, you are a little apprehensive, because you have a fair bit of money invested in it, but that soon passes. When we say fly the drone, that’s a bit misleading because to those who don’t know them it implies there is some skill required, like flying an aircraft. There isn’t. You move a slider on screen and the thing takes off and hovers about 4 feet, then it’s simply up, down, left and right basically. Let go of the joy sticks at any time and the thing stops and hovers. I would say it’s more common sense than any real flying skill. Quite often, just sending the drone straight up will give you a very different perspective for your camera.
  5. Barry

    Well Done

    It could very well be the place I am at right now, but to me it seems a little arrogant to say well done and annoying when it comes too often. It assumes that the judges photographic standard is way above the person being judged and that ain’t always so. Making that assumption is arrogant, like talking to a child who just managed to tie their shoe laces. Well done !
  6. I don’t think I used any slow motion in that presentation. I did edit colour and contrast in Photoshop and then allowed PTE to optimise the video, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t add slow motions, but if I did, it would have been in Photoshop during editing. Drones look far more complicated than they actually are 😀
  7. Here's another debatable question. When judging images, should a judge say well done at the end of their comments. Reasonable ? - Unreasonable ?
  8. If you were placing image editing techniques in order of preference for quality and latitude, then generally speaking, wouldn't we place Raw editing way ahead of Adjustment layers. This assumes the author is shooting Raw in the first place of course. If they are not, the question is rather irrelevant and if they are, why mess with adjustment layers. Rightly or wrongly, when I hear adjustment layers I think of jpg's
  9. If you’re a Raw shooter, as I am and of course most club members. I cannot see any reason to use adjustment layers at all. Adjustment layers allow strategic editing of one or two areas of an image, but if you shoot raw and edit through ACR, why would you want to use adjustment layers. They offer no advantage that I can see. Surely everything you want to do can be done with greater latitude in RAW. If the image your working is a Jpg, then I can see some merits, but for most enthusiastic amateurs, they are not.
  10. Barry

    Forum Down

    If push comes to shove, I can always remove a member in the Control Panel here and they can re-apply. However, hopefully with all the changes of the past weeks things will be more settled now. The last thing I need is technical issued on my websites. 😁
  11. How many people use a curves adjustment layer in Photoshop while manipulating images, particularly for club competitions ?
  12. See if you can re-assign that speaker volume to another key, often you can or perhaps you can temporarily disable it for a while
  13. Thanks Tinion, I missed the reference to a Mac Keyboard.
  14. You need Ctrl + F11 and F12 See the video Timeline width and Height HERE
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