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  1. Barry

    Albedo 0.39

    I agree and it’s time the photographic world kept up with progress. 😂 I think it was only last Tuesday that they all finally accepted Digital 😂😂
  2. Barry

    Albedo 0.39

    Jobs worth’s. 🥴
  3. Barry

    July 2019

    Newsletter Here
  4. Barry

    Albedo 0.39

    Arrested!!!!! How/Why?
  5. Barry

    Albedo 0.39

    People seem reluctant to make comment in these Politically Correct days. They don’t feel able or willing to comment with some saying it’s because they don’t make AV and they feel unqualified to comment themselves It’s a bit odd, because we don’t make feature films, but we feel ok giving an opinion on those. Members Evening Why 1600*1200, why not full HD 1920*1080. You can use full size images to make your show and publish it to a 60p Mp4 HD video. Quality is superb and it will play OK on an older club laptop. It will play on a smart TV, Mac’s and is perfect for YouTube and posting the YouTube link here
  6. Barry

    Albedo 0.39

    The name rings a feint bell, it could be that.
  7. Barry

    Albedo 0.39

    No, it wasn’t Pro-show, that I do know
  8. Barry

    Albedo 0.39

    This is going to sound really lame, but I can’t remember. Someone on line introduced me to the software and I’m sure these images were created from a trial version, but for the life of me I can’t now recall.
  9. Barry

    Albedo 0.39

    I seem to recall it being a bit of fun at the time to create the fractal images, but disappointed when the exe file size of the resulting slide show was huge. I guess caused by the content of the images. Re-vamping some old work is all I have the time for at the moment.
  10. Barry

    Albedo 0.39

    It was big, with extensions on the legs 😂
  11. Barry

    Albedo 0.39

    This slide show was created ages ago and I don't think it was fully published. The file size at the time it was created was huge in the days when an average show was just 10-15mb. The 5:4 AR and size gives away its age, but worth a view perhaps. I've re-published this show via PTE - 10 Beta 11
  12. Barry


    Onwards & Upwards 😀
  13. Barry


    I don’t have a great deal of time for anything new right now, but there are a few old slide shows that are not posted on the new site. So, I’m gradually looking through them and any I think are worthy of another view, I’ll Update them to 60p videos. Yes, it is a distraction and it doesn’t take too much effort. Not sure I have much of that right now I like the shoreline and I can easily lose myself for an hour or two in these situations with a camera, one lens and a tri-pod. A beach with some rocks and some driftwood and I’m happy for ages 😁
  14. Barry


    Here's another older presentation I found today,
  15. Barry


    The music track was called Dominions and was part of an album of Royalty free music we used to sell called Autumn. (no longer available) It was on the Medwyn Goodall label at the time. I don't think the artist was Medwyn Goodall though, because at the time he had a number of artists on his record label.
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