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About Me

My name is Barry Beckham and I am an amateur photographer, but I have written & recorded hundreds of articles and tutorials for magazines over the years , but never as a profession, just for interest and fun.  

I deliberately kept my photography non professional so I would have full control of what photographs I took and when I took them. Shooting a wedding, or someone else's products is just not appealing to me. Photography for me is a creative art and I wanted to retain full control.   So, while I am pleased to call myself an amateur, I do go about my photography in a professional way.

My philosophy is keep things as simple as possible. Gadgets, lots of software and accessories will not make you a better or more successful photographer. There is an old saying that all the shiny equipment and colourful lures in the fishing tackle shop are there to catch the angler, not the fish. You can apply that to photography too.

I consider myself an all round photographer, meaning that I use my photographic skills, my image editing skills and my knowledge of what makes a great picture in equal measure. Understanding what makes a good picture is a vital skill for all photographers, because if you don't know where your going, you can't begin to learn how to get there.

I am not impressed or inspired to achieve letters after my name. Seen too many mediocre photographers with strings of them. I am impressed by the images a person produces. I hope I can inspire at times, but I also like to be inspired too.

I am definitely not a technical person but I am a practical person and that seems to work for me in my photography.

A much more full account of how we came to be doing what we do can be found on our PDF article page HERE









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