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  1. Gerry

    Nerve Centre

    The chair is the most important piece of equipment I can see.
  2. Thank's for all the help and advice you have given me throughout 2018. I will be thinking of both yourself and Carol walking the beach on Christmas day, have a good one. Gerry.
  3. Yes Barry I agree as good as P.S.C.C. is it cannot do miracles. I have been learning to use Clipping Masks since purchasing your tutorial Complex Selections using Channels after the cut out I create a clipping mask, with hair I use the clone tool to fill fringing areas of the hair.
  4. Barry, have you included "Clipping Masks" have found these very helpful with fine hair, fringing ? Gerry.
  5. Thank you Barry also the team that helped put this together, I listened very carefully to the commentary I agree with Morturn “The commentary session was a learning opportunity” over the years I have sat through many competitions listening to judge’s who seem to be reading from a script. I also downloaded the video “Back Button Focusing” I have been using it for about 3 months, at first changing over just one of my cameras until I was happy, will not go back now for sport / fast moving objects it has made quite a difference to my photography, the Image I entered was shot using this method. Thanks again everyone, I look forward to the next one. Gerry.
  6. Gerry

    Wacom Tablet

    I have recently installed a Windows 10 update. It turned back on the "use windows ink" tick box that gave a few people problems.
  7. Gerry

    Storm Season

    I agree with Tinion regarding cloud movement / music the right music is sometimes quite difficult to find. I also thought the red warning light on the tower was a nice touch. Sorry, but does not come anywhere near the class of Red Balloons and the wonderful voice of Katie Melua.
  8. Cheer's Barry thanks for the very helpful tutorial on Camera Raw Profiles.
  9. Like that 😊 something different. What filter did you use on the foreground ?
  10. I posted about this problem several months back I received answers from both yourself and Tinion, the removal of that tick solved a lot of problems it was a nightmare for quite some time. be warned after updates it does sometimes turn itself back on. I bought my P.C. from P.C. Specialists I mentioned this problem to them, I posed the question " would there be any problems if Windows Ink was turned off" the answer was no. I did explain my P.C. is used for photography 98% of the time I have no need for it. It's been turned off for 2 months now with no problems I'm aware of.
  11. Barry /Dave. As a last result I did another uninstall / reinstall It's now working perfectly. only difference being. I uninstalled P.T.E.8. went through the procedure Chose the Graphic Editor, the file path came up straight away. Don't ask what it was all about I have no idea.
  12. I did try flooding the canvas in P.S. 2018 as you said it only worked with a double Alt + backspace. I have now reinstalled P.T.E. 9 Version 9.0.13. (they did not ask me for my Licence Key I thought was strange ?) The good news is that now Ctrl + W works every time but will only take me into P.S. 2017. I have again as Dave advised " D/C the Adobe 2018 folder highlighted "photoshop.exe" hit open. still no joy. So think I will have to live with this until a solution is found, I am still not sure if the P.S. 2018 has anything to do with it.
  13. Dave. Thanks for reply, I followed your instructions but for some reason it will not open.
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