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  1. Anthony


    Hello Barry, I do not recall seeing this splendid AV before. I guess I have as I think I have seen all yours that you have put out there. Must be my age. I have often thought that it would be a good idea to have a screen on the ceiling in the dentist's surgery so the poor person in the chair could see something to take their mind off the torture going on. This would be an ideal clip to show as it really is a peaceful and calming piece. Wonderful. Perhaps this also can be a distraction for you Barry with all that is going on in your world at the moment. I do hope so. Anthony
  2. Anthony


    If it happens Barry we will be in our own apartment with aircon perhaps on the coast. Wouldn't think of it otherwise.
  3. Anthony


    Yep! That's what we are thinking at present. Must be mad as I don't do 'warm' very well.
  4. Anthony


    We might well be coming over at Christmas Barry . I'll be getting a red cloak to go with my white beard for the kiddies. So I think we might go head to head on who wrote the best tunes.. 18th or 21st century???
  5. Anthony


    Hi Barry, I have considered looking into these things but have yet to. I am somewhat behind you in this technology even though it's been with us for a long time. I have only just bought a bluetooth speaker to use with my Iphone. I was so impressed with the quality of Carolyn's Dave' speaker that I treated myself to a lovely little Sony as soon as we returned home. I sit in the summer house with Beethoven and a coffee and toast. Can't be bad! Anthony
  6. Anthony

    Forum Issues

    Hi Barry, Thanks for the update on your forum issues. Done as you suggested and all is well. Thank you. Great to see you and Carol last week. Sorry to hear the latest regarding Carol. Back problems as we all know can take a while to resolve so fingers crossed. The flights home were surprisingly better than I could have wished for. We both had room to lie down on empty seats for the 14 hour flight and I managed to sleep for a few hours although Alex always sleeps regardless. Came back to a very cold ( for us anyway) England on Tuesday but today is somewhat warmer with a promising Easter wk/end. See you next time in Buderim. Regards to you both Anthony
  7. Barry and Carol,th Please pass our good wishes on to Carol and we hope that her injuries settle down rapidly. However as you say these can take time and that can be difficult to live with. I am sure that having a Barry looking after her will help. Keep it up! Anthony and Alex
  8. Anthony


    David, Smashing footage. So many of my local club members know this area for good reason. I have never been but I feel I must make the effort having seen the landscape now. Thank you I enjoyed it very much. Did I catch sight of you at one stage? Anthony
  9. Good morning John, I am very sorry to read your post on this scam . I consider myself lucky ( touching my wooden desk as I write) so far as I haven't fallen foul to these B........ds. Excuse the language. You may recall my post on this forum back in November 2017. You kindly had an input on the subject of my dying Epson 1290S printer. That might be worth a look as you will be going onto Windows 10. Have no worries on the learning curve. It is pretty straight forward and I would probably struggle to go back to 7 now. All the best Anthony
  10. My point exactly Barry. Still raining here.
  11. Good morning Barry, or evening! It is a week now since we left sunny Brisbane Airport to fly back to a cold and wet UK. How envious must you be???? Sorry it has taken a few days to get around to responding online. After nearly 6 weeks away it is very easy to forget things on our return. At our age ( you are not quite there Barry) some things take longer to sink in ( some just sink for good I fear!) and the computer is just one of these things. However on seeing your thread on the wacom it all came back to me. For the rest reading this post I have to explain that Barry and Carol kindly took me to their Photo club evening at Noosa Queensland . I thoroughly enjoyed the friendly and informal evening and the easy manner with which Barry held the night on Photoshop skills and tips. It certainly wasn't embarrassing as you thought when the pen didn't work as you wanted. So here's the rub......After a few days before I settled in to look at the computer and some of the many images I have my wacom was all over the place. I had to update Windows 10 as the router had been off and some housekeeping needed to be done. This seemed to throw the pen and tablet somewhat and then reading the ''Ink box'' tip on the forum it got it up and running. I do recall your bringing this up before as you say. Like you I have been using a wacom for years (since 2000 or so) and that lovely Graphire model ran and ran with no issues whatsoever. But with all things these days there has to be so much more technology built in to everything . Loads of stuff we do not need but stuff to confuse and conflict? That's a little rant over. Anyway Barry .........great to see you and Carol and a lovely meal you put on for all of us. Alex is now down in Leigh visiting her mum for a few days and will be off to Germany next week and I will be on the bike ride I mentioned the week after if my knees hold up. Flipping plane journey nearly crippled me. Take care Anthony .
  12. Hi Barry, I hope you are all having a jolly good time down south in the Sydney area. When are you expecting to return up to the Sunshine coast? Just watched this clip on the new smaller drone. Are you gradually getting into the 'drone mode' I wonder? We went up to Scotland 2 wks ago to stay with some friends and whilst ploughing through thick snow came across a couple of chaps playing with a drone. My pal John has now decided that he must have one. Not sure that I have any use for one but I can see the attraction. Enjoy the rest of your break. Anthony PS Little Joe is now a 'school boy'!
  13. May I take this opportunity to wish Barry and Carol and all the forum members a very happy Christmas and a healthy 2018. Anthony
  14. Very nice clip Barry especially as it shows from the air where we walk with Carolyn and Dave and the little ones. It really is a nice walk particularly on a Sunday morning where Mums and Dads bring their children and dogs.. We expect to be there again in March and April. See you there? Anthony
  15. Don't know about swimming pools Barry but it is snowing very hard in Solihull!
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