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  1. Hi Barry, many thanks again for the update, please send Carol all our love.
  2. Morturn


    For a frebe, its is a very good sound editing programme
  3. It nice to be reminded why I have no wish to be a member of a camera club
  4. I would have thought just the fact that people have taken the time to enter an image in a competition merits a positive comment.
  5. What are you using to convert Joan, Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw?
  6. I don't do club competitions, but do use a curves adjustment layer all the time. However, I do mine by setting the adjustment layer, changing the blend mode to overlay and reducing the opacity to 50%. I don't alter the default curve setting, the layer give the adjustment in contract by it self. I can then vary by altering the opacity or adding a further curves adjustment layers. I have set up an action to do this. Why are you asking?
  7. Thanks for the news letter Barry, as always an interesting read.
  8. Yeah, I would have liked to have seen the series of images, its a chance to then contextualise them.
  9. Yes, that's the only one that caught my eye too. To me, all of the others did not seem to have any subject, relying only on the authors narrative, which was a bit wish wash weasel wordy.
  10. Just seen this press release by the Association of Photographers: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-47968338 Enjoy
  11. I would prefer to watch than download first
  12. Morturn

    Forum Issues

    Have you now disabled the old link?
  13. Looks like its coming along nicely. You can get plug-ins too, a gallery for instance. I have used it for quite sometime now, and it servers me well.
  14. I should get one of my old cameras converted to IR
  15. I have not tried Panorama shoots with my Mavic yet, will take a look next time i take it out as I can shoot in portrait
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