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  1. Can’t see the placemat for the beers..........or maybe I can. Is that one in front of the right-hand speaker? Regards wideangle
  2. wideangle


    John The 72 or 300 dots per inch would be a factor if you were going on to print those images, as Barry says when he refers to their sizes. Regards wideangle
  3. Ditto for me too. Enjoy the merits of photography, but if you are actually discussing whether or not it’s right to say ‘Well done’ about a photo, you need to get a life. Regards wideangle
  4. Barry Really really sorry to hear about Carol’s problems and thinking of her and you both at this difficult time. Take care, Regards wideangle
  5. You’re right. That’s always been the case since Day 1. New technology evolves. New software is developed. One caters for the other for a while but then older stuff on either side gets dropped off and discarded. Eg Soon it will be goodbye 32-bit on the software side, and is it already bye bye DVD drives as a hardware example? You’ll never change that because that’s how companies continue to exist, by eventually forcing you to upgrade and continue to make their profits. I suspect that Apple could continue to update the software on their older phones for a while longer than they do, but choose not to. Ditto with Microsoft and versions of Windows. On the other hand, sometimes developments drag their feet. I remember being at an exhibition many many many moons ago where IBM were demonstrating speech software and claiming that it would soon lead to the demise of the trusty keyboard! Regards wideangle
  6. My philosophy has been: Every few years buy a new machine with the best spec you can afford if it is going to give you a significant improvement on your current system. In the meantime, consider 3 other possible upgrades: Maximum RAM, SSD drive for your main drive, and Graphics cards. To me, the first two are no brainers, and give a significant immediate improvement in performance. The third one is a maybe, and I've only ever done it once. Yes it does sometimes have a knock on effect such as an extra fan and/or bigger power supply, at which point you maybe say I'll think again. Regards wideangle
  7. I made a last-minute decision to go to this show at the NEC on the first day, so here are a few observations. It's now called The Photography Show combined with The Video Show. I spent a few hours wandering around but saw very little evidence of why it was a video show, as it seemed to be much of a muchness on previous years. Because I only made a last-minute decision to go, I didn't prebook any of the closed theatre presentations, but there was plenty going on in the open theatre areas, of which there were quite a few. The most notable absence was that of Adobe, who have had a large theatre in the past, and to be honest, I saw no use of Photoshop or Lightroom anywhere in my travels on the day. I did sit in on a presentation of Affinity Photo in one of the larger theatres and that was packed, probably because of the Show Offer of the package for a one-off charge of £25!! I had expected to see a lot of promotion of drones, but in fact I think there were fewer exhibitors of drones than last year. As ever, there were some good Show Offer deals on camera gear from the major dealers. I'll reserve judgement on whether to go next year. Anyone else got any views if you attended? Regards wideangle
  8. Barry I for one, have never doubted your skills as an intrepid explorer. I do suspect though that the hat with the corks on it and that iPhone with Google maps help you out from time to time. Regards wideangle
  9. Still deliberating! Also, have you noticed how outrageous the NEC car parking charges are becoming. It’s £16 per day unless you pay in advance - that’s more than the price of the Show ticket!
  10. The Photography Show at the NEC in the UK is coming up in a couple of weeks and I’ve just been browsing their website. I notice that all the usual big guns are there - Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Fuji, Olympus etc. On the software side I see a presence by Affinity Photo but no mention of Adobe, who have been in attendance for the last few years. What’s going on there then?
  11. Kangaroo Valley............short hops are what we need at our age. Sorry Barry, it just needed to be pointed out! Regards wideangle
  12. Barry So there’s no point in somebody stopping you in the street and asking for clarification, but at least you can take comfort from the fact that you can direct them to a video!! Regards wideangle
  13. Tinion 45 Thanks very much for that - it was really helpful, especially the video. The next time anybody stops me in the street to ask about containers, codecs and mp4s, I’ll now be able to sound like an expert! Thank you. Regards wideangle
  14. It’s just that I couldn’t understand whether mp4 was actually a constant standard or whether it varied, depending on what codec was used within it, as I don’t really know enough about it either! I’ve just noticed a new thread on the PTE website where someone is saying that an mp4 with an h.265 codec won’t work with PTE. Regards wideangle
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