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  1. VitoB

    Well Done

    Barry, I know your sentiments regarding judging and club rules but any judge worth his salt would want to encourage even a mediocre photographer to greater heights. A word of encouragement never harms and positivity is always a virtue don't you think? I've seen too many aspiring club members shy away from competitions due to poor, inconsiderate comments.
  2. This tutorial by Peter Appleton may be of use. Download from here: http://www.staffs-av.org.uk/Documents/Voice_Over_Guide.pdf
  3. Yes Barry, a great slide man indeed. I've quite a few tracks by Thomas and his band. Based in Wellington, he's one of the best to come out of NZ. Take a listen to his masterful version of 'Coming Back To Life' by Pink Floyd if you can.
  4. Don't you mean 'West' Barry? You'll get very wet if you go East! Best regards to Carol and have great trip. Keep us in touch.
  5. Joan, As with many of these free software utilities, when you install them they offer to include 'extras' in the installation. This is so with Format Factory but just uncheck the two add-ons offered then continue with the installation - just a heads up!
  6. Yes M4A is overtaking MP3 as an audio file format. You-Tube is another service which uses this audio format in preference to MP3. As you have discovered, Joan, there are dozens of converters around including NCH, but I have found that 'Format factory' is my preferred converter for all forms of audio, video, images and documents files. There's also a video and audio joiner utility. It's quick and simple to use and it's FREE. Take a look here: http://www.pcfreetime.com/formatfactory/index.php?language=en
  7. Anyone from the UK ( and elsewhere) having difficulty in raising the Wnsoft/PTE forum website? I've been trying for days now - just getting the 'Problem loading page' notice.
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