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  1. Barry Sorry to hear that Carols back pain was something more serious. Important that you both keep positive and I'm sure that everyone who uses your forum joins me in wishing her a speedy recovery Regards Andy
  2. What started this this off Barry? Were you given a 5 out of 10 for one of your pictures Be honest now!
  3. Barry 2nd short test has sound L & R
  4. Seems OK for me Probably unrelated but your commentary is only on front left speaker of a 5.1 setup. Alt+enter loses the window
  5. Andy

    AV - Lake Eyre

    Joan Just watched this on the laptop and can't wait to view it on decent monitor (providing I can crow bar the wife off the PC) I'm inclined to agree with Barry that a little more animation might be worth trying, but of course that's a personal choice. It can't be easy getting images of that quality from a plane. How can a place that looks so barren be that stunning and thats the other thing I agree with Barry about: I want to go! I've just got the hurdle of 12,000 miles to overcome. Big pat on the back worth all the work you put in and thanks for sharing it
  6. Doreen I don't know what your camerea of choice is but if it's Canon you can download DPP for free Denis I've taken up your challenge There's a post-it note on the monitor reminding me to do the list in 2916 I also notice Barry has gone quiet since you mentioned it's his turn to get the drinks in
  7. Andy


    I'm sure these tracks were MP3 when I downloaded them, I even wrote that on the disc, just checked and they have a .cda file extension I've now got that corrected and all seems OK. Thanks for the help I just needed to look a little further outside the box
  8. Andy


    Sometime ago I got hold of a disc containing scans of photos of our village from a bygone age: some are 140 years old! Now there is a meeting of the elderly in the village hall every fortnight which is well supported and my wife, bless her, suggested I cobble these together(her words) and put on a slide show for them. I decided to do a decent AV show downloaded P2E 9 essentials and set to work.Their projector is old with a native aspect ratio 4:3 but that is probably beneficial considering the assortment of sizes. I have all the pictures sorted and in the timeline now for the background music to sit behind the naration when I do it. Found some suitable music that I aquired off Barry sometime ago. took off the disc and put it in my sound file folder. Now the fun starts. When I tried to add the audio file to the project it is showing the folder to be empty. closed that window and opened up the folder and the track is there. Back to P2E folder empty! I can continue in this loop till I lose the will to live. Is there anyone who can shed some light on what I'm doing wrong?
  9. Andy


    Just a little tip: if using water straight from the tap there will be little bubbles clinging to the sides of the glass. Boil the water first and let it cool .....no bubbles!
  10. Brilliant. You wouldn't want to meet that lot on dark night!
  11. I like following your travels on Google Earth and it's even better when you can share with the medium of AV I must admit I'm getting seriously jealous of the coastline you have available, albeit with a great deal of mileage involved, but it goes to show coastline or no coastline you only get images of that quality by getting up at silly o'clock or at the other end of the day slogging up the beach in the dark wondering where hell you left the car! Thanks again. Excellent.
  12. Gerry Enjoyed the show. Different. Well done.
  13. Thanks for taking the trouble the interview was really interesting Little did you realise all them years ago that your article in Digital Photo, bringing P2E to the attention of everyone, and the Cornish coastal images used, would inspire people to try and enjoy AV. A good point Maureen made of the quality of music needed to bind it all together: something I struggle with. Thanks again
  14. Since when has Jordan been part of the Orient? The ceremony has been the same for 700 odd years: same words and the gates locked at at dead on 10 o'clock. When that is done it is deemed the realm is safe for the night. This has been done every single night without fail bar one! During the war a heavy bombing raid meant the keys were turned 10 minutes late.The person in charge wrote to the King to tell him that for 10 minutes his Kingdom was unprotected; the reply came back 'DON'T DO IT AGAIN'
  15. What a fantastic looking paddle steamer. Your highly changeable weather with a miserable 17 degrees is still a lot warmer than our VERY miserable 2 degrees. Enjoy your day out and have a few beers for us poor s*ds in the UK
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