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  1. When judging individual images the judges comments should be about that individual image, making positive comments where warranted and highlighting any negative aspects if any are present. Saying well done after every image is overkill in my eyes, as there are more than one way to express if the author has put in some effort to an entry. If at the end of judging all images the judge says well done, or aimed at the just the winners, I would class it as good etiquette and is a way of recognition to the club and the effort the members and competition organisers have put into the event.
  2. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204436 details about the Apple keyboard.
  3. Adjustment layers allow you to apply adjustments to individual parts of an image, for example if using luminosity masking. They also allow you to change the blend mode for that part of an image and adjust the opacity of that part of the image. With ACR you need to set the layer to a smart object to allow you to go back to the raw adjustments. Although you have the radial and gradient filters in raw they do not allow the fine control that can be provided with luminosity masking. Applying a blend mode to the ACR layer is globally applied unless you duplicate the layer, similarly the adjustment of the opacity. Where I think adjustment layers win is with black and white images where fine control of the tones can be achieved. Certainly using ACR in most cases is likely to produce a perfectly acceptable image, but it is a case of just how far you want to tweak and adjust for perfection when using adjustment layers.
  4. So maybe fn + f12 will override the volume control. Try also CMD + fn + f12 or CTRL + fn + f12.
  5. With a Mac keyboard you might find that you need to use CMD + f12. Command key is the one next to the spacebar.
  6. Tinion 45


    Steve Arnold has a panel to add to Photoshop that seems more simple to use than say Raya Pro from Jimmy McIntyre. Above is a demo using that panel.
  7. Hello John, I can offer some simple instructions, it best to break down the operations required into simple steps so you understand what is happening and where operation may be going wrong. First I assume you have a Windows PC with Windows 7, 8 or 10 and you have switched it on and logged in. 1. The card reader if it is an external type should be connected to the PC with a cable going to a USB port. If the card reader is built into the computer it will already be connected internally. 2. Insert the compact flash card into the card reader the correct way round. 3. At this point provided the compact flash card has images stored on it, you should be able to search the computer file system and find your computer hard discs and any external disk drives, DVD drives, and usb memory sticks, as well as the card reader which may show as many hard drives (e.g. Each drive is signified by a letter, the main hard drive may be C:/ the DVD drive may be D:/ and your card reader may be J:/, K:/,L:/ etc. Depending upon the number of card types that can be inserted in it. 4. To search the computer file system you would use Windows Explorer or My Computer from the start button on the lower left. If you are totally new to doing this I suggest you get a younger member of you family to show you what to look for. Windows 10 is a little different and there is usually a folder icon at the bottom of the screen to allow you to get to the file system. 5. It is then possible to use the file system to search the card reader for your photographs and copy them, then paste them to the file location of your choice. You would need to look at the folders on the compact flash card to copy all the photos or individual photos or a few photos. Before jumping in and trying to copy all in one go, to your year, month system it would be best to copy one raw photo and paste it on your desktop ( note the file name before copying). You could create a folder naming it John Photos on your desktop and paste the file in that location. By copying and pasting the file you will not be removing the photo from your compact flash card. It is best to use this method to be sure they have all been copied successfully first, then delete the photos on the compact flash card by putting the card back in the camera and formatting the card using the camera menu system. I suspect your wife probably used Bridge as the file system to locate the card reader and create the folder system and stored them in your year, month notation. Open Bridge to see If you can navigate to old photos. I doubt she used Photoshop to copy the files and store them as you can only open individual files with Photoshop. Barry has the Photoshop CC tutorials available on his new website so I suggest you download them and watch the Bridge related videos to how to use it. She may also have used Lightroom to do the same. Again see Barry's Lightroom tutorials. to copy a file click on it to highlight it, then press the CTRL key, hold it down and Press the C key. To paste a file, after you have navigated the file system to the location where you want it, press the CTRL key, hold it down and Press the V key. The photo should then show up in your chosen location. You can then open Photoshop and use the File menu to open the photo after navigating again to the chosen location. If using Bridge it is a little easier to go to the folder and open in Photoshop. See Barry''s videos.
  8. Looks like the new WordPress site is asking for donations in exchange for your tutorials Barry. Is this possible or are you just testing and constructing the website still?
  9. I have used apps before to actually download a you tube video, to allow it to be shown in a location where there is no internet connection. I have a hard time deleting AV 's from you Barry because I know how much effort you put into making them.
  10. Having the link to play an A/V in the web page is probably my first choice, it if lots are viewing at the same time it could slow down the hosting server to a crawl or crash. Having the option to go to Youtube means that the A/V is probably hosted on several servers thus avoiding the first scenario. The option to download means I can clog up my hard drive with AV 's I will probably watch once or twice. 😉
  11. Thanks for the update Barry. I had actually worked out to remove the /forum/ from the URL to get to the forum again and saved as a favourite again. Seem to remember we did something similar last time.
  12. We are just going through the Windows 10 upgrade of all PC's at work. Everyone is in uproar at the moment due to programs they used to use, either not being compatible or other issues due to W10. Not many can get there usual work done until the problems are sorted. I'm still on W7 for now so all is OK. I'm glad I made the decision to use Apple at home and while the technology gets a little slower forcing me to upgrade eventually, so far I have had 4 OS upgrades and not a problem any time. The computer is already fore warning me that some of the software and drivers will not work on the next upgrade of the OS. So giving me plenty of choice and time to decide what to do about it.
  13. Does the camera zoom fully out automatically in pano mode?
  14. Presumably you can practise a pano without taking off, say in your back garden with the drone at a raised height. A few objects scattered near and far and watch how the camera moves in each pano mode. I suppose the tendency is to have the drone hovering straight and level rather than flying tilted down in a hover. The top two thirds look good though.
  15. Tinion 45


    He takes attention to detail to a whole new level.
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