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  1. New cartoon-style texture images are ready here: TXR – BRICK - Cartoon https://soundimage.org/txr-brick-cartoon/ TXR – CONCRETE / PAVEMENT - Cartoon https://soundimage.org/txr-concrete-pavement-cartoon/ TXR – GROUND – Cartoon https://soundimage.org/txr-ground-cartoon/ TXR – METAL – Cartoon https://soundimage.org/txr-metal-cartoon/ TXR – WOOD – Cartoon https://soundimage.org/txr-wood-cartoon/ I hope some of them come in handy!
  2. Hey guys, Here are this week’s new tracks. Free to use with attribution. Enjoy! 8-BIT ANTICS – Maybe for a cute retro-2D game? Or something else? https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-3/ THE ANT HILL GANG SADDLES UP AGAIN – And they’re off…the most incompetent gang to ever (attempt to) ride across the west. They’ll probably get lost. Anyhow, this might be fun in a comedic western-themed piece. https://soundimage.org/funny-6/ TECHNO RANDOMNESS – Unlike many of my tracks that are built layer by layer, this one was done “live” (in real-time) by improvising with two of my synths at the same time. Perhaps useful in some kind of wacky technology-based puzzle game? https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-4/ DYSTOPIAN SUNSET – Perched atop a mile-high structure, the machine-being stares out over the shimmering grid, wondering what the night will bring. https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-7/
  3. Another busy weekend, but I managed to get some more fantasy textures done. You’ll find them here: TXR – BRICK https://soundimage.org/txr-brick/ TXR – ROCK/STONE 2 https://soundimage.org/txr-rockstone-2/ I’ll have a bunch of cool new music tracks coming out on Wednesday so be sure to check my music thread. Enjoy!
  4. I had a very busy weekend, but I managed to get some new fantasy textures done. Possibly useful for VFX or maybe other things. First up, some seamless bumpy stone textures that look like they could be covered with moss, algae or maybe lichens. These might look cool for pathways. They are here: TXR – GROUND https://soundimage.org/txr-ground/ Here are some cool stained glass textures that might look nice for windows of churches or other fantasy structures…maybe for RPGs. They are here: TXR – GLASS https://soundimage.org/txr-glass/ New music tracks will be coming out later in the week. Enjoy!
  5. Happy April Everyone, This week’s new free tracks are a mixed bag of music, user interface sound effects and ambiences, so: MUSIC: On my Positive / Upbeat page, we have: “Carefree Days in Groovyville” https://soundimage.org/positive-upbeat/ SOUND EFFECTS: On my SFX – User Interface page: UI_Quirky 36 - 38 https://soundimage.org/sfx-ui/ AMBIENCES: On my AMB – Suburban Ambience page: “Night Ambience” “Early Morning Ambience” https://soundimage.org/amb-suburban-ambience/ I hope some of my work is helpful in your projects!
  6. Hey folks, new free seamless textures are ready for you: TXR – CONCRETE / PAVEMENT – Seamless https://soundimage.org/txr-concrete-pavement-seamless/ TXR – GROUND https://soundimage.org/txr-ground/ TXR – VEGETATION https://soundimage.org/txr-vegetation/ Brand new music tracks are coming on Wednesday. Have a good week!
  7. I can’t believe March is almost over…wow. Anyhow, here are this week’s new free tracks: On my Action page: “Frantic Gameplay” (improved looping point) https://soundimage.org/action/ On my Chiptunes 3 page: “The Pixeltown Police” https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-3/ On my Positive / Upbeat page: “Innocent Years” https://soundimage.org/positive-upbeat/ And on my Sci-Fi 7 page: “Robot Evolution” https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-7/ Have a good week!
  8. Lots of new free tracks are ready for everyone: On my Action 3 page: “Rockin’ with Caped Crusader Cat” https://soundimage.org/action-3/ On my Chiptunes 3 page: “The Arcade Avenger” “Windle Pixel Saves the Day” https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-3/ On my Funny 6 page: “Pinball Gremlins” https://soundimage.org/funny-6/ On my Puzzle Music 4 page: “Points Tally” https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-4/ And on my Sci-Fi 7 page: “Cyber City of Light” https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-7/ Enjoy!
  9. Happy Wednesday folks, I’ve decided to begin strengthening my ambient sounds pages. To get things started, I’ve added some new city street ambience as well some cool high altitude jet interior ambience. You’ll find the new sounds on these pages: AMB - Aircraft https://soundimage.org/amb-aircraft/ AMB – Urban Ambience https://soundimage.org/amb-urban-ambience/ Lots more to come. In the meantime, if anyone has any requests, feel free to share!
  10. I’ve created some cool new images derived from Tiffany glass. You’ll find them here: TXR – GLASS https://soundimage.org/txr-glass/ Enjoy!
  11. I can't believe it's March already...wow. Anyhow, new realistic seamless textures are ready here: TXR – ABSTRACT https://soundimage.org/txr-abstract/ TXR – METAL – Seamless https://soundimage.org/txr-metal-seamless/ Brand new pixel art will be coming out later this week. See you then!
  12. Hi everyone, This week’s new free tracks are: On my Chiptunes 3 page: “The Life and Times of Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde” (Standard and Looping) https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-3/ On my Funny 6 page: “Pixel Spy vs Spy” (Standard and Looping) “The Pixel Rag” (Standard and Looping) https://soundimage.org/funny-6/ Enjoy!
  13. A bunch of new realistic seamless textures are ready here: TXR – ABTRACT https://soundimage.org/txr-abstract/ TXR – BRICK – Seamless https://soundimage.org/txr-brick-seamless/ TXR- CONCRETE /PAVEMENT – Seamless https://soundimage.org/txr-concrete-pavement-seamless/ TXR – METAL – Seamless https://soundimage.org/txr-metal-seamless/ TXR – WOOD https://soundimage.org/txr-wood/ Enjoy and have a good week!
  14. Greetings, Here are this week’s new free tracks: On my Action 3 page: “The Pixeltown Grand Prix” (Standard and Looping) https://soundimage.org/action-3/ On my Chiptunes 3 page: “Coin-Op Chaos” (Standard and Looping) https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-3/ On my Funny 6 page: “More Arcade Madness” (Standard and Looping) https://soundimage.org/funny-6/ On my Sci-Fi 7 page: “Cyberpunk Outlaws” (Standard and Looping) https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-7/ And on my Sports page: “Hangin’ Ten” (Standard and Looping) https://soundimage.org/sports/ Enjoy!
  15. Hey folks, Brand new realistic seamless textures are waiting for you here: TXR – BARK - Seamless https://soundimage.org/txr-bark-seamless/ TXR – BRICK – Seamless https://soundimage.org/txr-brick-seamless/ TXR – GROUND https://soundimage.org/txr-ground/ TXR – ROCK/STONE 2 https://soundimage.org/txr-rockstone-2/ New music tracks are on their way as well as new game art. Have a good week!
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