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  1. JL


    Wideangle. Thank you for your help. In my case it is for digital projection only.
  2. JL


    Thank you Barry. Just what I needed to know. I do manual type presentations to various groups, including camera clubs so my needs slightly different to most PtoE users. However during my shows I do include the typical short a/v with music so again your advice on MP4 is also invaluable. Frightening, 30 years of giving presentations and still having to learn so much just to keep up.Thanks for all the tutorials.
  3. JL


    Hello Barry can you help please. After my picture edit in photoshop, I resize for pictures to exe and digital projection. My new projector is 1920 x 1200 but I’ve always saved at 72dpi. Does this actually matter or should I leave it at the 300 dpi which is the resolution shown when you open the image size box.
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